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Feb 23, 2018 14 tweets 8 min read
Finished reading through superseding Mueller Indictment on Manafort and Gates. Here’s my take: #theRESISTance #TrumpRussia This one paragraph is a culmination of #TrumpRussia starting with Manafort’s allegiance to Russia #ElectionHacking for Yanukovych; the irony that Ukraine had an “Orange Revolution” and Manafort renting property in Trump Tower for years. Roger Stone where you at?
Oct 26, 2017 6 tweets 3 min read
1. You only need a few precincts to sway an election.

2. Trump had Manafort as a fixer working with Russian Rinat to do God knows what exactly.

3. Data Firms purposely left a dead drop of 200 million voter data for hackers to steal.

#TrumpDossier #TrumpRussia 1.
Oct 22, 2017 21 tweets 13 min read
Bannon played WOW, no wonder... I'm sure he got the #PoolsClosed on #habbohotel back in 06'. #CyberWarfare wired.com/2016/09/trumps… #4Chan grew in notoriety after members plotted 'RAIDS' of a virtual internet chat game called #habbohotel where trolling became way of life.