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Involved in the Corrupt issues of Fast & Furious Gunrunner program by DOJ. Stole our Guns and Used my FFL when expired to purchase/sell to terrorist/criminals
Mar 3, 2018 8 tweets 5 min read
ATF agent Tommy Ho who was under Eric Holder had plans to steal my GUN STORES WEAPONS, National Survival Store in Las Vegas NV and give the guns to a CI who distributed to cartels, illegals and terrorist, forged our FFL and bank acct doc's w/help from @WellsFargo #FastAndFurious They even stole our DVR showing them steal our guns. Why take our DVR when Julie shileds never owned our Corp or anything in it. ATF agent Tommy Ho used Julie to help steal our 2000 weapons and DVR shows officer putting gun to my brothers head if he walked into our store