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I was struck by this post-primary note of thanks from @marchandsteve, so I'm posting it here. Important unity, important message. This is how you do it. #nhpolitics
"more often, I was learning. I learned about people, policy, and about what matters."
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The other big surprise. (GOP controlled state gov’t recently passed a law aiming to suppress the college vote. Durham is a college town.)
🚨Crazy high youth and Dem turnout is quickly becoming *the* story of yesterday's primary. This is B A N A N A S level good news for November. 🚨#nhpolitics
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Are you even kidding me right now? #NH01 #NHpolitics…
You know who lost tough races in 2010 and 2014 because mid-term voters like Ms. Sullivan couldn't be bothered? Carol Shea-Porter. #NH01 #NHpolitics
Carol's former CoS and campaign chair @NaomiForNH brings some righteous 🔥🔥🔥 to this news:
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2016 upended all my previous experience with political analysis, and so I no longer have faith in my election thoughts. So you'd be wise to stop reading this now.

Still, I am having thoughts, specifically about the #NHGov primary, on which I'm not yet decided. #nhpolitics
The Kelly gubernatorial campaign seems the latest iteration of the formula whose previous iterations were the Shaheen and Hassan campaigns. Lots of institutional support, take the pledge, broad themes.

It works!

More accurately: it has worked.
Marchand feels like Cilley in 2012 (disclosure: I worked social media for that). Wonky, specifics, no pledge, willing to take risks, little institutional support (and so fewer resources for field,) etc.
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Today Gov. Sununu realized former House Speaker Bill O’Brien’s goal of suppressing the vote of “liberal” college students. #RememberInNovember #NHPolitics…
Another result of this blatant voter suppression is putting to bed the fiction of a moderate governor. This is unabashedly Paul LePage territory. #NHPolitics
Former #NHGov and @SenatorShaheen: “Today, the Governor sent an unmistakable message to young people in New Hampshire that, rather than listening and responding to their concerns, they should be hindered from democratic participation.” #NHPolitics
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Never forget that the goal isn’t fighting voter fraud, but, as stated explicitly here, to prevent young people from voting “liberal.” #NHPolitics
Gov. Sununu has endeavored to appear more moderate than the Tea Era of Bill O’Brien, but in reality he is about to accomplish O’Brien’s major goal of voter suppression. #nhpolitics
If the Governor signs this voter suppression bill into law, it means he knows a wave is coming and he cannot rely on the tradition of first-term govs getting an easy re-elect.
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@ACLU_NH found that the SoS was discarding HUNDREDS of absentee ballots each election without warning due to perceived handwriting discrepancies -- often due to age or disabilities. #NHSoS #21stin21
(In June, we’re sharing 21 new policies/procedures to bring our SoS office into 21st century -- and strengthen NH better than our SoS's continued focus on restricting voting rights) #nhpolitics
This is completely unacceptable. We should never be disenfranchising voters for unverified handwriting discrepancies without giving them a better chance to confirm their vote. Read about the ACLU's case 'Saucedo v. Gardner' here:…
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Let me tell you a story about the great lengths Republicans will go to in order to block access to the ballot box. All of this is unfolding right now in New Hampshire. #NHpolitics
Where it started: NH Republicans passed SB 3 last year, an overly bureaucratic and unnecessary law aimed solely at making it harder for eligible voters to cast a ballot.
SB 3 requires new documentation for people who register within 30 days of an election -- documentation that can often be difficult for students, low-income folks and new residents to get their hands on.
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the orange vs. navy shirts are out in force as NH site evaluators decide whether to hear @EversourceNH's appeal for its #northernpass permit. #nhpolitics
it comes just after a big court ruling that eversource hopes might change the power line's fortunes. #nhpolitics #northernpass…
that's the same state supreme court that would hear #northernpass' case, if site evaluators decline to take up the appeal today. the adventure continues... #nhpolitics
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Self-awareness, you had one job. #nh01 #nhpolitics
Meet the new "progressive" candidate for #NH01, Bernie Sanders' son. #nhpolitics #NeverAgain #BoycottTheNRA
Rights, something, something. #nh01 #nhpolitics
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