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It's been 5 months since the #Parkland massacre. On the 14th of the month I've been tweeting each of the portraits I drew.
Remembering #AlyssaAlhadeff.
A star soccer player. A devoted friend. One of the youngest to die.
14 yrs old.
I'm still here. She's not. I remember. RIP Line drawing of young woman. Text: Alyssa Alhadeff 14 years old
"He was a very funny kid, outgoing and sometimes really quiet," wrote Miguel Duque, about his baby brother #MartinDuque.
What a disgrace for our country that students are murdered in school.
Remembering Martin, 5 months after his death.
#RoadToChange Line drawing of young man in baseball cap. Text: Martin Duque 14 years old Stoneman Douglas HS
Cara means "friend" in #Irish.
Cara's funeral was held on her 15th birthday.
Her father came here from Ireland to pursue the American dream.

#msdstrong #SchoolShooting Line drawing of young woman, smiling. <br />
Text: Cara Loughran <br />
14 years old <br />
Went to school <br />
Came home dead
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Last night, he declared loudly that he is not Presidnet Of The United States. He delcared that he is nothing more than leader of his base. He was elected, could have been different. Instead, he gives the middle finger to everyone but his base and Russia.…
His advisers tell us that he is a counterpuncher. I love boxing and they are wrong. He is more of a street fighter style aggressor, constantly swinging and attacking, often wildly with puches that are innacurate and fail to land.
The problm for his style, fighters like him get hit often, and eventually they do get knocked out. Last night he missed wildly. Americans who actually do love America, fight back. #OrangeWaveInNovember.
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You cannot make this up. On Fathers Day, I sat alone by Jaime’s graveside and asked for a sign from her. I asked for a sign that she was Ok and that she was OK with what I am doing in my fight for gun safety. I wanted to know that she was with me. Tonight, I got my sign.
Tonight the Republican candidates for Governor will be debating at the Sunshine Summit in the same hotel that my daughters dance competition team is competing at. Jaime was supposed to be there competing and we were supposed to be there with her. .
Because of the strange coincidence, Jaime's team wanted to make their presence known. Keep in mind, these are teenage girls and not threatening. They simply wore Orange Ribbons For Jaime shirts in the same public lobby where the people from the Republican summit were.
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@realDonaldTrump, congratulations. It is now clear what you understood and you pulled it off. You understood that our democracy required honesty and integrity and reliance on norms to function. You understood that, but you did not care. Your success is the result of the
ability to lie and reject norms and common practices and simply not care. I have personally been affected by your lies after my daughter was murdered in the issue of gun safety. You and your side are street fighters and I respect that. You bully others. When someone pushes
back, you act like victims and cry for civility. The hypocricy is amazing. What is most amazing is how you just don't care. It is time for a functioning multi party system and it is time for those of us who love democracy to fight back. We understand your tactics. I was
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Dear America,
Today I will begin Father’s Day by going to the cemetery to visit my forever 14 year old daughter Jaime. It is just over 4 months since she was murdered at school. Today, I am too sad to focus on myself and so no need for Father’s Day messages for me. Instead,
I first want to say how thankful I am to have Jesse as my son. I will reverse the meaning of this day and instead honor my son who makes me proud every day and who has shown such amazing strength and resilience. I also want to say how thankful I am that I still have my dad and.
my father in law who have been here for me every minute of every day. I am thankful for my wife and my extended family as we have gone through this brutal hell together. I am also thankful for my amazing community which has stood by our family and given us strength.
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