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15 YRS HERE, MANY FRIENDS MADE 😢💝 @grumpygrumpyowl on T-HREADS, @grumpygrumpyowl@better.boston on M-astodon, tho z-uck'll integrate w/ M-astodon? XO, babies
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@wgbhnews What a fantastic podcast, & not b/c I was mentioned, I swear. Honest look at @CharlieBakerMA's record on certain things... the part I'm interested in is his handling of state responsibility re: compressor permitting, AND... 1/ @wgbhnews @CharlieBakerMA ... @CharlieBakerMA ignoring a "model protester" for 82 days as I waited for him to take action re: compressor on state level. I sat in his office as he'd ignored Weymouth for 2 yrs running up to my action. TWO YEARS. Blog for my action is here: sitwithandrea.wordpress.com 2/
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@jay4ma Jay is 100% correct about this avenue of revenue!
I *highly* recommend folks listen to @Gladwell 3 part podcast series on rich colleges. I was flabbergasted at the amount of money socked away. 1/ @jay4ma @Gladwell Please make sure to see Gladwell’s notes by scrolling down each podcast’s page. There are some links and some data that will knock you for a loop, one of which is this: nces.ed.gov/fastfacts/disp…
2/ #mapoli
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UPDATE from @nathanpboston re: effort to get induction cooktops to those in the Merrimack Valley. The GoFundMe will be kept open as it's imperative that people have a way to take care of basic household tasks. 100% of the money is going to cooktops and shipping charges 1/
#mapoli Nathan is also still looking for new or used pots and pans (with lids, hopefully) that can be used with the cooktops. You can test a pot by holding a magnet near the bottom. If the magnet sticks, it's good for induction! 2/ #mapoli
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@PaulaEbbenWBZ @LiamWBZ @jonchesto @davabel @gintautasd @shiraschoenberg @katielannan @clemoult @craigaltemose @reillyadam @bluemassgroup @Spacekatgal @WendyWendy48 @Curt_Nordgaard @LarryChretien @BenjaminDowning @JamieEldridgeMA @FRRACS_MA @jay4ma @kevintready #mapoli My friend Nathan Phillips and Gas Leaks Allies (a coalition of like-purposed environmental groups) have made a gofundme to buy induction cooktops to donate to residents. Residents have electricity, but no gas for the foreseeable future.

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.@CommonWealthMag Why no mention of the @massforenergy group being a front for gas interests? > bit.ly/2DKqqxt

It's more obvious that #MACP gas push is 100% for 💰💰 👉chaired by Jim Judge, Pres/CEO of Eversource.

#mapoli @jonchesto @reillyadam
commonwealthmagazine.org/energy/states-… .@MassGovernor, when do constituents get such access to you, @SpeakerDeLeo, & @Sen_Chandler?
The letter was dated March 12, but not released publicly until Tuesday because officials with the partnership first wanted to reach out personally to [Baker, DeLeo, Chandler.]