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" [Dmitry] Firtash’s foreign agent, Davis said his firm was being paid $80,000 a month — or about a million dollars a year — by a man described by prosecutors as an “upper-echelon” associate of Russian organized crime."

Russian MOB.
" Although Davis lists his past controversial clients in Africa and Honduras on his website, Firtash’s name is noticeably absent. Davis hardly ever talks about Firtash, at least not on the record,"

"...even though Justice Department filings make it clear that [Lanny] and his colleagues at Davis, Goldberg & Galper frequently contact D.C. journalists about Firtash to pitch stories, issue statements and press releases, or to respond to questions."
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DAMMIT, @Jack!
No doubt now that RUS has control over this platform. Maybe you shouldn't have taken Usmanov's blood money. But you did. So, this is where we're at.
OH, & I'm gonna re-thread now how Semion met PUTIN.
2. So those screenshots in the tweet above are from the offshore leaks database (db of offshore LLCs) and this 2010 article from the Ukrainian press.…
I'm showing you that the main account is RZB, by confirming the bank's CEO in the web. And, I'm showing...
3. The name STUART P. BLACKBURN. A mysterious name, with almost 500 LLCs - some of which go back over 60 years. 😎

I showed you some more offshore LLCS (w/ sourcing) that belong to Semion Mogilevich's man, DMITRY/DMITRO FIRTASH.
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Interesting, since we find ZTE at the #BudapestBridge with Telenor, who are themselves partnered with Alfa Group at Vimpelcom!

We all remember Alfa Group, don't we?
August 2010:

"Under a 200 million euro ($254 million) contract to be announced on Monday, ZTE will build a mobile network for 4.5 million users for Telenor in Hungary."…
In 2012 we learned ZTE, "sold Iran’s largest telecom firm a powerful surveillance system capable of monitoring landline, mobile and internet communications, interviews and contract documents show."

Hmm, who's done extensive work in Iran again?…
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1/ I found the money.

⬇️⬇️"Peter Munk. The Hungarian-born Canadian billionaire and Holocaust survivor was a close friend and business partner of Deripaska. Munk had business interests in Hungary and was friendly with the authoritarian Orbán regime."…
2/ Russia-Hungary-Montenegro #BudapestBridge

"Once again prime minister Djukanovic was personally involved in the negotiations, which saw an abandoned ex-Yugoslav naval base and dockyard sold to foreign investors in early 2006. Once again there were allegations of underpricing.
3/ The yard was bought by a firm called TriGranit, Hungary's biggest property developer. It is co-owned by a Hungarian-born Canadian billionaire named Peter Munk and Nat Rothschild.

Munk, 80, is owner of Barrick Gold, the world's largest gold producing company. He was advised
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1/ From 2014:

"Red Sea LLC, Lerner’s firm, was paid $3.2 million working for the Club for Growth and Senate Conservatives Action, the super PAC arm of Senate Conservatives Fund, in three of those races." cc @emlas…
2/ Friends of Pat Toomey PAC from 2016:

Red Sea LLC is Jon Lerner, protege of Arthur Finkelstein.

Harris Media is Vincent Harris, who worked for Rand Paul, Netanyahu, AfD etc.

Target Enterprises is Nick Ayers, who is now Mike Pence's chief of staff.…
3/ Two days ago, Pence chose Jon Lerner to be his new national security adviser. Lerner will continue as deputy to U.S. Ambassador to the UN Nikki Haley, but he will also lead Pence’s foreign policy team and advise him on all national security issues.…
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Come along with me as we go see
who the f#ck funds this shithole of depravity
that promotes trafficking for the global rape trade, AKA NONconsensual sex work.
It's time to
Follow. The. Money.
cc: @gametheorytoday @thespybrief @LincolnsBible
Hey, Google: WTF happened to your old motto, "Don't be evil?"
Hey, Google: why did Eric Schmidt resign in December?…
Backpage split from Village Voice Media in 2012. Because it was a "distraction."…
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So, Tzvika Brot and the #BudapestBridge.

Look at this, @ninaandtito @brazencapital @LincolnsBible @ushadrons
2/ Republicans Overseas Israel’s chief strategist was Tzvika Brot. So, yes, it's about Trump, but another important detail to note.

⬇️⬇️"Republicans Overseas Israel thinks that could be enough to tip the election in Trump’s favor."…
3/ FATCA was signed into law in 2010 as a way to combat money laundering in places like ... Switzerland. cc @LincolnsBible

Republicans Overseas Israel hates FATCA though.

Guess who else does too?
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It goes something like ...

Cross the #BudapestBridge, turn on to Alpha Road and keep going until you spot the #SemionMogilevich Cloud.

Don't worry. You can't miss it.

How'd I do? :)…
"In June, 2013 Trump had a private dinner in Las Vegas with the Agalarov’s, Yulia Alferova and Klyushin in Las Vegas to finalize the details for the Miss Universe Pageant in Moscow."

I believe they discussed much more than that :)…
James Chmielinski is the 'Senior Technical Recruiter' for Bytion.

Bytion provides bots.
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Six tweets help explain the mess we’re in.

cc @counterchekist @ninaandtito @LincolnsBible @LouiseMensch @ushadrons @dark_wisdom_ @MsMariaT @mopeng @911CORLEBRA777

First, what I have been saying about Arthur Finkelstein and #BudapestBridge?

Right. I believe Arthur Finkelstein was pulling the strings on Trump’s campaign behind the scenes while living in Budapest, Hungary.

Now, this is a speech Finkelstein gave in Prague in 2011. The video starts at 24:56. Listen until the 26:20 mark.
3 /6

Got it? Finkelstein was watching Trump play the media.

It's not a huge surprise. They’d known each other by decades by that point, but Finkelstein mentioned the importance of personality there.

This section starts at 36:38. Listen until 37:08.
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