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💥Art in Embassies Program Gave Podestas, Jeff Koons, Rockefellers, Clintons, Marina Abramovic, Rothschilds even James Alefantis Comet Ping Pong owner access to a private shipping channel that could bypass airport security; Sourced #Pedogate This is Big❗…
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Sick of the censorship...thought I got out of it but I was wrong. #Minnesota #DeepStateCabal destroys me financially & my health by depriving me food & medicine, then keeps me from getting help! This is UR #MNDFL culto-o-pedovores #MN2018 voters! #PedoGate
Start making arrests in Minnesota @jeffsessions @TheJusticeDept & end this sh!t show they've made of my life #Minnesota #ChildTrafficking by those in positions of power & high ranking #Freemasons that trafficked & killed my daughter & granddaughter! Salty pieces of predator sh!t!
@jeffsessions @TheJusticeDept Those that are allowing this retaliation to commence & furthering the capital criminals opportunity to continue to victimize me by these schemes & artifices in light of their more serious capital crimes commissioned against my family & me, are accessories as far as I'm concerned!
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🚨Looks like @mnhttf Minnesota #HumanTrafficking Task Force has disbanned😏based on their last quarterly meeting🙄Take a look at their Steering Committee Orgs including @The_Advocates @WilderFdtn & MN Office of Justice pgms front orgs I've exposed👊…👇🤔
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I don't know if you remember @GovMarkDayton but I arranged 4 my dad 2 attend a luncheon in Virginia w/you, Al Franken,& James Oberstar. U shook his hand & sent a personal note with him 4 me. He was so proud when he returned home, big smile on his face when he handed the note 2 me
@GovMarkDayton How can you allow what they're doing to me? ...and you know who they are. I'll see if I can find the RSVP email or private note on a yellow sticky in your hand writing. Because of my dad being Democrat all his life, I had to #WalkAway after the 2012 election. In utter disgust
@GovMarkDayton upon discovering the truth.
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Here's your main hierarchy (in part) of the #Minnesota faction #Elite #ChildTrafficking #PedophileRing and how they tie to the #IronRange #Hibbing #Chisholm Kkklan exclusively involved in crimes against my family and me! #MNDFL #MNGOP #MN2018
@MNJeffJohnson @KarinHousley @JimHagedornMN @RepJasonLewis @RepErikPaulsen @jen4congress @tomemmer @DHughesCongress @PeteStauber @NewbergerJim @doug_wardlow @PamforAuditor @HoweforSOS .@GregTRyan4US because this crime syndicate is tied to those currently under fed investigation or referred for prosecution & I am a victim of heinous retaliation, wanton disregard for life, human rights deprivations, currently deprived my right to travel, my right to own property
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7 days no food. Last night I had ketchup soup. No food for my animals. My situation by criminal design, artifice & honest service fraud 4 exposing Minnesota Child Trafficking & Its many county & state facilitators. My fundraisers are rigged to not be seen, & I'm disabled & SOL!
...and audio from yesterday's conversations in my pursuit to get simple answers so I could have taken a cab today are gonna help prove It! #Whistleblower #ExtrajudicialPunishment

I upload just completed. Few more to go.
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@threadreaderapp @nikkihaley this is NOT the 1st time these DOMESTIC TERRORISTS have by criminal design held me hostage without food, and or heat in 40 below zero temperatures! This is torture in TRUMPS GREAT AGAIN AMERICA AND I A 54 YR OLD DISABLED FEMALE WHO WAS DOING JUST FINE UNTIL THIS
@threadreaderapp @nikkihaley NOW, I'LL DIE HERE FROM STARVATION!!!
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Palestinian Congressional Candidate ASSAULTS Jewish Journalist at Political Event… via @BigLeaguePol
@bigleaguepol It's not allegedly marrying her brother @bigleaguepol There's a public record of the default divorce and other 411 that strongly suggests #MNDFL candidate Ilhan Omar lied under oath claiming no knowlege of hubby-brothers whereabouts in order to get it!
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Norman says his time at AG Lori Swanson's office weighed heavily on his conscience, he was fearful thay in any case, his name would be exposed by reporters or investigators, at which point Swanson’s allies might attempt to pin all the wrongdoing on him.
Please note that Minnesota Ag Lori Swanson has had #MNDFL endorsement & support since 2006. She doesn't this yr. 1 must ask, what do they know of her dirty deeds also? FYI, she🎯s the civilian populace in the same if not more ferocious manner due to slim to 0 chance of publicity
like she's getting now from former employee's! 👊#GrazziniRucki & myself are 2 female's she's had in her crosshairs & intentionally harmed. There's others too, hopin' they'll pipe in on this feed😁 Coincidently most are women & all are le harassment & govt abuse vics also🤔
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Are you ever going to acknowlege this monstrosity of a satanic cult, that is the #MinnesotaMasons controling #Minnesota, & trafficking & killing kids & civilians, via public services & healthcare, including the #MNDFL who are the #Masons party, @realDonaldTrump? #Freemasons
You don't know what being a #deepstate victim is😠…👈 why not ask a couple of the families who sought me out for help. I know I've sent their names to you!
As long as the #Minnesota faction is NOT being addressed (& it IS MORE DANGEROUS than #DC by far) the swamp is NOT being drained! #Minnesota IS A MAIN OUTLET! DRAIN THE FUCKING SWAMP TRUMP! 👌START HERE! ALL BLUE AREAS TRAFFICKING IN HUMANS & KIDS, SATANIC RITUAL KILLINGS, ETC!👇
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#Minnesota #Cps #ChildTrafficking in #collusion w/state & co offices under the guise of human service/public aid ties 2 the grander #Elite #Pedophile Intl terror ntwk aided by #MasonicCharities #Freemasons #MinnesotaDFL #MNDFL #DFL #MN2018 #WalkAway…
Those responsibe 4 my "extreme poverty" have ties 2 those I've exposed as #Minnesota #humantraffickers/#childtraffickers. Those I'm appealing this @SocialSecurity decline 2 continue benefits after 15 yrs (age 54) are 1 & the same! #DeepState #Retaliation
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U freakmasons in govt positions better get those 12 yr old debts removed from my credit report Rockefeller, Clark's! Fair Credit Reporting Act violation & more honest service fraud & prohibited personell practices by those in positions of power w/their brown noses up Jerry's ass!
.@FTC @TheJusticeDept @jeffsessions @realDonaldTrump
@Equifax @Experian @TransUnion and no don't direct me to your fraud procedure. This is the enemy combatant bad actors in fed govt positions perpin' the #Fraud and the reporting bureau's allowing it to keep me impoverished!
#Minnesota faction ties to the grander International Terrorist Network #HumanTrafficking #ChildTrafficking syndicate
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Tina Smith wants to vote on SCOTUS nom after Minnesota DFL #DeepStateCabal has had yet another opportunity to commission voter fraud with their illegal alien infiltrators, the same btw, who have bilked the taxpayers out of millions of dollars in welfare sent to Somalia terrorists
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