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I'm back! I was running a combi-comic/anime/gaming.cons confor a few days so I figure I'd better do a recap of the story so far. Eh, you might want to get comfortable for this Ready? No? Tough.
You are playing Peu Pue Flintwalker, a gender neutral
Goliath, 7' 2", 350lb, druid, who left their clan to see the world and map a way to Chult for your chief.
Day one off the mountain range, you met a human father and child with a broken cart wheel you helped them fix it and accompanied them to a nearby village to get the lay of
the land, there was a monster terrorizing the locals and you promised to help them hunt it the next day, you bought a map of the world from a dark gnome book store owner called Bobkins, discovered an ancient temple at the bottom of an old well, underwent the trial of elements by
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#DnD #rpg #coya
You watch the servants keenly, Father Tree and Sir Thorns seem to be looking as well, you notice there seems to be gaps among the battalion of servants, the mists aren't to be seen, neither is wolf or the mystery servant.
Sally, Mrs S's aide de camp comes
scurrying out of what you assume is the kitchen area and whisper something to Mrs S's eyes go wide, she slams her hand on the table and starts to stand up.
Then seems to think better of it.
There's muttering among the guests as they notice others below them being served first.
New one is up
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#DnD #rpg #coya
Knowing the sort of hilarity your name draw sin mortal circles you decide not to subject yourself to the Fey version of the same and look back at the flea ridden druid.
Perhaps you missed something
-Perception check: Nat :20-
He is still making odd jerky
movements, not consciously, it looks like he's making an unconscious effort to scrape his own shadow off his shoe. His shadow looks wrong too,
It looks like there's more than one person casting it....
The third course is being brought out, your view is blocked by a battalion of
servants carrying the third course.
Your companions have gone quiet again but you have noticed they do that just before each course, your not sure if it's etiquette or something else.
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#DnD #rpg #coya
"Does the name Norman mean anything to you?"
They look thoughtful
"Nor man" says Father Tree sounding like he was physically tasting the word "No"
Sir Thorns brightens up
"Could it be the name of that god we were trying to remember?"
"Hmm it could be "
"Mrs S" calls Sir Thorns, "could that Gods name have been Norman?"
"Not likely I think I'd have remembered a name as odd as that"
"It is a weird one" agrees Father Tree
"Mortals do have the silliest names" says Sir Thorns "I met on once called Beauregard!"
They laugh
New one is up
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#DnD #rpg #coya
With Wolf's voice calmly guiding you the memory comes into focus but it's not of the servant rather it's some sort of room, there's scattered furniture, before you stands a child with a dagger, you babble a description of him to Wolf. There's chanting in
the background, two words being repeated constantly, a rat scurries past behind the child, you feel your attention following it into the fuzzy mass of forgetfulness around the memory, you fight to turn back but it's too late, your mind tries to snatch any last bit of information
as you emerge back to reality you drag a name out of the memory.
"Norman" you say it out loud as your eyes open on the feast again
"Is that it's name?" asks Wolf
"I think so you" reply "It's gone al fuzzy again"
"I can do things with a name" says Wolf "Leave it to me for a bit"
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#DnD #rpg #coya
You scrunch up your face, tensing your body, physically trying to break the mental block. You fail, your shoulders slump in defeat.
"Easy there cub" says wolf "You'll pop something"
"The memory is there, I just can't pull it into focus" you tell him
your doing a lot of physical things trying to achieve a mental thing, you need to get to the same state you achieve when you commune with nature. Sit up straight"
You sit up
"Now close your eyes and regulate your breathing, slow in, slow out emptying your mind of other images"
Okay lets try a mechanic for assisted rolls
Only RT's and likes of the 2 tweets above count
Every RT gets a roll to see the memory. DC 20
+3 mod
Every like adds a +1 to the results
Majority passes = character passes
Majority fails = character fails
Ends 5pm Irish time June 17th
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#DnD #rpg #coya
Wolf comes to clear your dishes
"See anything out of the ordinary?" he asks quietly
"I noticed another childlike servant, looked like a one of the mists but I thought there was only two of them?"
"There are, thank goodness two is trouble enough, I didn't
spot a third but I'll keep an eye out, it may be one of the other servants playing about, they are a rambunctious lot at the best of times and without Mrs S lording over them its chaos!" he looks side to side and says conspiratorially
"I am quite enjoying it though!"
You smile
but wonderto yourself would he enjoy it so much on a normal day.
"Can you tell me what it looks like?"
You find your memory fuzzy once more if only you could break through this mental interference!
Roll: Will
Testing a new mechanic type.
Every RT: I roll a dice
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#DnD #rpg #coya
"It was pretty" you agree.
Sir Thorns is muttering into his wine, he is apparently unimpressed with being called a prude by the person who banned coupling at the feast.
