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Emeka and Nike were having a good mekwe in the room
Oya Emeka have finish, but his preek cannot come out, now all the neighbors know
Is it Magun? Or can it be explained?
Magun, otherwise known as Penis Captivus is an extremely rare phenomenon that makes it impossible to withdraw the penis from the vagina as long it lasts.

The vagina padlocks the penis!
But Doc, it's jaz!
Its because the woman is cheating and her vagina has been cursed!
Then how would you explain the presence of this is animals, especially dogs?
Which herbalist did they go to?

And this same phenomenon has been documented in Oyibo people that have no Magun specialist
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A HIV positive person CAN HAVE UNPROTECTED SEX with a negative person and NOT TRANSFER the virus if the HIV positive person has succeeded in suppressing their viral load to undetectable levels.

Wait, What? How?
When a person has HIV, the virus starts to replicate inside the cells and suppresses the body's immune system so that the body can't fight it.
This suppression now means other infections can infect and succeed, when the body's immunity is very low, we have AIDS
HIV drugs known as (ARV) antiretroviral therapy can stop the virus from dividing,

Now this DOES NOT CURE, as the virus still hides in reservoirs in the body, but cannot divide again. Thereby keeping the virus level to a bare minimum
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You can only carry belle once in a month!
You can only carry belle once in a month!
You can only carry belle once in a month!
Some are not carrying belle because they are not having sex at the right time

Ladies, your egg only survives for about 24 hours
Guys, your sperms survives for up to 5 days!

After 24-48 hours after a woman ovulates, she CAN NO LONGER GET PREGNANT during that cycle
Ovulation na when a mature egg don comot from hostel (ovary) , travel go the fallopian tube, go meet him boyfriend(sperm)
If the sperm don dey wait for am, as per first come first serve, fertilization fit occur,

Belle fit come, 5 days before ovulation and on the ovulation day
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Iya òmö, we know you love your kid and you want him to grow big and strong and do you proud.
But wait fes, before you pour 9 months down the drain because of ogi and crayfish hear me out.
We know say pikin stubborn and dem no dey like chop na only play them like especially the man pikin them.

But to feed pikin like this fit kill am
Or chop your money for hospital bills

Here's how.
You can't talk and swallow at the same time because the lungs and the stomach chook leg inside one trouser for your neck.

When you want to swallow, the gateman of the trachea, (the expressway that leads to the lungs) comes to close the gate so that food no go enter the lungs
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