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Second Circuit REJECTS petition to stay Wilbur Ross's deposition in the #2020Census case, but allows for a 48-hour stay for a SCOTUS appeal.

All eyes on Kavanaugh, who could spare a Trump cabinet member from the hot seat in a case affecting U.S. political power for a decade.
NOTE: A three-judge panel of bipartisan appointees - USCJ Walker (H.W. Bush), USCJ Lohier (Obama) and USDJ Pauley (Clinton) - unanimously rejected the stay the DOJ wanted in a summary order.

We'll learn w/in two days whether post-Kavanaugh SCOTUS divides along partisan lines.
This is an important one to watch.

* Depositions of presidential cabinet members are rare.
* Ross will face questions about false testimony to Congress about why he added the citizenship question. (Cited in "bad faith" quote here)
* Census apportions political power for 10 years
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NEW: The Trump administration must release more internal documents for #2020census citizenship question lawsuits that @TheJusticeDept attorneys had withheld because of deliberative process privilege, U.S. District Judge Jesse Furman orders.👇
2. From Judge Furman’s opinion: These documents about #2020census citizenship Q “are not protected by the deliberative process privilege because they merely ‘reflect deliberations about what “message” should be delivered to the public about an already-decided policy decision.’ “
3. And don’t forget it👇…
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Trump: Day 618
-Lied About No Limits 2 Investigation
-FBI Has Not Yet Contacted Dr. Ford
-Official Violated Hatch Act in Speech
-EPA 2 Dissolve Science Advisor Ofc
-Denied Req 2 Stay Ross Deposition
-Quietly Moving Immigrant Children
-Deporting Veteran's Adopted Child
Day 723 since Donald Trump admitted to sexual assault — yet he’s still in the Oval Office
Day 575 of NO EVIDENCE produced by Trump that his phones were tapped by Obama.

The FISA warrant Trump referenced targeted Carter Page. #TrumpLies
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BREAKING: A federal judge denies @CommerceGov's request to stay @SecretaryRoss's deposition in the #2020census case, pending their appeal to the Supreme Court.

Judge Furman calls the government's application "particularly frivolous - if not outrageous."

Scorching ruling.
Note: As the ruling states, the Second Circuit placed an administrative stay on Ross‘s deposition pending their review of that appeal. The government lost a recent appeal involving a DOJ official.

If they lose again, Judge Furman emphasizes, he won’t wait for SCOTUS to weigh in.
NEW: In back-to-back defeats, @CommerceGov loses bid to avoid a trial by resolving the lawsuit on summary judgment.

“The court remains firmly convinced that a trial will be necessary to resolve the claims of this case,” Furman wrote.
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NEW: Trump administration is preparing to ask Supreme Court to block #2020census citizenship question lawsuit deposition of @TheJusticeDept official John Gore


judge on 2nd U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals has temporarily blocked deposition of @SecretaryRoss for lawsuits 👇
@TheJusticeDept @SecretaryRoss 2. Here's the order by U.S. Circuit Judge Peter Hall temporarily blocking @SecretaryRoss' deposition scheduled for Oct. 11 👇
@TheJusticeDept @SecretaryRoss 3. This move by @TheJusticeDept attorneys comes after a three-judge panel on 2nd Circuit did this on Tuesday 👇…
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Over past 3+ months, I've read 12,000+ pages of internal docs the Trump admin has released for #2020census citizenship question lawsuits. I've been reporting on how @SecretaryRoss' explanation of how this Q ended up on census has suffered blow after blow w each document dump 👇
@SecretaryRoss 2. Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross oversees the census. He's testified in Congress that Justice Department initiated citizenship Q request in Dec 2017 & he was "responding solely" to that. In March, he announced he approved adding question to forms every US household has to answer
@SecretaryRoss 3. After the announcement, I was having trouble keeping up w all the lawsuits that started popping up. Right now, more than 2 dozen states/cities, plus other groups, are suing the Trump admin in 6 lawsuits around the country. These lawsuits required the release of internal docs.
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CONFIRMED: @TheJusticeDept initially "did not want to raise" citizenship Q request for #2020census when approached by @CommerceGov beginning in May 2017 "given the difficulties Justice was encountering in the press at the time (the whole Comey matter)" 👇…
@TheJusticeDept @CommerceGov 2. You may have seen this newly unredacted email tweeted out earlier:

U.S. District Judge Jesse Furman ordered it be released by Trump administration today.
@TheJusticeDept @CommerceGov 3. Unredacted version of memo was filed w Manhattan fed court by plaintiffs' attys @NewYorkStateAG office, @ACLU, @NYCLU, @arnoldporter. They are urging Judge Furman to order deposition of @SecretaryRoss, whose conduct has been - in the attys' words - "astonishing, unprecedented"
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12. @TheJusticeDept attorneys say no - and Trump administration's still working on response to Alabama @AGSteveMarshall & @RepMoBrooks' complaint.

@TheJusticeDept @AGSteveMarshall @RepMoBrooks 13. Judge Furman says the release of 17 internal documents about citizenship question is still in dispute.
@TheJusticeDept @AGSteveMarshall @RepMoBrooks 14. Judge Furman is ordering the release of 3 of the 17 documents in question -- Bates No. 2458, 3984, 9834 -- by Monday, Sept. 17.
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CENSUS 🤓ALERT: I’m inside Manhattan federal courthouse for #2020census citizenship question lawsuit hearing starting at 2 p.m. ET.

2. While we wait, let me catch you up on where #2020census citizenship question lawsuits currently stand👇…
3. There are a total of 6 lawsuits around the country over #2020census citizenship question lawsuit.

Potential trial start dates:

- Jan. 7: 2 California cases in San Francisco

- Jan. 22: 1 of 2 Maryland cases in Greenbelt, Md.

(Other Maryland case is still in early stages.)
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Wilbur Ross is attempting to add a citizenship question to the #2020Census for one reason only: To intimidate and frighten recent immigrants so they don’t fill out their census form.

More than 250,000 Americans are demanding the question be removed.
The census citizenship question has long-term implications. Systematic undercounting of immigrants means the areas they live will be underrepresented politically.

If we don't #SaveTheCensus, resources will be diverted away from the areas where immigrants reside.
Ross’ pretext for the citizenship question—that he wants to better enforce the Voting Rights Act—would be laughable if it weren’t so cruel. It has nothing to do with enforcing the Voting Rights Act. It’s about radically shifting political power to the GOP:…
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The U.S. gov't is going to ask you some personal questions in 2020.

Tuesday is your last chance to submit feedback on those questions here:….

But before you do, here's a thread on the major changes with the #2020census Qs 👇…
2. You've probably been hearing a lot about the new citizenship question. Here's how it's worded and some background on why it's sparked six lawsuits 👇…
3. Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross, who oversees #2020census, approved adding citizenship Q. Ross has said Justice Department "initiated" request for Q. But internal emails & memos make clear Ross pushed his staff to add Q months before DOJ's request 👇…
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Please RT & fill out the form in the thread below⤵

45 wants to use the #2020Census to take power from big states w immigrants like CA & give it to rural (& often red) states.

