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@jay4ma Jay is 100% correct about this avenue of revenue!
I *highly* recommend folks listen to @Gladwell 3 part podcast series on rich colleges. I was flabbergasted at the amount of money socked away. 1/
@jay4ma @Gladwell Please make sure to see Gladwell’s notes by scrolling down each podcast’s page. There are some links and some data that will knock you for a loop, one of which is this:…
2/ #mapoli
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UPDATE from @nathanpboston re: effort to get induction cooktops to those in the Merrimack Valley. The GoFundMe will be kept open as it's imperative that people have a way to take care of basic household tasks. 100% of the money is going to cooktops and shipping charges 1/
Nathan is also still looking for new or used pots and pans (with lids, hopefully) that can be used with the cooktops. You can test a pot by holding a magnet near the bottom. If the magnet sticks, it's good for induction! 2/ #mapoli…
From Nathan: "Hi all! We've blown past our $5k goal and are now at $6,158! [edit: now it's $6449!] Now our two biggest challenges: securing inventory, and connecting with households. As of today, 5 homes are able to cook that weren't" 3/ #mapoli…
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My friend Nathan Phillips and Gas Leaks Allies (a coalition of like-purposed environmental groups) have made a gofundme to buy induction cooktops to donate to residents. Residents have electricity, but no gas for the foreseeable future.…
This effort just started yesterday when Nathan bought all the induction cooktops at our local IKEA. They are actively trying to get GE and IKEA to donate. I trust him/Gas Leaks Allies 100%! Please consider donating, thank you!…
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I know it's late, and there are immediate needs families are dealing with, but coverage of the #AndoverMAFires #LawrenceFires is already atrocious, so I wanted to share a few general thoughts and observations, some of which may explain what you're about to see unfold. #mapoli
We're hearing about @ColumbiaGasMA over and over. And yes, they're the contractor. But let's remember that Columbia is a subsidiary of the much larger @NiSourceInc:… #mapoli #LawrenceFires #AndoverMAFires #Lawrence #Andover
In fact, here's a press release from 9.13.2018 about the work they're doing via Columbia in #Lawrence and #Andover (among other places). Link (and screenshot just in case).… "Enhanced safety features, Reliability of service for years to come..." #mapoli
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Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Ayanna Pressley have convincingly made the argument that in the Trump era, blue states need to go bigger and bolder when it comes to progressive policy-making—which makes it really weird that Charlie Baker is still so popular in Massachusetts. #mapoli
I would love to know what kind of logic allows someone in Massachusetts to simultaneously vote for Ayanna Pressley and Charlie Baker—for a woman whose campaign slogan is #changecantwait and a guy who chains progressive policy-making to the Trump/GOP agenda. I don't get it #mapoli
It's not like there's a shortage of qualified challengers to Charlie Baker. We've got Jay Gonzalez (@jay4ma) running on a progressive and ambitious platform that includes many of the same policies that Pressley and her colleagues have rightly championed. We have a choice. #mapoli
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Dear liberal America. There are a few things I'd like to say about Gov Charlie Baker, in light of his signing our state's first automatic voter registration bill today and being championed by national media. Am I happy he signed the bill? Yes. However, it's complicated... #mapoli
Over the last two years, Charlie Baker has been characterized as a "reasonable, moderate, bipartisan Republican" who often stands up to Trump. The adjectives are debatable. However, when it comes to the "standing up to Trump" part, nothing could be further from the truth #mapoli
When Trump accused Massachusetts of sending busloads of voters into New Hampshire during the election — when he accused our state of being complicit in an InfoWars-esque voter fraud conspiracy — Baker's response was, "I don't know much about what goes on in New Hampshire" #mapoli
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In @HealthyBoston briefing with @wutrain @CampbellforD4 @EdforBoston @LydiaMEdwards where updates are being provided about efforts to improve #trauma response and recovery models by the City working with CBOs, #healthcenters and #hospitals.
In my 8yrs on the Council, I have convened 7 hearings on #trauma, each with a different focus. Although more work remains, I am encouraged to hear that many of the recs offered up by impacted persons & communities at our hrgs & listening sessions were integrated into new system
Data collection of phase 1 implementation indicates that 75% of clients for #trauma response and recovery efforts were #Black #AfricanAmerican #Hispanic #Latino, AND 74% of clients reported chronic exposure to a single (11%) or multiple forms of #violence (63%)
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Okay, I just stuck the House foundation budget bill in my Dropbox here:…

thread following
#FBRC said in-district to 3.75% for regular; 4.75% for voke
House bill says in-district to 4%; 5% for voke

That's your sugar to help the medicine go down, because there is no other good news here.
Health insurance change DOES add retirees and ties to three years of GIC, so...sure.
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Too little has been done to help the thousands still suffering in Puerto Rico from the effects of Hurricane Maria. With 6,000 Puerto Ricans resettling in our state we must do more....…
...In 2005 and 2012, the Disaster Housing Assistance Program (DHAP) was activated to help pay for emergency housing, utilities, and relocation of victims of Hurricanes Katrina and Sandy. As your Congresswoman, I would seek to pass legislation mandating the activation of DHAP...
...for those affected by Hurricane Maria, and ensure that humanitarian disasters like the one in post-storm Puerto Rico are not repeated with future storms. We have a duty to help secure a stable future for our fellow Americans...
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While she’s Acting Governor, we wanted to remind you of the real @KarynPolito...