Father Tree is oblivious to his muttering
"Thank you indeed. Millennia of practice
you understand"
"I'd prefer that method to the humanoid one, plugging things into things and all that grunting and groaning, things getting knocked over! It all lacks a certain finesse to my mind"
There's a bit of a lull in the conversation as everyone else considers whether
or not to engage Mrs S on this particular topic. You briefly consider blinding yourself again just to change the subject.
Fortunately the servants come out to begin clearing the plates ahead of the next course and that distracts her
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#DnD #rpg #coya
You copy the other guests covering your face and and drink.
Father Tree exhales wave of glittering pollen floats through the air towards what must be Mother Tree.
She stands and twirls as the cloud arrives to her, forming a beautiful spiral of sparkles
that flow around her like a galaxy. Flowers bloom on all her branches, the sparkles seem to be absorbed into them as they pass. The flowers close as the last sparkle fades and they seem to turn into various nuts.
There is a smattering of polite applause from the other guests, you
had been so entranced by Mother Trees performance you hadn't noticed Father Tree had developed acorns.
"You done?" asks Sir Thorns
"Yes" says Father Tree "The future of trees is assured for another season"
"I'm surprised you still allow that at the table" Sir Thorns
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#DnD #rpg #coya
"The hell!" you exclaim looking at your liquid formerly known as wine.
"Ah" says Father Tree "Your glass thinks you have had enough"
"About damn time" adds Sir Thorns in a friendly tone
"What are you on about?" you demand
"The goblet senses when you
are passing from tipsy to drunk and serves only water till you sober up a bit"
"But I'm fine I have the constitution of a Goliath!" you insist
"Uh huh, you insulted Mrs S and blinded yourself with your own spell, sure looks like your sober!" retorts Sir Thorns.
You :
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#DnD #rpg #coya
You realise you have been ignoring the druid in the alcove since he arrived or rather thrown on the floor by the lord of the hunt as he passed.
His robes are dull brown, no sign of any kind of sigil,
He twitches and rolls his shoulders, occasionally.
muttering to himself
[Insight roll:1]
Fleas! He's clearly got fleas no wonder they sat him away from everyone!
The Lord and Lady begin eating apparently as the guests around you suddenly start eating.
Response will be delayed I just had an awesome/ terrifying idea depending on your perspective need to do a little research first
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#DnD #rpg #coya
You wave your hand half heartedly the way one does when not a 100% sure the person they're waving to is actually who they think it is.
The child's eyes go wide and he scurries away with a pile of dirty dishes
"Do you require
something?" asks a nearby servant
"No, I just recognised him from somewhere?" you respond
"Who?" asks the servant scanning the remaining servants
"Uh...He's gone with some dishes"
"I'm sure who ever it was will be back with the next course responds the servant and moves off
You notice your companions have gone quiet and that they have shifted the position of their weapons
"Who did you think you saw?" inquires Sir Thorns after a moment
"I'm not sure, a child servant, he's not one of the mists I know him from somewhere, can't quite place him...."
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I played some Fate Core superheroes today using Venture City rules. The players were: Rob Burns, a kineticist street kid; the Phoenix, a fire controller and healer; the Optomist, a TK and telepath; and a brick...named Captain Obvious, a failed super soldier #faterpg #rpg 1/
I ran a mission called the Helicarrier heist by @Fainting_Goat_G. I also added Count Omega from another Fainting Goat product. It was a blast! All of the players were super into it and had fun. Count Omega got away, and Snow Claw fell to a fiery death? We'll see. 2/
A sequel is definitely happening. I love @EvilHatOfficial Fate Core. It's great for so many genres. 3/3
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#DnD #rpg #coya
You return to your seat seize the wine goblet and drain it, while the physical pain is gone it was an unpleasant experience and the wine helps you recover.
As you place the empty wine goblet back on the table it refills itself.
You're not surprised.
"Feel better?"asks Sir Thorns
"Much" you reply, lifting your fresh goblet off the table
"Then a word o the wise, don't go casting things unannounced like that, we trust the rules of hospitality but in any other place we'd have killed you before you got it off"
"True" adds Father
"Understood" you say. You really need to think things through before acting you chide yourself.
Observing the servant as you sip your wine you notice something you missed before.
Besides the mists there's a third child server, he looks familiar but you can't quite place him
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#DnD #rpg #coya
"There was some enchantment magic" you reply blinking experimentally, your eyes adjust to your usual vision, you can see properly again.
Though the sight of the guests here do give you cause to check again
"That's not as helpful as you may think" says Wolf
"A lot of the guests are carrying enchanted items or wearing some on themselves"
"Your bath oils were a kind of enchantment" says Mrs S, you appear to have been downgraded from deliberately offensive mortal to idiot child in her eyes.
Hopefully that will save you from a beating
after the feast.
"Still it's a minor nuisance at the moment so it can wait, this course should have been cleared by now!" Mrs S claps her hands and the servants including Wolf clear the table.