YOU can help #SaveTheCensus—it'll only take a min. Continued⤵…
At the direction of the White House, Secretary of Commerce Wilbur Ross, in coordination with AG Jeff Sessions’ anti-immigrant DOJ, announced that he directed the Census Bureau to add a citizenship question to the 2020 Census.…
45's attempt is blatantly political & would lead to an undercount that would lead to the taking of seats in the House of Representatives, electoral college votes, & federal funds from from big states with immigrants & give them to rural—mostly red—states.…
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BREAKING: Another trove of internal documents on the #2020census citizenship question have been released by the Trump administration as part of lawsuits. Here's the working download link from the amended filing by @TheJusticeDept:…
@TheJusticeDept 2. While I read through the new docs, here's a recap on what we've learned about the #2020census citizenship question from the internal emails & memos released earlier 👇…
@TheJusticeDept 3. Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross wrote if Justice Department has not "come to a conclusion," he "will call the AG" in August 2017 email exchange about #2020census citizenship question with Commerce Department official Earl Comstock 👇…
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Important: The #2020Census is one of the most urgent civil rights issues facing the country — and right now, every person in America has the opportunity to help ensure the count is fair and accurate for all communities. This thread explains how (plus some background). 1/
The Census Bureau has invited the public to comment on the #2020Census, including the questions that will appear on the form. That means the American people can speak directly to the Trump administration about its misguided actions to undermine the integrity of the 2020 count. 2/
After @uscensusbureau spent nearly a decade carefully preparing and testing questions to be included on the #2020Census, Commerce @SecretaryRoss caved to political pressure in March of this year and directed the bureau to add a question on citizenship to the census form. 3/
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CENSUS 🤓 ALERT: I’m back @ Manhattan federal court for 9:30am ET oral arguments in largest lawsuit against #2020census citizenship question. Judge is deciding whether to dismiss case & whether to order Trump admin to release more internal docs on decision to add Q. THREAD TK👇
2. So far, there are 6 lawsuits against the #2020census citizenship question, which Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross (census overseer) approved adding to questionnaire. More than two dozen states & cities, plus other groups & individuals, are trying to get it removed.
3. Lawsuits include:

- State Of NY et al v Commerce Dept et al

- The NY Immigration Coalition et al v Commerce Dept et al

- State of CA v Ross et al

- City Of San Jose et al v. Ross et al

- Kravitz et al v Commerce Dept et al

- La Union Del Pueblo Entero et al v Ross et al
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Five years ago, five justices on the Supreme Court invalidated key provisions of the Voting Rights Act that for decades protected voters in states with pernicious histories of voting discrimination. Don't forget what happened in the immediate aftermath of this appalling decision:
Within 24 hours of the decision, the conservative justices prompted a deluge of voter suppression legislation. Texas and Alabama announced plans to plow ahead with restrictive and previously blocked voter-ID laws. Weeks later, N.C. passed its monster voter suppression law.
Five years later, the landscape is worse: The Republican voter suppression campaign now has the enthusiastic endorsement of the nation’s president – a president who is stacking the federal courts with the very people who cheered the dismantling of the Voting Rights Act.
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BREAKING: @TheJusticeDept has released 1,320 pages of emails, memos, other docs on hotly contested #2020census citizenship question from @uscensusbureau & @CommerceGov for lawsuit led by @NewYorkStateAG — and my editor @LuisClemens & I read them:…
2. In memo to Commerce Sec Wilbur Ross, Census Bureau Acting Dir. Ron Jarmin, other officials write adding citizenship Q “is very costly, harms the quality of the census count, & would use substantially less accurate citizenship status data than are available” from other agencies
3. To get citizenship estimates for #2020census, Census Bureau has been trying to get access to massive gov’t datasets -- Social Security Administration records, visa/passport data from State Dept & naturalization data from USCIS, according to draft bureau document
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On Monday night the Commerce Dept, with Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross announced that:

In Keeping with the request from the Justice Dept, that they will be adding a citizenship question to the #2020Census questionnaire.

How might this effect Voting Rights?
<Thread> 1/9
The citizenship question has not been included in a decennial Census since 1950.

Courts have long mandated that US House districts be drawn based on total population, assuring all populations would be fairly represented whether they voted or not.…
But in 2016, the Supreme Court left open the option for states to draw districts based only on eligible voter populations.

In comes the tRump Admin, advocating for the inclusion of the citizenship question on the Census form!
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Last night, the @CommerceGov said it would add a citizenship question to the #2020Census. In theory, it’s about getting an accurate count for purposes of the Voting Rights Act. In reality, it’s a racist xenophobic move with severe long-term consequences.…
The census is an incredibly important tool that touches so many aspects of American lives. It’s the foundational data for everything from voting rights for black people, median earnings for women versus men, fertility rates, and more.… #2020Census
The census is also the tool used to draw federal and state political districts and it helps determine what federal dollars get spent where.… #2020Census
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