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43% of American households cannot afford basics like food and rent.

Trump’s presidency is defined by corporations and wealthy individuals who spend relatively little to get billion dollar tax breaks at the expense of working American people.

It’s kleptocracy in action. “That’s some ROI” indeed:
Policy is MOST responsible for inequality. Trickle down is a myth.

“Incomes grew by 600% for the top 0.001% of Americans since 1980… Bottom half of the population was actually shut off from economic growth with close to zero rise in their yearly income.”
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This link contains a complex but important, scathing dismantling of the core of the #GOPTaxBill by NYU Taxation Law Professor @DanielShaviro - how it made our tax system “less efficient, less fair and more complex.” —>…
Here’s where he reminds us how certain Senators seemed to suddenly back the #GOPTaxBill when provisions that helped them personally were added. #CorkerKickback
Here’s where he points out that certain “business owners” in “favored sectors” will enjoy lower tax rates than their own employees.
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Before I go, let me talk a little bit about campaigning into red states.
I am not a Berniecrat. I'm not sure what they say, because mostly I ignore them.
Please read my words before you decide what I'm saying. 1/X
2. I live in rural NW Missouri. We're a red state. Back before political parties got color coded we were, for most of my life, a Democratic state.
3. We didn't become a Republican State in 1966 after LBJ signed the Civil Rights laws and famously said, "I've lost the South for a generation." We stayed blue for at least 15 or 20 years after that.
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Listen up dummies!
1/ Here’s the scoop on what they hell is going on with #GOPTaxScam.
A couple days ago, the conference committee (Senate and House conferees) for #TaxCutsandJobsAct (barf) or #HR1 voted to move the bill to the House for a vote.
2/ This morning the House voted (227-203) to pass and it moved to the Senate.
(Ok, we knew that would happen, the House if fucking crazy and no one really understands them.)
3/ The Senate is slightly less batshit crazy and is where the real shit happens.
Sooooo…this afternoon, because the GOP is RUSHING to get this passed AND the Senate votes on EVERYTHING; a Motion to Proceed (MTP) on #HR1 passed (51-48 McCain absent).
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Remember when then Senator Ben Nelson got $100M in Medicaid funding for Nebraska in exchange for his ACA vote? And the GOP went nuts?
“Republicans also slammed the Nebraska deal, saying it was an example of Reid's secretive, backroom negotiation style that violated President Obama's call for transparency during the healthcare debate.”
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Good morning! In case you spent the weekend checked out of #GOPTaxScam news, here’s an update. TL; DR: we can STILL win. The #CorkerKickback is a thing. Corker, Collins, and Flake are key. 1/
#CorkerKickback: turns out a new loophole was added for pass-through income *during the conference committee.* It specifically benefits real estate LLCs, and would personally enrich Bob Corker and Donald Trump.… 2/
Remember, @SenBobCorker said after conference he’ll flip his vote from no to yes. What does he say about #CorkerKickback? Only read “like a 2-page summary,” not the bill, so he didn’t know about it. But Cornyn said it was added to cobble together votes.… 3/
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The story of the day is the exposure of the #corkerkickback.

There’s a backstory being pieced together. Follow if interested. 1/
Senator Cornyn said the last minute change to create a #corkerkickback was added to “cobble together” the votes to pass the legislation.👇

What did he mean? 2/

The GOP in the Senate supposedly already had 51 votes without Corker’s vote. Yet at the end they increased his net worth by, call it, $14 million* with the #corkerkickback.

Kickback’s used to bring prom to a state. This one brings it to his bank account. 3/

*$7M x 20% x 10 yrs
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