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Sovereign Society fed clients to Panama Papers law firm
#GoodJournalism by @mcclatchyDC's @KevinGHall from June 2016.
I'm gonna add some background info on Robert Bauman of the Sovereign Society, because it's important.…
Bauman is an advocate for offshoring money to avoid taxes.
Tax avoidance is why our infrastructure is crumbling. Tax avoidance is a form of greed. Tax avoidance is unpatriotic. Tax avoidance is what's gonna get alllllllll the bad guys. #FATCAgonnagetcha
Bauman's wife Carol Dawson (their marriage was annulled in 1983), and he were deeply involved with Young Americans for Freedom, aka YAF, and the American Conservatives Union, aka ACU.…
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The @NewYorker has lost all credibility with me.
Here's them trust washing RUSSIAN MOBSTER Felix Sater.
Felix Sater MAGICALLY had Osama Bin Laden's contact info.
Here's the @NewYorker trust washing Steve "I'm a Leninist" Bannon. I'm not linking to any of these stories because they all have their own fucked up spin.
@LincolnsBible, as usual, called this correctly.
Steve "I worked hard to suppress votes and I want to burn down everything" Bannon. This is who he is:
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Let's just bring us up to date on @StormyDaniels and the #TrumpClownShow

Linting -…
1/ Trump doesn't sue.......because he's afraid IMO of discovery

President Trump has agreed to give up his right to pursue millions of dollars in damages against Stormy Daniels in a move to kill litigation over an illegal payoff to the adult-film star.
2/ Huge reversal for #TrumpClown

His legal team sought earlier to pull Daniels into an arbitration that could have forced her to pay the president more than $20 million
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So this was super fun.
Because 220 months is over 18 YEARS IN PRISON.
A consultant who helped him got 6 years in prison:…
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Executive Wallce Tang and Three Corporations Plead Guilty to Defrauding NASA, National Science Foundation, and Energy Department…
“Since its inception, the space program has been a symbol of🇺🇸hope & progress. When these defendants defrauded NASA & other gov't depts committed to the advancement of scientific knowledge, they weren't only ripping off the🇺🇸taxpayer, they were stealing a part of our future.”
Pretty sure this is them:
Blue Sky Engineering…
Black Hills Nanosystems
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This article is the epitome of #GoodJournalism.
How Cambridge Analytica fueled a shady global passport bonanza
@annmarlowe is a MUST-READ journalist and a MUST-FOLLOW on Twitter.…
Ann exposes Dominica's passports-for-sale scheme, which is notable, given the history of an attempted neonazi MOB COUP there:
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Last thing I'm going to say on this:
Consider that by pointing this out, we are holding MSM press to their own standards. Which is so critical in helping to shore up our free press, which is under a direct assault by a hostile foreign state & the White House.
Here's why... /1
2/ There are time/date stamps on what we put out. This is easily discovered via basic Twitter searches. To everyone. And we have considerable followings now. So, folks know - or can easily discover - where & when certain stories first broke. It looks REALLY BAD at this point...
3/ To NOT give credit - or at least acknowledge that there was prior information "out there" in the public domain. Good Lord.
No one who has been committing the time/energy to research, analyze, & then publicly share findings is doing it 4 fame (well, ok. maybe @ScottMStedman).
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‘Winter is coming’: Allies fear Trump isn’t prepared for gathering legal storm

Bruce Ohr Fought ROC. Now He’s a Target of Trump, @GOP & RW media

Kasich & Christie invested $625M in state pensin funds in a HF that controls NatEnq parent & buried neg stories re 45

Don McGahn's coming WH exit.
📌McGahn will not aid Trump in an attempt to pardon Manafort.

