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I'm also zenbuffy on masto, bsky and insta, and cakejenerator on insta too. Come find me there. she/her
Jun 27, 2018 26 tweets 5 min read
So, last night, I had a Bee Adventure. It was far more dramatic than I had the ability to cope with after 10pm! I had left clothes out to dry during the day because, of course, there's great drying out. I got back from tap, and was like "oh, it's gotten a bit dark, I should take those in".
Mar 28, 2018 19 tweets 4 min read
Seeing a lot of "they're innocent til proven guilty" and "this means they are innocent" tweets about #Belfast today, so I thought I'd share what it was like being on a jury for rape and sexual assault. I was the foreperson on a trial a short time ago, for a rape and sexual assault that happened approx. 2 years prior to the trial. As part of the process, the burden of proof was explained in detail to the jury members, as was our duty in relation to this.