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Well this is curious. Apparently @FAIRImmigration believes I am a paid operative of "state-owned propaganda outlet" @ajplus to meddle in 2018 midterm elections.

Why? For this video I did calling FAIR out as driven by white nationalism:

I'm paid? News to my wallet; I thought I was just doing a public service.

Here's FAIR's press release:…
They accuse me of "spreading malicious disinformation in what is a clear attempt to influence the upcoming midterm election." I'm flattered they think so highly of me.

Entirely different, of course, from FAIR's statements influencing lawmakers here:…
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On a day the Trump White House celebrates #HispanicHeritageMonth SoS @SecPompeo announces Trump will cap refugee admissions at 30,000.

That's the lowest it's ever been. Why?…
Because of too many asylum seekers from south of the border. But, Pompeo reminds us, this has nothing to do with how we feel about welcoming refugees. It's just about public expense.

Hot off the press #Trumpaganda from the Ministry of Truth.
(To clarify: a refugee is one who obtains that status outside the US and is then allowed to enter. An asylum seeker comes into the US through other means, and obtains refugee status if they win their claim. The cap is on refugees resettling here, not on asylum seekers.)
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John Tanton, the founder of the nation's largest anti-immigrant organizations currently informing immigration policy, believed Asian men have small penises.

(this is why I'm suing to unseal the #TantonPapers)

Read his own words:
To recap: This is a man who was obsessed with ideas about racial purity and eugenics. His ideas informed his views on immigration. Those organizations are currently in the White House's ear.

This is a problem.…
So who was he writing to to find out about the use of male aphrodisiacs?
The letter is addressed to a shadowy figure named Harry Weyher, Jr.

He was a lawyer (and fellow @UNC alum..) but more notably, served as President of the Pioneer Fund from 1958 until his death in 2002.
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White nationalist Stephen Miller has been busy executing plans to attack immigrants in lawful status.

This news, that more aspiring Americans will be deemed "public charge" and ineligible for citizenship, is making the rounds today.

Some thoughts:…
First, these aren't new ideas. The Center for Immigration Studies is an anti-immigrant hate group born in white nationalism.

In 2016 they published a wishlist of 79 things a president could do to limit immigration.

Look at #60:…
Second, consular officers overseas are already newly empowered to deny visas based on possibility of public charge even when there is a sufficient affidavit of support guaranteeing the US government repayment.

This will extend the policy stateside.
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We are having oral argument in our case against @Umich to unseal the #TantonPapers:

Court of Appeals of Michigan
3020 W Grand Ave, 14th Floor
Detroit MI 48202

on Wednesday, August 15, 2018 at 11 AM.
Behind modern players like Kris Kobach, Otis Graham, Jeff Sessions, Steven Miller, and Steve Bannon is a trifecta of anti-immigrant organizations: FAIR, NumbersUSA, and CIS. All three of these organizations stem from the same man: Dr. John Tanton.…
Tanton donated his papers from 1960 to 2007 to @UMich, provided that 11 boxes would be closed to access until 4/6/2035. I sued to get access now–public documents can't be insulated from FOIA just because U of M promised its donor that they'd be hidden.…
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Labels matters.

Apparently @TheJusticeDept
thinks US attorneys have to use the dehumanizing term "illegal alien" instead of the more accurate "undocumented immigrant."…
This is more of the @FAIRImmigration wishlist coming true.

From June 2009:…
FAIR was founded by a white nationalist. It has profited from, grown with, and fed off of white nationalism since it's inception.

It's core task is to figure out ways to package ugly racism into swallowable pills for public consumption.

This is one such pill.
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Today I met Kelvin Pierce. If you don't know him, you should.

He has an extraordinary story of overcoming hate. And it's precisely what our country needs.
He's the son of William Pierce, founder of the white supremacist group the National Alliance, and author of The Turner Diaries. (It's a racist novel called a "bible of the racist right.") Timothy McVeigh cited it as partially inspiring his 1996 terrorist attack in Oklahoma City.
I first listened to Kelvin speak at a state commission meeting in May and his story of growing up in a household of one of the white nationalist movement's leaders was jarring.

Years of abuse, neglect, hatred...all of which he had to find the tools to overcome.
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Want to see what the founder of the nation's anti-immigrant movement was thinking about when he decided to start it?

Ending birthright citizenship.
Building a wall.

Because otherwise, the future would be "undesirable."

Dr. John Tanton, in 1975:
Was Dr. Tanton a white nationalist? White supremacist?

This much we know: his ideas on immigration are certainly espoused by white nationalists.

He was once called the most influential unknown man in America.

He needs to be a lot more famous.
Here's a memo of when Tanton and his colleague Roger Connor met with the commissioner of the then-INS in 1981. Confirmed that his lack of familiarity with immigration was a strength.

White nationalist sympathies have been injected into immigration policy for decades.
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