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Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Ayanna Pressley have convincingly made the argument that in the Trump era, blue states need to go bigger and bolder when it comes to progressive policy-making—which makes it really weird that Charlie Baker is still so popular in Massachusetts. #mapoli
I would love to know what kind of logic allows someone in Massachusetts to simultaneously vote for Ayanna Pressley and Charlie Baker—for a woman whose campaign slogan is #changecantwait and a guy who chains progressive policy-making to the Trump/GOP agenda. I don't get it #mapoli
It's not like there's a shortage of qualified challengers to Charlie Baker. We've got Jay Gonzalez (@jay4ma) running on a progressive and ambitious platform that includes many of the same policies that Pressley and her colleagues have rightly championed. We have a choice. #mapoli
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Whoa. Her speech was fantastic. She is on FIRE!! 🔥🔥🔥
After seeing @AyannaPressley speak for the first time in person, I’m super confident #MA7 decided correctly. Holy crap, she was awesome. America will see great things from her. #ChangeCantWait
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While this callous Administration missed today's court mandated deadline to reunite the families separated at the border, Jeff Sessions was at the Moakley Courthouse grandstanding in an attempt to score political points... demonstrating his contempt for our immigrant communities -- his presence in Boston reaffirms the need for us to stand up for immigrants and resist the hateful and bigoted policies coming from Washington...
...These policies do not make our country safer, nor do they make America “great”. We must defund and abolish ICE, pass the Safe Communities Act, stand with our DREAMers, and protect TPS recipients. These times demand nothing less. #ChangeCantWait #ma7
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At a time when immigrant communities in Massachusetts and across the country are under siege and families are being torn apart, I am deeply disappointed that the budget agreed to by the conference committee failed to include critical protections for our immigrant neighbors...
...We cannot shrink from tough political fights - I would urge state lawmakers to step up and pass these fundamental protections during the time left in the legislative session...
...However, this decision makes clear, once again, how important it is that at every level of government - federal, state, and local - we fight to support and protect immigrant communities. #ChangeCantWait #MA07
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Excited to be in Chelsea with such a great crowd talking about why #ChangeCantWait!
A big thank you to Erin for sharing her reasons for supporting our campaign! She knows that we need bold advocates in Congress. #ChangeCantWait
María sabe que el Congreso necesita luchar por personas que han quedado atrás porndemasiado tiempo, necesita una lider fuerte y Ayanna es esa persona. #ChangeCantWait
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In light of Trump's pending nomination to the Supreme Court, Massachusetts must act swiftly to protect the right to choose for all those who live here. This is a fundamental human right and we must lead the nation...
...Massachusetts still has an antiquated state law on the books banning abortion that could become problematic if Roe v. Wade is overturned. We will fight to protect a woman's right to choose every step of the way...
...I urge my colleagues in the State Legislature to pass the NASTY Women Act ensuring a woman's right to choose is protected here in MA...
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(1/11) When I say..."The people closest to the pain, should be the closest to the power, driving & informing the policymaking..." THIS is what I mean. (A) When I wanted to break cycles of #poverty by strengthening pathways to #graduation, preventing #dropout #MA7
(2/11) for expectant & #parenting #teens, (still the #1 reason girls drop out, even with unplanned pregnancies on the decline) I invited them to the table to share their stories, struggles & to inform the #BPS policy we developed to better support them.
(3/11) (B) When I wanted to better understand why we were seeing an increase in #bicyclist & motor vehicle collisions, I contacted @bostonbikeunion I invited them to share their stories & struggles, 4 hrgs later, we had a crash data report & the 1st sideguard ord. in the country
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Let us be clear: the Supreme Court’s ruling this week about crisis pregnancy centers was not about freedom of speech, it was about disenfranchising women, specifically low-income women and women of color.
Access to healthcare is a human right. So-called ‘crisis pregnancy centers’ oftentimes engage in deceptive strategies that target at-risk women and withhold information about the full range of medical options available to them while posturing as medical professionals.
These tactics are coercive and unacceptable. This decision by the Supreme Court is terribly disappointing, and will harm women across the country who are in need of accurate, unbiased medical information and care.
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The Supreme Court's decision in the Janus case is a devastating blow to working Americans. Organized labor is the backbone of the middle class, and opportunities for workers to organize must be expanded...
...not curtailed as we grapple with historic income inequality and deepening gaps for the rights of workers. In Congress, I will continue to support public workers and all other union members as I have throughout my time on the Boston City Council...
...I'll also work to pass a new labor bill of rights that guarantees the rights of all employees, public or private, to organize their workplaces and fight for better working conditions, wages, and benefits. #ChangeCantWait
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Too little has been done to help the thousands still suffering in Puerto Rico from the effects of Hurricane Maria. With 6,000 Puerto Ricans resettling in our state we must do more....…
...In 2005 and 2012, the Disaster Housing Assistance Program (DHAP) was activated to help pay for emergency housing, utilities, and relocation of victims of Hurricanes Katrina and Sandy. As your Congresswoman, I would seek to pass legislation mandating the activation of DHAP...
...for those affected by Hurricane Maria, and ensure that humanitarian disasters like the one in post-storm Puerto Rico are not repeated with future storms. We have a duty to help secure a stable future for our fellow Americans...
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Ready to ride the 111 bus to Chelsea with @streetsboston. Too many communities experience delays and unreliable transit options that further entrench existing inequalities. #TransitMatters #ChangeCantWait
Today, our campaign released the transportation plan of our equity agenda to tackle this and so many other issues relating to inequality in access to high-quality and reliable transit. Check it out here!…
The 111 bus has the 3rd highest ridership of any line in the MBTA system, carrying nearly 12,000 riders per day. Of those riders, 63% are people of color, and 46% don’t have access to a drivers license. It travels 2.7 miles and can take up to 45 minutes.
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