The WH ethics lawyer, Stefan Passantino, leaves the post tomorrow

Estonian journos/ inv’rs probe details of an effort by the Kremlin to conduct info warfare across EU

US Probing if Malaysian Fugitive Laundered Funds to Pay Christie & Trump Lawyer

Jho Low under investigation for alleged embezzlement of $4.5B from 1MDB fund

Ming: “trump dislike rats, flippers, US allies, USIC, FBI & patriots but admire mobsters and putin.”
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CEO and CFO of Utah Biodiesel Company and California Businessman Charged in $500 Million Fuel Tax Credit Scheme
Jacob Kingston
Isaiah Kingston
Washakie Renewable Energy
cc: @peaceful_411…
Washakie Renewable Energy (WRE).
NOIL Energy.
SBK Holdings.
September 9, 2016.
cc: @thespybrief @gametheorytoday @JamesFourM @911CORLEBRA777 @LincolnsBible
Mueller "has subpoenaed an associate of Gen. Michael Flynn’s Turkish lobbying client. The subpoena...ordered Sezgin Baran Korkmaz to testify before a grand jury Sept. 22 2017" @ProPublica #GoodJournalism…
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How many deaths are on Giuliani's hands from this alone?
"US Gov secured a criminal conviction vs Purdue Pharma in the mid-2000s but failed to curb sales of the drug after Giuliani reached deal to avoid a bar on Purdue doing business"
I implore everyone to read this report by the State of NJ from 2013:
A Report on the SCI’s Investigation of Prescription Pill and Heroin Abuse
And note the table of contents.
"The Russian Connection"
"Mafia Rx"…
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dear friends:
this week proves we have not seen the end of JUSTICEPALOOZA for the people who caused the housing crisis. 1/?
2/? JUSTICEPALOOZA for the people who CAUSED THE HOUSING CRISIS continues:
3/? JUSTICEPALOOZA for the people who CAUSED THE HOUSING CRISIS continues:
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With news that Mueller team referred Tony Podesta & Vin Weber FARA stuff to SDNY, may I remind you:
APRIL 2017: Podesta Group files new disclosures in Manafort-linked Ukraine lobbying
European Centre for a Modern Ukraine…
European Centre for a Modern Ukraine is mentioned in Paul Manafort's #TooLateFARA for Ukraine Party of Regions from June 2017.…
And Podesta Group & Mercury Public Affairs both filed as reps for European Centre for a Modern Ukraine in April 2017 #TooLateFARA
European Centre for a Modern Ukraine #TooLateFARA
Podesta Group FARA…
Mercury Public Affairs FARA…
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Know what I can’t wait for!? All the FARA filings that will inevitably happen as Philippine govt officials realize they can get indicted by the US for their PDAF corruption. 😈😈😈 #iloveFARA
Speeeaaaking of Philippines corruption and FARAs, ‘member this lil gem? June 2016 TRULY FANTASTIC #GoodJournalism by @kenvogel…
Methinks yesterday’s indictment of 6 Filipinos for PDAF corruption opens the door to JUSTICE for quite a lot of fuckery.
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Since @counterchekist announced FEATHERS21 cleared for takeoff, I decided to dig back through some old FEATHERS bulletins to see what I missed.
We all know...there's an Alpha. Sometimes, there's an Omega too. Let's go deeper into Feathers14 aka IVANKA COUNTERINTEL INVESTIGATION
First of all, hey @CNN: 🎶what a difference 367 days make, and the difference is....stark!🎶

why no linky from your 3/2/18 article to your 2/28/17 article, @CNN?
I mentioned an Omega, yes?
"The elder Tiah was implicated in a crackdown on corporate crime in Malaysia. In 2002, Tony Tiah was convicted of giving false information to the Kuala Lumpur Stock Exchange in a case related to stock brokerage Omega Holdings."…
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Ohio legislator Wes Goodman led secret gay life, made unwelcome advances to younger men, people who knew him say
Roy Cohn fucked younger men, using himself as kompromat bait. Once he fucked 'em (with video proof), he owned 'em. Then, he used em.
I *speculate* that Roger Stone was one of Roy Cohn's first, and definitely his most successful recruits.
Roger Stone would then go on to be involved with the College Republicans.
Read this #GoodJournalism from @FranklinFoer from 2005:…
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Former NBA Player Kermit Alan Washington Sentenced for False Tax Returns, Identity Theft Related to Charity Fraud Scheme…
Identity Theft
Note who helped with the investigation: ICE. Because THAT's their job. Ripping families apart is what tRUmp makes them do-not what they as an entity are supposed to do.
"separate but related cases"
6/19/15: Three Men Charged in Multi-Million Dollar Software Piracy Scheme
Reza Davachi
Casey Lee Ross
Matthew Lockwood…
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FYI KBR used to be a subsidiary of Halliburton.
And it does a ton of work for the US military.
AND they cheated the US out of a ton of money by employing their employees via shell co's in tax havens.
Nice work if you can get it- profiting off military contracts while not contributing to Medicare or Social Security. Paul Ryan's wet dream!…
That right there is some fantastically awesome #GoodJournalism by @fstockman from 2008.
Shame on you, KBR Inc.
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Maryland Men Indicted on Charges Relating to Dark Web Drug Distribution and Money Laudering; Government Seized more than $22 Million in Assets
“Operation Dark Gold”…
“The superseding indictment was returned on February 22, 2018, and unsealed on June 22, 2018.”…
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🌿Wednesday Eve🌿

