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This is time of year when most new PhD students embark on their journey into academia and #PhDlife. I’m three-years into mine (eight-months left 😐), and here are ten things I wish I’d known before I started. (Disclaimer: this advice is dubious at best!) (1/12)
1. It’s okay not to know what the heck you’re doing when you first start. It took me a good six-twelve months to properly get my head around exactly what my project would involve. There will be lots of reading, and that’s okay. Your project will probably change a lot, too. (2/12)
2. Every PhD is very different, so don’t judge your progress by the amount of progress your peers are making. It’s okay to be aware of what other people are doing and take cues, but keep your eye on your own ball. (3/12)
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No, nuking Japan was neither necessary nor sufficient to end WWII in the pacific (unless you’re from the US in which case THIS IS AN ARTICLE OF FAITH).

Allow me to suggest some readings that I have compiled FOR JUST THIS OCCASION: A Thread!



1st up:

@WardHayesWilson's incisive foreign policy piece:
Wilson, Ward. “The Bomb Didn’t Beat Japan...Stalin Did.” 2013.…

I appreciate that Ward's work asks reader to consider atomic bombings in relation to a summer of city bombings/destruction.

2nd up: Kirby's Five Volume Official UK History of World War II. Pape (1993: 157) was kind enough to highlight one of the more relevant portions from Volume Five (1969) about the Japanese Surrender for us:

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The B52-B at nuclear museum never went to SAC- it went straight into nuclear weapons test program, hence the insignia WHICH I FINALLY GOT PICS OF.

This B52 dropped Redwing Cherokee test device, 3.8MT first airdropped US dry thermonuclear weapon design.

Repost but new pic and I love it.

Civil Defense sanitation bucket!

Fifty people, two weeks!

Gilbert Atomic Energy Lab including some contents.…
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On this date 1946, US detonated at Bilini Atoll, Shot Baker in Operations Crossroads.

1st underwater (90ft) nuclear detonation; had flotilla of naval ships; & involved non-consensual “relocating” of Marshallese.

I will be tweeting about Baker throughout day.



Any discussion of Crossroads nuclear tests has to start with US nuclear colonialism.

The US coerced the Marshallese to leave their homes and then we nuked them 67 times with 108 megatons.…

Operation Crossroads (1946) was a Post WWII test/demo of Fat Man devices against naval targets (inter-service rivalry, what?).

Also allowed for further characterization of detonation effects & to posture for world.

Shot Able, 20kt, airdropped June 30, 1946
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It's #MentalHealthAwarenessWeek so I thought I'd lay out some personal truths based on my experience of nearly a decade as a PhD student, part-time worker, and academic early career researcher (ECR). Let's talk stress, anxiety and depression. #phdchat #ecrchat #phdlife (thread)
First off the disclaimer: I'm playing life on its easy setting, I'm white, male, a British citizen, cisgendered, roughly middle class. I make no claims to authority on the topics I'm about the talk about, nor that my experiences are exceptional. I am privileged in many ways.
(second disclaimer: I haven't really given this much thought beyond the decision to do it, so there's no guarantee anything here is going to be worth reading, but I think - I hope - it might be useful for someone to get a sense of "it's not just me", which might help)
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I thanked my favourite band in my PhD dissertation acknowledgements. Who, or what, did you thank that is perhaps surprising? #phdlife #phdchat
What a fun thread this is!
This thread! ❤❤❤❤❤
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I'm somewhat well-known for the #organization system I use to coordinate all of the various projects I'm working on. Here, I present a "how to" and provide a link to a template for anyone who would like to use the system! 1/n #phdlife
With just a glance, I can see the status of each manuscript I am working on and what I need to do to push each along. The spreadsheet is broken down into the main steps in writing and submitting a manuscript / grant application 2/n
The spreadsheet is color-coded. Green are steps that are done. Yellow are steps I am responsible for. Purple are steps others are responsible for. Blue are projects are for manuscripts that are submitted. 3/n
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Academic Twitter friends: can you provide a tweet worth of advice to PhD students? Things you wish you knew when you were in the midst of your own PhD? Things you wish you told yourself?

Should I attempt to do a thematic analysis of the 600+ replies and create a summary?

What originally made me send out this tweet was an email with advice for grad students from a prof in my department, Dr. Derek Besner (…).

He's since given permission for it to be put online. Helpful advice for psych grad students:…
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Jesus fucking christ, we are all going go die.
This is just fucking unbelievable.

POTUS having a nuclear dick-measuring contest with Kim Jong Un on Twitter.


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