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British European. Researcher in London. Politics & stats junkie: big fan of the UK not wrecking itself.
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Jul 27, 2018 6 tweets 5 min read
WOW. AIQ posted ads for Vote Leave right after Jo Cox's murder, when both sides agreed to stop campaigning 16-19 June.

Not for Vote Leave.

These ads were *designed* to run from 17-23 June. One reached up to half a million.

@hugorifkind @mrjamesob @carolecadwalla @sturdyAlex Posted for Vote Leave on:

16 June (no timestamp or end date): 4 ads. Reach: over half a million

17 June: 23 ads, including 6 that ran 17-23 June. Reach: *over 4 million*

18 June: 26 ads (no end date). Reach: *over 5 million*

19 June: 3 ads. Reach: 3000.

Ads like this.
Jul 26, 2018 12 tweets 8 min read
Wow. Look at the targeted ads run on FB by Aggregate IQ for Vote Leave in 2016.

Does this look like political advertising to you?

The vote swung from Remain to Leave on the last day. Why did they spend hundreds of thousands on these if they didn't work?… Dominic Cummings described this campaign as an exercise in data harvesting. Emails, voting preferences -- apparently so that they'd know how best to target people for persuasion.

How is anyone to know that from the ads above, appearing on their FB?…
Apr 24, 2018 35 tweets 11 min read
Aggregate IQ's Jeff Silvester: 'We're proud of what we've built right here in Canada.' Yeah I bet...
@J_amesp @PeterKGeoghegan @mrjamesob @profcarroll

Watch here: questions coming fast on #VoteLeave… 'How much were you paid by Vote Leave?'
'$140K CAD'
'I have £2.7m written here.'
'The rest was for advertising - it went to Google & FB.'
'Who was your VL contact?'
'VL's digital director: Henry de Zoete'...
Outlines work for DUP, BeLeave, Vets for Britain, VL...
Apr 5, 2018 18 tweets 7 min read
#UNSC meeting: On 21 March, OPCW was on the scene & collected samples. OPCW has sent samples to several labs. The UK looks forward to sharing their findings on receipt. #UNSC : the US ambassador's going in hard on Russia. 'Quotes on 'collective psychosis' or comparing anyone to Goebbels isn't appropriate for this forum.' Reiterates UK's findings. Says Rus is putting forward disinformation & preposterous, absurd conspiracy theories.
Mar 20, 2018 26 tweets 5 min read
Totally rampacked, as Corbyn would say, at Frontline Club for talk w @chrisinsilico and @carolecadwalla Or rather, not @carolecadwalla as she can't be here 😞
Mar 20, 2018 15 tweets 8 min read
Cambridge Analytica exploding forces a major question.

Whatever side you're on: was the referendum vote free or fair, if Cambridge Analytica was involved?

Should there be an enquiry?

@sturdyAlex @mrjamesob @IanDunt @StevePeers CA promised results by creating emotion: fear, hope... 'more deeply than anyone else', out of things people didn't even realise they cared about.