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Die Bilder gleichen sich, die "Hymne" erscheppert gerade, #Bachmann versprach schon "Überraschungen" (na, dann mal nicht zu viel erwarten). #dd0110 #nurindresden #nopegidaDD
Now in #Dresden at the Pegida-rally. #dd0110english
"Hauptstadt des Widerstands" (zum ....)
Die üblichen Phrasen von Versammlungsleiter Taufkirch. Der 158. Pegida-Hetz-Marathon hat begonnen. #nopegidaDD #dd0110
Die "Auflagen" werden verlesen und man darf immer noch keine Flaggen mit dem Stadtwappen Dresdens mitführen und wieder wird deswegen "Hilbert weg ...!" gebrüllt. #Sachsengespräch führt zu Lachern und Buhhh-Rufen. #nopegidaDD #dd0110
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I found the entire Tucker Carlson segment, which I VERY hesitantly repost here. I want to declare my biases: I believe people like Carlson and Bannon are professional propagandists, bad faith actors, who are pushing white supremacy.

No, they aren’t handing out tiki torches or white hoods, but they are introducing the lie that "you are not racist to blame 'others' for your problems."

This clip is an excellent example of how they elicit the maximum emotional response while carefully inserting this lie.
His technique here is bait and switch. I list all the questions he poses in the clip, starting with the diversity question, before he switches to off-topic, but emotional questions. This intentional technique does not allow for an actual debate about the value of diversity.
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@Memeghnad @NigelBritto Yeah go and stand in que 2 get ration with your BPL card and let us know why you require #aadhar
Tell people that subsidy for gas will be given to all regardless of income...u cannot opt out of subsidy as there is no #aadhar of ur income and v cannot track your data
@Memeghnad @NigelBritto Tell that guy doing hawala transaction to continue with his work as we are incompetent to catch his work through bank
Sorry I forgot you don't want to link bank accounts to #aadhar
As your privacy is in danger
But there is no danger when filling ITR
@Memeghnad @NigelBritto Wait we used to stand line to file ITR before now I can do it from my mobile phone
I don't want this facility I don't was y link my #aadhar
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In February 2017, the Charlottesville City Council voted to remove the statue of Robert E. Lee from a local park named for him & in June they voted to rename it “Emancipation Park.”…
On May 13, 2017, #WhiteSupremacist Richard Spencer led a rally to protest the removal of the statue. His protesters held torches near the statue (as seen in photo used later for August #UTR)…
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Trump wants credit for ending his own inhumane policy. Unbelievable. His brain is broken.
Trump's defense of his policy of brutalizing families by separating children from their parents: "Thank you, and please look at the previous administrations [sic] record - not good!" #whataboutism
It is impossible to engage in constructive debate with someone whose mind is this addled by a toxic combination of bad faith, ignorance, and illogic. We’ve somehow installed a bigoted, ill-tempered child as POTUS.
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In the wake of the #Novichok nerve agent attack on Sergei #Skripal and his daughter in #Salisbury, a variety of suggestions that anyone other than Vladimir Putin’s government is responsible have been circulating on Twitter. #Whataboutism
I downloaded recent tweets for the hashtag #Novichok, which started seeing significant traffic March 12th. This yielded 15371 tweets from 10668 accounts. I classified the top 50 accounts by retweet volume (74% of tweets in the set) based on their attribution of the attack.
This chart shows the volume for #Novichok tweets, classified by the perspective being expressed. Note that the portion of the volume in the “whataboutism” category has increased greatly over the past 12 hours.
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Trump's bipartisan meeting about guns is beginning
Trump to lawmakers: "I'll love you"
Trump begins with a dose of #whataboutism, mentions who was president when previous mass shootings occurred
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Für Frau @L_Bednarz bin ich wahrscheinlich radikaler bis Linksextremist, weil ich gegen Legida, "Offensive für Deutschland" und AfD (laut) auf der Straße war. Ich habe mich selbst bereits zu Slogans geäußert, die auf solchen Demos gerufen werden und sogar vorgeschlagen>
mal etwas moderner zu werden und zumindest Slogan-Updates ins Auge zu fassen. Was man auf einer Demo gegen Legida und/oder die AfD sonst machen sollte, wenn es nach Frau Bednarz geht? Schwer zu sagen: Falls ich mit den Rechten reden soll, dann müsste ich zur Legida-"Demo" und>
da Dialogversuche unternehmen. Kann ich machen, wenn ich mir vorher meinen Verstand wegsaufe (Spoiler: Geht nicht!). Ich habe mit AfD-Leuten geredet, ja, richtig geredet, sofern das möglich war, weil immer wieder wer (nein, nicht von der Antifa), sondern von der AfD störte.>
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