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@anna_carlile 1/ Those are all topics that deserve research - indeed far more than most topics "leading researchers" like Zucker have wasted years on (eg "Are AMAB girls more attractive than male peers"), but there are several others too, that medics, especially, have neglected for too long…
@anna_carlile 2/ such as:-
a) What Tanner stage of "male puberty" needs to be avoided to prevent hands & feet exceeding normal women's sizes, in those so predisposed?
b) Is there an intervention could stop the "female" restriction of height in AFAB boys?
@anna_carlile 3/
c) Practiced ears can diagnose male Tanner 2 from voice changes. Does that reverse if agonists or hormones are started before Tanner 3, or should, in the very clear cases where "desistance" never occurs (eg 📽️), Tanner 2 be avoided too?
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@TeamGender @FierceMum @MavenOfMayhem 1/ Obviously the research is still used as a reason to delay affirming children as their real gender, so it is highly relevant. Children weren't treated as purely binary back then either; but to provide agonists/hormones, or not is a binary decision.
@TeamGender @FierceMum @MavenOfMayhem 2/ That no one needs needs to be dysphoric to be trans is an example of why "trans" is not relevant, & should not be used in deciding which children need agonist/HRT internevention at Tanner2. A kid not fearful of/hating the wrong puberty doesn't want that intervention.
@TeamGender @FierceMum @MavenOfMayhem 3/ A valuable fact that emerges from some "desistance" research is that the single GIDC criteria common in those who presented pre-puberty & continued thru to hormones, & #SRS was stronger dysphoria, which was often those who presented earliest, just as Prof C-K said in 1995.
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1/ #Anki #srs has a concept of leeches: "cards that you keep on forgetting. Because they require so many reviews, they take up a lot more of your time than other cards."…
2/ There are also leeches in your task manager: tasks that you keep on rescheduling / procrastinating.
3/ The Anki manual suggests a few options for dealing with #Anki leeches: prioritizing one card rather than another (in the case of interference); deleting the leech entirely; or changing the presentation of the card / making a new card.
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