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Here's a Gordon Parks photo for #WorldPhotographyDay.
A portrait of Ella Watson. But not *that* portrait of Ella Watson. Not the iconic one.
I'm writing about both. And several others. Stay tuned. A black & white photo, showing Ella Watson, a housekeeper in a government office building. She is seen standing in the middle of a large office after everyone else has gone home. Office equipment can be seen on the desks. Watson's mop and broom are at her side.
A Rufus Holsinger photo for #WorldPhotograhyDay.
Miss Conkey, with beet. Charlottesville, 1918. A black and white studio portrait of a teenaged girl, in a white dress with ruffles. She proudly holds a giant beet.
I mean, if you grew a giant beet, you'd want a picture of it, too.
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It's photography day for me daily.
I see the world in picture frames everywhere I go my eyes are like lenses.
My kids know, if mommy is stopping, something caught my eye, I must paint a canvass with my camera.
It's my passion since I was 4 yrs old or younger.
My fave flowers are Tulips, purple to be precise.
When walkin around the neighborhood, if you stop to smell the flowers you may spot a butterfly.

I'm in love with hummingbirds, still haven't captured a picture of one, I'm so mesmerized, by time I try to snap pic, they fly off.
I love patterns, symmetry, asymmetry, angles, architecture, structure, outlines, silhouettes & playing with lighting.

These were all in the Mid-Wilshire area.

Urban lights project outside @LACMA & a couple of buildings that caught my eye.

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Camera ஓட evolution அதெல்லாம் சொல்லல . Photosனால சில changes சில பேர் lifeல நடந்துருக்கு . அதான் எழுதிருக்கேன் .

நிறைய பேர் ஏற்கனவே படிச்சு இருப்பீங்க தெரியாதவங்களுக்காக தான் இது .
1981ல Eduardo Ramosன்ற 7 வயசு பையன் . அவங்க family ரொம்பவும் கஷ்டப்படுறவங்க . இவன் Peruல Punoன்ற கிராமத்த சேந்தவன் . தன்னோட ஆட்டு மந்தைய மேய்டிச்சுச்சுட்டு போய்ட்டு இருந்துருக்கான் .
அந்த பக்கம் வந்த ஒரு Car அந்த மந்தைல இருந்த ஆட்ட  அடிச்சு போட்டு போய்ருச்சு . அந்த Accidentல மந்தைல இருந்த பாதி ஆடு செத்துருச்சு .

அத பாத்துட்டு இந்த பையனுக்கு என்ன பண்னன்னு தெரியாம ஒரே அழுகையா அழுதுருக்கான் .
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One of my hobbies is collecting American photographs.

There is something about holding an image taken in the past that helps me connect to our history.

On #WorldPhotographyDay I encourage you to dig up some old photos and think about what was going on the moment it was taken.
These are my two prized pieces.

My only daguerreotype (it was taken around 1850) and a FDR collection.
If any collectors have any suggestions for displaying Carte de Visite and Cabinet Cards, please let me know.

I have hundreds and no way to display them.
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As it's #WorldPhotographyDay let's look back at the pioneering work of Albert Witzel, portrait photographer to the Hollywood stars of the silent age...
Albert Witzel was born in Deadwood in 1879. In 1886 he started work in George Stekel’s California photography studio.

Photo: Mary Miles Minter
Learning his craft from Steckel, Albert Witzel went on to open his own portrait photography studio in 1902 in Los Angeles.

Photo: Theda Bara
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