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Jun 26, 2018, 17 tweets

Financial crisis in 2008 was caused by bankers.
Brexit was corrupted by a foreign power and bankers.
The superrich hedge funds are making money from uk crashing.
Yet people think @Nigel_Farage @johnredwood
Are looking after them?

Farmers supported by eu.
Used seasonal migrant workers to pick crops who travelled across the eu as crops matured.
Believed tory government would replace eu grants and support.
Didnt realise single market helped them sell goods.

Nissan,bmw, toyota, honda, airbus workers who voted leave against advice of their bosses.
People living there.
Did not believe big companies could leave or see themselves working with a superfactory of 27 countries.

Some rangers rockets who want to be english racists but are too far north.
Drape themselves in union flags in alegiance to an extinct club. Shout sovereignty while disdaining independance.
Who are now the crack troops trying to disrupt #indyref2

Ps nice rangers fan are available.

The DUP.
A corrupt goverment used to distribute money for vote leave campaigns. RHI corruption scandals.
Accepting irish passports for eu access and £1bn while destroying @The3Million and @BremainInSpain lives.
Reuniting ireland as the ultimate stupid.

Who failed to disarm the tory party lunatics while in coallition due to the absolute poverty in the fptp electoral system even though he did delay the fall by 5 years.
Tried to reform parliment but dismantled by the press.

Every daily mail reader.
Who in a state of permenant fear reads todays lies to decide who to hate.
Never sees the sun rise or feel the wamth on their skin.
Never give kindness or see similarities under the skin.

Tony blair
Who in 1997 could have prevented brexit by updating westminister rules to remove mps who lie or cheat, installed pr to stop the electorate becoming frustrated with FPTP.
Sold eu benefits more.

So focussed on chearleading their heroes they do not see the clear and present danger of collusion corruption and racism coming post brexit.
Both sides attacking the middle as the problem

Who ignores brexit and hides behind other problems to leave tories holding the brexit baby that needs changed .
Which is threatening jobs of labour core support and will end the #NHSLove

#FBPE rs
Whos middle class biege expertise is dismissed by left and right as unimportant and irrelevant.
But are the only flag that accepts leavers remainers labour green or snp.
Who could have done more. Earlier. Better.

I am not to blame though.
Not me.
There is always someone else I can blame who has been lied to defrauded or cheated.
Or doing the lying or cheating.
Its easier to blame someone else than face up to my mistakes and reach across the divides
And help each other out of the hole.

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Wonder how many people will read to the end or is the attention span nowadays too small or my writing too weak .
Like this if you make it to the end and dont just take your own pick and mix favourites.

@DefraGovUK report and Westminster Hall debate, @LibDems Spokesperson @timfarron said

#UK #farming industry relies heavily on exports to the #EU. @Conservatives mishandling of #Brexit negotiations has jeopardised the livelihoods of thousands of #farmers

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