Mrs S leaps back to her side of he table with a single movement of surprising grace
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#DnD #rpg #coya
Suspecting some sort of magical shenanigans, you cast Detect Magic.
In the Fey court, sat at a table full of Fey during a Fey feast to mark the transition of magical power from one court to another.
Imagine you're wearing night vision googles and standing
in a dark room front of a very large spotlight and some bastard (not that one) just switched it on.
Your temporarily blind. -1 hp
You let out a yelp unbecoming of an adult Goliath and cover your eyes, what little information you did gather tries to sort itself in your brain you
picked up on magic from four different schools: you know about
Abjuration: usually for barriers and banishment
Divination spells reveal information,
Illusion spells deceive the senses or minds of others.
Enchantment spells influence or control behavior.
One doesn't seem right
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If you don't take into account different editions of games, I have played 36 RPGs at least once. I know I have forgotten a few more, but these are the ones I remember playing. I have DM/GM'ed most of these. 1/
I don't recall disliking any of these games. I wonder how my game playing experience compares to the typical RP gamer? Anyway, I think I'm going to talk about one a day starting June 1. That will hit 30, which is about all I think I want to talk about, at lease a little. 2/
I'm finding that the more exposure I have to different RPGs the better my understanding of how to GM games in general becomes. Plus, they have led to some memorable experiences, and that is part of the point for me. #rpgs #rpg #gmtips 3/3
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#DnD #rpg #coya
"Perhaps the wine is affecting our memories?" you suggest
"You. Flaming. What?" responds Mrs S,
Sir Thorns and Father Tree noticeably shift their chairs away from you
Mrs S comes to her feet , you suddenly feel very small and alone as she towers over you
"First my soup! Now my wine? You better be out them doors the second this feast ends or so help me I'll put my boot so far up your puny mortal arse Sally will have to open your gob to polish it. DO you understand me guttersnipe?"
( Guttersnipe:… )
The wolf
"Is there a problem here gentlefolk?" he inquires politely
"We were having trouble recalling the name of a mortal god and that creature said it was 'cause of my wine!"
"I didn't say it WAS because of it, I just asked COULD it have been because of it"
"Same thing!"
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#DnD #rpg #coya
"Andrew of W. K.?" you hazard a guess
"No, that's the famous bard" says Sir Thorns
"He does like to party though" adds Father Tree "He may be a cleric of the one we're thinking of"
Mrs S calls from across the table
"What puzzles you friends?"
"We're trying to remember who invented wine in the first place, the mortal god?"
"Mortal god? That gluttonous lay about didn't invent a damn thing! I was experimenting with different types of fruit cake, I'd chucked the yeast and crushed fruit in the same bowl but then I got
distracted by" she pauses looks at you like an adult remembering there's a child in the room "events of the time and came back to the kitchen with a group of folk including 'im"
The tale is commanding the attention of all the nearby guests
"Now these folk need fed and I start
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#DnD #rpg #coya
You observe the Lord and Lady of winter once more, they sit on icy thrones, the lady, sitting straight in her seat, speaking with the guests nearest her chair with a polite smile on her face. The guests mirror her posture and smile. You were once strapped
to the altar of a death god debating which ear you should sacrifice to escape your bonds. That was probably a nicer place to be than in that conversation.
The lord is sitting in his chair, not engaging with the guests but rather observing the feast like a bird of prey waiting to
swoop down on an unsuspecting creature.
Your gazes meet for a second, he gives a polite little nod of acknowledgement and looks past you. You're not sure if his knowing you exist is a good thing.
Your companions have stopped talking,
You turn your focus back to them in case you
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As I start my descent on this flight from my gaming past, I would like to share verbatim a post I made on G+ in 2014:
I feel like D&D 5e has art that speaks to me.
When I was young and first getting into the hobby, I just accepted that the game was written by white men. 1/
...And based off fiction written by white men. When it came down to it, the art didn't matter because people can look like what I wanted to see in my mind.

Over the years, RPGs started being more inclusive in their art, including D&D, with Regdar technically being black 2/ well as the monk whatever her name was. It was hard to tell their ethnicity because they were light skinned. Still, I thought it was cool but it wasn't a big deal.
This art, however, is unmistakable. I love it! 3/
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Hey folks! Today I'm going to prep my next #OnTheEdgeOfExile session live on Twitter. I'll take you through what I've done already, to get started, to where I am now, and then through my process to get from notes > game content. #OtEoEprep #RPG 1/?
Now, you have to understand that OtEoE is a sandbox game, but we use some play devices: Travel Phases, Settlement Phases, and the players forewarn me of their intentions per Story. A "Story" exists in a place, and lasts for 3-4 sessions. #OtEoEprep #RPG 2/?
So, what are we doing today? Well, the PCs just finished their last Story (no. 3), called "Problems at Heim", and they've decided to head next to a nearby city called Collina in the Border Princes. Collina, at this point, doesn't exist except in a notes. #OtEoEprep #RPG 3/?
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