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Awesome job putting it all together @BuzzFeed
This will fit nicely with the #SemionYudkovichMogilevich
#SemionMogilevich hashtags bc I'm sure he is at the top...…
All this upkeep for a younger chic, of course shes embedded with the Russian Govt too. So Erickson isn't charged Federally (yet),but I'm wondering how he's handling it all. Will he flip 4 his SD trial bc he's broke?Or #SemionMogilevich gave him some living expenses funds for now?
Butina came w baggage,but there was also $.Who was her powerful benefactor?None other than Torshin,Vlad's buddy &deputy governor of the CentralBankofRussianFederation. Butina worked there too,under Torshin until it was time to start her degree cover story in DC. #SemionMogilevich
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Bad Actors, Bad Hats, Fake Oppo, Controlled Oppo, Compromised Journos.
You want to know who they are? Well, here ya go.

Warning: Some of these people are cute and seem nice and stuff. Prepare to cry if you have a lot of news crushes.
Dana Loesch. (You knew that.)
John Cardillo.
Ryan Saavedra.
Raheem Kassam.
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I hope this means your employer, the @nytimes, will finally start discussing Donald Trump's longstanding ties to organized crime.

These ties are documented at length in your own archives & in numerous other open source materials.

Trump = Mob.

It's not a big secret.

Report it.
You're welcome to start here.
Donald Trump's connection to Semion Mogilevich dates as far back as 1984, when Mogilevich associate David Bogatin purchased five luxury condos in Trump Tower.…
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I'd like Betsy to answer these:

Is your old friend Trent Lott responsible for this deal?

Was this Lott's side gig from getting #SemionMogilevich off the Ten Most Wanted list?

How effective has this partnership been at sanction-busting money laundering?

Have a Birchy evening!
⬇️⬇️"In July, Senate Majority Leader 🚩Trent Lott🚩 and House Speaker Newt Gingrich slipped a last-minute provision into the hotly contested compromise tax bill that granted the DeVos family’s company, Amway, a tax break on its Asian branches."

We know who owns Gazprom, Betsy. What about RU?…
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So, Dimitri Simes is the President of The Center for the National Interest (formerly known as The Nixon Center) and has been since the group was founded in 1994.

This event in April 2016 was at the Mayflower Hotel. cc @LincolnsBible @ericgarland
2/ This event:

"Attorney General Jeff Sessions appeared to waver when asked by the Senate Intelligence Committee on Tuesday if he met privately with Russian ambassador Sergey Kislyak during an event at the Mayflower Hotel last year."

cc @ninaandtito…
3/ Remember this too? Dimitri Simes was briefing Dole on Gorbachev the same year Trump first visited Russia (1987).
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You have to see this. h/t @Peaceful_411

cc @20committee @KremlinTrolls @counterchekist @LouiseMensch @LincolnsBible @ninaandtito @dark_wisdom_

"Brint Ryan, who has an office in the building, said about 40 agents were at the offices of Garza & Harris."…
Dr. John Changiz Vafai seen here at Garza & Harris. He's a Public Policy Scholar at the Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars in Washington D.C.

The Wilson Center offers an 'Alfa Fellowship Program'. Yes, that Alfa, where we also see Mikhail Fridman and Richard Burt.
October 31, 2016:

Trump and Alfa Bank.

"It dawned on the researchers that this wasn’t an attack, but a sustained relationship between a server registered to the Trump Organization and two servers registered to an entity called Alfa Bank."…
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It goes something like ...

Cross the #BudapestBridge, turn on to Alpha Road and keep going until you spot the #SemionMogilevich Cloud.

Don't worry. You can't miss it.

How'd I do? :)…
"In June, 2013 Trump had a private dinner in Las Vegas with the Agalarov’s, Yulia Alferova and Klyushin in Las Vegas to finalize the details for the Miss Universe Pageant in Moscow."

I believe they discussed much more than that :)…
James Chmielinski is the 'Senior Technical Recruiter' for Bytion.

Bytion provides bots.
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I just published “Trump, Putin and the mob. Part 6: Trump, Felix Sater and their ties to mafia Don Semion Mogilevich”…
Since Trump won't enforce Russian sanctions, we have to go there again. Enjoy!

#PuMo #SemionMogilevich

Cc @counterchekist @LouiseMensch @ninaandtito @LincolnsBible @dark_wisdom_ @CitJourno @ericgarland @TheRickWilson @thespybrief @20committee
It's good to see Alfa Group executives, Roman Abramovich, Alisher Usmanov and Kushner investor Yuri Milner here. Rightly so.…
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1/ We found an interesting note about Kendall Coffey worth exploring some more here. h/t @brazencapital

cc @911CORLEBRA777 @mopeng @ninaandtito @LincolnsBible @MrFelt_ @LouiseMensch
2/ From 2012:

"A lawsuit by an investor in the parent company of 🚩Home Federal Bank of Hollywood🚩 alleges the bank's chairman, CFO and another director have misrepresented the bank's loan portfolio quality and failed to follow a regulatory order."…
3/ The lawsuit was filed by Russian investor, Dmitriy Khotimskiy.

"The complaint, drafted by Coral Gables law firm Coffey Burlington, uses strong language to attack the bank holding company’s board."
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1/ Let’s examine Dmitry Firtash within the context of his ties to Mike Flynn, Paul Manafort & Trump (This thread will be completed over several days. I will place each tweet under its prior tweet, rather than tweet each one to the main feed)
2/ First off, who is Dmytro Firtash? He has business interests, extensive political influence & is close to former Ukrainian president Viktor Yanukovych, who was ousted in the Maidan revolution in February 2014.
3/ #Firtash is a key figure in Ukraine’s gas industry, serving as middleman to import central Asian and Russian gas to Ukraine. Firtash has ties to #SemionMogilevich, the Russian mafia don who was until late last year on the FBI’s 10 most wanted list.…
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1/ Timeline Jr/Manafort Sedition
27/ For details on Rob Goldstone, who set up the June 2016 meeting for Don Jr, see:…
28/ Here is some research on the Yuri sock puppet:
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