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Did #Austerity Cause #Brexit? I have received some comments on the paper that have engaged with the data, but am more than happy to stand my ground. Here is why...
Recently, Noah Carl @NuffieldCollege studied national level opinion poll time series, arguing that the lack of evidence of an uptick in post 2010 support for Leave is evidence suggesting that austerity had nothing to do with #Brexit. See his comment here
So what are the problems with this approach.
1) Opinion polls do not rely on the same sampling population, so a lot of time variation that is so crucial given the tight referendum results are well within the margins of error
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La #Turchia ha una crisi di debito estero e quindi 3 soluzioni
A) la soluzione #FMI: fare #austerity per frenare i consumi ed abbattere l’import e quindi correggere la bilancia commerciale per recuperare valuta estera con cui ripagare il debito. Ma pagheranno i suoi cittadini
La #Turchia ha una crisi di debito estero e quindi 3 soluzioni:
B) fare default selettivi e far pagare il conto ai creditori esteri soprattutto le banche europee
La #Turchia ha una crisi di debito estero e quindi 3 soluzioni:
C) cavalcare la #svalutazione per spingere il proprio #export e recuperare la valuta estera per rimborsare un debito che avrà comunque bisogno di una qualche moratoria
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So the part-privatisation of #probation as originally conceived is over. @benmatthewsed made the foolhardy mistake of asking for my thoughts so going to post a thread...…
1/ This was a terrible idea and seemingly every academic and practitioner in probation thought so. The marketisation was meant to use a "Payment by Results" system similar to another of Grayling's Greatest Hits, The Work Programme...
2/ CRC owners would be paid under on the basis of reductions in reconviction (which ≠ reoffending, but anyway...). They started 2 pilots for this 'payment by results' approach (notably at Doncaster prison) but they had poor results and weren't really finished before TR began
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So excited to spend my afternoon at the #TransHealthLeeds book launch! First up: what is dysphoria, with Zowie Davy and Michael Toze
"I hope there's not many psychiatrists in the room, because you're going to get bad press today" 😂
Language in trans medicine becomes "a truism without substance" and is used to exert control over trans people and their transition
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Parliamo di #moneta. Prima domanda: sapete chi crea la quasi totalità del #denaro in circolazione?
In realtà la maggioranza delle persone, anche nel sondaggio offline, risponde non so. Risposte: lo #stato conia le #monete che solo solo lo 0,3% del valore totale... nel #bilancio #bancadItalia le #banconote sono solo il 8% scarso del totale #massa #monetaria #M2 in #Italia...
...and the winner are... le #banche private con circa il 91% della #moneta #M2 poiché emettono moneta scritturale digitale (a #debito) con un click
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Hi Richard, I'm a paediatric nurse with specialist training in critical care & with experience of advising boards on allocation of resources to maximise safety of sick kids in areas suffering access deprivation of health care services. Can we debate this issue sensibly please?
I understand that @scottishlabour needs a lot of work, but it's a shame you are unwilling to talk about this. Forgive me if i push ahead without you, but please feel free to jump in at any time.
Your colleague @LewisMacdMSP had the honour of prefacing the Emergency Care Framework for Children & Young People, a document produced by @ScotGov (nee executive) back in 2006 following extensive consultation of stakeholders:…
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