Mueller has Paulie Walnuts by the you know whats. Will he flip?

ORLY? Putin & Trump chat regularly via Trumps unsecured phone. #SS7🤗

FB gave data access to Chinese Co’s under CI invest’n

Germany wants US Amb expelled.

G7 throws shade on Trump re now G6 + 1
🌿Wednesday Eve2🌿

‘It Was A Mistake, I Swear To God!🙄Says Giuliani as he admits Trump dictated Don Jr. Stmt re ‘Adoption mtg’

Macron to Bibi: Jerusalem embassy move led to death & not peace.

The US has not ratified the U.N. Conv’n on the Rights of the Child—the only nation.
🌿Wednesday Eve3🌿

Former European leaders under Mueller’s scrutiny for lobby work they did for Manafort.

Mueller is scrutinizing Trump’s ties to Israel

McCabe requested immunity for testimony.

Lieu & Rice petition for ethics investigation of Trump’s lawyer Jay Sekulow.
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Read this thread in light of the revelations of biased article placement FOR LOBBYING PURPOSES in @thehill by Paul Manafort and friends.
Then read this:
Now, read this fantastic journalism:
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🇺🇸Memorial Day🇺🇸

Clapper: Russia swung election for Trump

Netanyahu indictment imminent in Luxury Gifts Case

Lordy there are tapes of DonJr & NRA’s sugar daddy Torchin chatting.

Did Jr do side deals too? Naughty, naughty!

Projection is Trump’s guilty tell.
🇺🇸Did Trump hire Black Cube operatives to spy on the DNC/HRC’s campaign like he did to the Obama officials?

DHS lost track of nearly 1,500 unaccompanied migrant children placed with sponsors.

Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country. JFK
🇺🇸Memorial Day3🇺🇸

Please join me in remembering all the brave service men & women who paid the ultimate price for our freedoms.

🇺🇸We must not fail their sacrifice.

We must stand united & fight to preserve & protect our great Republic from all enemies foreign & domestic.
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❤️Panic Tweets❤️

Y’all know what that means!🤗

Investigators 👀 the Cohen treasures💣

Ghouliani #DesperateMeasures

Brazil arrests 100s in crackdown on child porn.

Nunes & Trump nakedly corrupt re source burned

Clovis (PapaD’s boss) flipped?

TeamTrump assault on R of L
Criminal investigators are getting their first look at materials gathered from raids on Cohen’s home & office as a process to separate items subject to attorney-client privilege appears to be meeting a judge’s demand that it occur speedily & efficiently.…
Employees at a branch of one of China’s largest state-owned banks have attempted to sell what they claimed were $150,000 tickets to dine with Trump at a fundraiser in Dallas, prompting Republican campaign officials to notify the Justice Department.…
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Outs Cohen as mtg w/ Qatari Ahmed Al-Rumaihi (AAR) on 12/12/18 at TT.

AAR accused of bribery re case filed by Ice Cube & bragged he bribed Flynn in stmt.

AAR runs Qatar’s SW fund, which is the biggest SH in ROSNEF🔥

Trump = 19% share in sale of R if 🚫sanctions
💣B O O M! 💣



Qatari Investor Ahmed Al-Rumaihi Accused in BriberyPlot Appears With Michael Cohen in Picture Posted by Stormy Daniel’s Lawyer…
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