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I really find it funny, also very depressing, but at least mostly funny that the generation before the millennials is the more sensitive #snowflake group.

I've never seen a bigger group struggle with taking criticism while proclaiming ignorance at the same time.

Take @JennaFryer for example. The lady who can lick other drivers faces without consent, but it's ok becase she's a #wild #bossbabe or whatever the fuck her gimmick is. I really don't know.

Today she posted an objectively bad article regarding the Indy Pocono crash.
It was titled something like "racing will never be 100% safe." The title alone implies that there's nothing we can do about yesterday's crash and whatever injuries he has for the rest of his life is his his problem for participating.
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Trump: Day 528
-Stopped Providing # of Minors Held
-Interviewed (4) Supreme Court Picks
-Uses W.H. Account 2 Troll Kamala
-1.3M Items Seized in Cohen Raid
-Ivanka Lies About Workforce Rates
-Ross Reveals More Insider Trading
-Pruitt Sought $200K Job 4 His Wife
Day 633 since Donald Trump admitted to sexual assault — yet he’s still in the Oval Office
Day 485 of NO EVIDENCE produced by Trump that his phones were tapped by Obama. #fakenews #TrumpLies
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let me tell you about this 'cesspool of political bias' amidst the U.S. new international #snowflake policy of withdrawal from the Human Rights Council
are some of its members egregious human rights abusers? of course. it's comprised of member states of the UN, and it could do much better. until today it included the US, which separates children from parents at the border in violation of international law.
and yes, the Council condemns #Israel's behavior repeatedly, with multiple resolutions, upsetting many who may perceive this as disproportionate attention…
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.@realDonaldTrump you need a big win. A historically monumental, Congressionally heralded, bipartisanly supported, nationally uniting, globally respected, job creating, forward thinking win. Here’s an idea: Make America Go Metric Already. #MAGMA 1/
Every country around the world except the US, Liberia, and Myanmar, officially use the metric system. Even Russia! #метрический 2/
Think about it. Jefferson opposed it ‘cause he didn’t like French stuff. (#snowflake) Ford tried & failed. Carter merely talked about it. Only Donald J. Trump could actually change the very measure of the country. #MAGA by #MAGMA 3/
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But a pharmacist right? You should know the importance of valid clinical trials compared to unfavourable or inconclusive results? The latter doesn't disprove the null, y'know.

If you find out drug trial results are unfavourable or worse, do you continue selling it? Thalidomide?
You see this is the thing, if you don't understand that parallel, given the control group is Remain and you have a statistical threshold you have to meet (confidence intervals anyone?) you can't even be a good pharmacist! That's fundamental to what pharmacy studies.
You couldn't assess efficacy, peer-review studies or make determinations on risk without that skill. When I say I would have fired folk for voting leave, I definitely would! You're plainly demonstrating an incapability to do your job effectively. Firing for incapability is legit.
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