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𝓐 way with words, and words with way,
𝓣hat matchless wit, and gestures firm;
𝓐 leader tall, with gentle sway,
𝓛ike Sun he shone, shining his term!
𝓑uddha, he made, to smile once more,
𝓘n roads, he made, his inroads strong;
𝓗is reforms made the Lion roar,
𝓐nd yet he fought the battles long!
𝓡emember him, his early days,
𝓘n Sangh he found his calling true;
𝓥ivid, his speeches set ablaze,
𝓐nd rapidly his stature grew!
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On this day, let us recollect few things about Atal Bihari Vajpayee..
1. Golden Quadrilateral :

The importance of Roads and importance of connectivity was a hallmark step by #AtalBihariVajpayee ji. A simple step with mammoth funding was played a massive step in boosting economy of India.
2. Pradhan mantri gram sadak Yojana :

Flagship programme by #AtalBihariVajpayee which gave the power of connectivity to a villager and one of the most successful program ever in Independent India.
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Led a coalition Govt succesfully with some real unruly allies.
Builder of Modern India with Pokhran II, Golden Quadrilateral.
A true Ajatashatru whom even his rivals admired.
Above all, influenced many like me in the 90s to see BJP as a true alternative, when the Media was virulently against it, and there was no Social Media, Net, just for this will forever be my inspiration.
Only those who grew up in the 90s would really understand what Vajpayee and Advani in our generation. If you thought current media is hostile to BJP, you really have not idea how it was in the 90s, when they literally led a crusade against it. #AtalBihariVajpayee
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हर चुनौती से दो हाथ मैंने किए,
आंधियों में जलाए हैं बुझते दिए।

आज झकझोरता तेज़ तूफ़ान है,
नाव भंवरों की बांहों में मेहमान है।

पार पाने का क़ायम मगर हौसला,
देख तेवर तूफ़ां का, तेवरी तन गई।

मौत से ठन गई।
Remember his deeds.
Remember his poems.
Remember that fiery oratory that moved us.
Remember him for what he did for us. For Bhārata.

Stop looking at sec-lib tweets & outraging about their nonsensical tweets. Please. Muting anyone who posts SS/QTs Scheißkopfs.
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His bigger achievements were on the economic front. .When Manmohan Singh took over from Vajpayee in 2004, the economy was in a great shape—the GDP rate was above 8 per cent, inflation was below 4 per cent and foreign exchange reserves were overflowing.

His most memorable achievement was the ambitious roads projects he launched—the Goldern Quadrilateral and the Pradhanmantri Gramin Sadak Yojna. The Golden Quadrilateral connected Chennai, Kolkata, Delhi and Mumbai through a network of highways

while the Pradhanmantri Gramin Sadak Yojna was planned as a network of all-weather roads for unconnected villages across India. Both the projects proved to be immense success and contributed to India's economic growth majorly.
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