Before she and @CharlieBakerMA started pretending to be moderates, Polito voted four times for a constitutional amendment that would have defined marriage as between a man and a woman. #mapoli
When she was a state representative, @KarynPolito voted against the Transgender Civil Rights Bill. Now, with transgender rights on the ballot, we can’t expect her to defend and protect transgender Massachusetts residents. #mapoli
As state representative, @KarynPolito worked to restrict women's rights, including sponsoring “right to know" legislation that would have forced women to receive coercive and misguided information when considering an abortion. #mapoli
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Last year, I wrote this piece on Charlie Baker's popularity and the fact that Baker has quietly supported Trump's agenda on climate, taxes, and immigration. Now, he's poised to win re-election: even as MA Democrats rage about ICE and child prisons. #mapoli…
Charlie Baker's popularity among Democrats in Massachusetts is a mass scale act of cognitive dissonance. There are too many people here who decry the destruction of local immigrant families one day and celebrate Baker as a "reasonable, bipartisan moderate" the next day. #mapoli
The reality is that Baker has done nearly nothing to protect immigrant communities from ICE and he STILL hasn't supported the #SafeCommunitiesAct, which would improve ties between those communities and local law enforcement. In this way, Baker has helped Donald Trump. #mapoli
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Yesterday #ICE physically restrained my client just outside the #EastBoston District Court clerk's office immediately after he made bail. The chief of probation said it was the first time in 40 yrs immigration authorities had actually entered the courthouse.
2/ He is 21 years old. No crim record. 1 month away from a greencard. Facing serious harm if deported.

We had done everything possible to keep him from #ICE, but even the #Boston #TrustAct could not protect him.

This is a problem.

@LydiaMEdwards @marty_walsh @adrianmadaro
3/ Even when they are on a state-issued GPS bracelet, ICE officers will cut the bracelet off and toss it back onto a probation officer's desk. Even so, probation told me that they are officially "neutral" on #ICE actions. I tried to explain that there is no "neutral" here.
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Despite this, we have left untouched residential segregation. #ColorOfLawBos
We haven’t tried and failed, says Rothstein. We just haven’t tried. #ColorOfLawBos
We justify it by making an excuse: residential segregation is different. Other segregation was because of laws. This, so goes the argument, just happened. #ColorOfLawBos
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1/many Going to start a "MA court fails" mega thread.
Just to illustrate how our courts are not doing their job - meanwhile our legislature pushes for ERPO - "Red Flag" bills to force ppl who have committed no crime before same courts. #MALeg #MAPoli should be ashamed.
2. lets take a look at what's going on in just one court - what our judges are doing.
These are all copied directly from court records, just one day.
3. Heroin dealer with gun gets two one year sentences: James Cunningham, 54, of 26 Blackstone River Road, Worcester, was sentenced to two concurrent terms of 1 year in the House of Correction after pleading guilty to distribution of a class B substance, amended from trafficking
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#ZoningReform for #VilleMA hearing called to order! Let’s #legalize3deckers! #MApoli
Full house here tonight. Lots of folks signed up to speak. #ZoningReform #VilleMA #MApoli
Former alderman Maryann Heuston up first! Speaking about Beacon & Washington intersection: thinks NR is insufficient! Should be zoned for greater density. Amen! #ZoningReform #VilleMA #legalize3deckers #MApoli
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.@CommonWealthMag Why no mention of the @massforenergy group being a front for gas interests? >

It's more obvious that #MACP gas push is 100% for 💰💰 👉chaired by Jim Judge, Pres/CEO of Eversource.

#mapoli @jonchesto @reillyadam…
.@MassGovernor, when do constituents get such access to you, @SpeakerDeLeo, & @Sen_Chandler?
The letter was dated March 12, but not released publicly until Tuesday because officials with the partnership first wanted to reach out personally to [Baker, DeLeo, Chandler.]
I read @jonchesto's business newsletter last night that outlined the whole mess, meant to follow up then forgot🤦‍♀️Jon lays ALL the laundry out. @CommonWealthMag didn't.

Scroll down to Talking Points/sign up:

#mapoli CC: @bobmass @settiwarren @jay4ma
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1/ Once again the @BostonGlobe has oversimplified the debate of building pipelines to bring #natgas into NE, and it has resorted to ad hominem attacks on opponents: their politics are “faddish,” their motive a doctrinaire sense of “moral purity.” #mapoli
2/ According to the Globe, opponents’ “abstinence-only ideology” is a lesson in the law of unintended consequences: insufficient pipeline capacity means LNG must be imported from abroad, or now be delivered perhaps by dangerous rail shipments, . . .
3/ and it means that coal & oil—fuels dirtier than gas—must be burned when gas supplies are constrained on cold winter days. (More on LNG, coal, & oil in a moment.) So, to sum up, the Globe’s position is “pipelines *good*; LNG, oil, coal, & sanctimony *bad*.”
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