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Read the story of the of 8-month-old Layla Ghandour, who died after breathing Israeli tear gas when her grandmother was holding her in the #GreatReturnMarch protest camp, 100s of meters away from the #GazaFence. By @declanwalsh
And if you want to see how does it look like when the new Israeli tear gas drones attack the #GreatReturnMarch protest camps, where families stay 100s of meters away from the #GazaFence, here is an example
@IDFSpokesperson admitted: #GreatReturnMarch is Palestinian PR success. But soldiers killed 100 protesters & nothing changed in Gaza.
Israel says Hamas doesn't want war.
Yesterday there were no protests
but more shots were fired at Israel than since the protests begun.
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A funeral is taking place for an 8-month-old Palestinian baby who died after Israel fired tear gas into Gaza.
It’s a national day of mourning across the occupied West Bank.

Israeli soldiers killed at least 60 Palestinians, including an 8-month-old baby, during protests yesterday.
This is a list of the names of people killed by Israeli forces on Monday, according to @MiddleEastEye.
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Thanks to Trump's embassy move, #Nakba70 protests start a day early. Israeli army expects West Bank protests & 100,000 demonstrators in #Gaza, is preparing to use lethal force against them & again threatens to air bomb Gaza. 49 Palestinians killed & 9,545 wounded so far in Gaza
Here is a short #thread about the #Nakba
And here is my #thread about developments related to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict from yesterday
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Today is the 7th Friday of the #GreatReturnMarch & the last 1 before #Nakba70 day. Last week was the 1st time Friday's protests w no deaths.
According to @ochaopt, 50 people died since March 30, 40 of them during the protests.
Not a single Israeli was hurt & not 1 rocket launched
Here is my #thread from yesterday about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict & the state of the "only democracy in the Middle East"
And here is my #thread about what happened last Friday
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Update: we are now in the same club as North Korea, Sudan & Iran
Clarification: the recommendation to deport @OmarSShakir was made by the liar-minister @giladerdan1, who is responsible for fighting *against* #BDS. I guess it was too complicated for him so now he's working to help #BDS
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Today is the 6th Friday of the #GreatReturnMarch. Last Friday there was a more organized attempt to reach the #GazaFence & Israeli army promised to respond harsher. Israel also declared human rights laws do not apply to the protesters. 48 killed & ~7,000 wounded so far in Gaza
Meanwhile, Giro d'Italia 2018, the biggest sporting event in Israeli history, begins today (& Israelis bitch about the traffic)…
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Israel says its snipers only target "instigators" & "terrorists".

These are the nine Palestinians killed by Israeli forces in Gaza yesterday.

Eight protesters and one journalist. Two children among them.

These are their names.


Osama Qdeih, 38

Shot & killed by Israeli forces while protesting in the occupied Gaza Strip.
Majdi Ramadan Shbat, 38

Shot & killed by Israeli forces while protesting in the occupied Gaza Strip.
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As Israeli forces gun down Palestinian #GreatReturnMarch demonstrators in occupied Gaza, don't forget that today, 30 March, is #LandDay.

This is an annual event that the Israeli gov't & its apologists dearly hope you won't notice, or read up on.

So let me explain its origins.
After the State of Israel was established - & some 700-800,000 Palestinians expelled - approx. 95% of new Jewish communities built between 1948-1953 were established on the land of the denationalised Palestinian refugees. But the land colonisation process didn't end there...
The Palestinians who remained, & who became second-class Israeli citizens, were under a military regime until 1966. Military rule, plus Knesset legislation, enabled large-scale land expropriation to take place. Land was taken from Palestinians, to be used by Jewish Israelis.
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The #GreatReturnMarch highlights a number of critical issues - like the Israeli blockade of Gaza.

But, as the name suggests, it is mainly about Israel's ongoing refusal to allow Palestinian refugees to return home.

And here's something a lot of people forget, or don't realise.
Of the approximately 5.8 million UN-registered Palestinian refugees, just over 40 percent – two in five – actually live under direct Israeli (military) rule in the occupied West Bank and Gaza Strip.
These Palestinian refugees, therefore, are present within today’s single apartheid state reality, but alienated from their lands and properties by Israeli law and by force.
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