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I’m a truth seeker a red piller, every second I can remember I’ve walked around the edges..I was born a fringe dweller..

Jun 27, 2018, 39 tweets

New Q..This shits massive #Qanon


I’m gonna have to love you and leave for a bit..Everybody be working on em anyway..Will All Be on These a bit...

While I got some time I’ll just lay these out incase anyone needs them..

Black hats have control of Wikileaks, as we suspected..They seem to have Assange though so that pretty awesome news..

Where are you plan 🧐

Expand my thinking 🤔 mmm...

Chatter: translated be wary of any attacks on trains/station buses
Be Vigilant.
What happens when bad news is about to break (on them) 💥
Be safe..

😁🙌 what a time to be alive!! This is wicked...The Great awakening...

You lost control! #AmericaIsWoke

#Evil has no place
Read he bible #God wins.
The world will unite in this cause

We stand with the people of #Iran
We stand with you
Stay safe.
God bless.
#IranRegimeChagne #IranProtests #FreeIran #Qanon

Texts taken out of context.

You’re damn right it should’ve been live on TV! #CNN #FakeNews #FakeNewsMedia #FBI I wonder why it wasn’t 🧐 mmm oh yer because you’re all a bunch of deep state bitches trying to cover up your crimes..control what the people see, unlucky we’re not letting that happen #QArmy

No more swing vote.
Locked and loaded.
Can now solidify conservative majority 👋🏻 bye bye Kennedy...
🧐 his choice mmmm..

🧐..@TGowdySC white hat or black??
Has Q ever said #TrustGowdy I don’t recall, but I could be wrong..You’re breaking my heart Gowdy or are you just one hell of an actor? In one hell of a movie...

Busy day..
It’s ok mate..You go get some sleep..

Sound fimiliar? 🧐mmmm

Just landed we have time..

Rest assured JUSTICE will served.

Oh despacito!! @BarackObama gonna gitmo...

#winning not sick of it..🧐 but if we’re winning #QAnon that means somebody’s losing...I wonder who
@BarackObama @HillaryClinton CABAL! 🖕

These people are sick! 😡 #ChildrenInCages eh ask the #DNC they know all about it..#QAnon #ClintonCrimeFamily #DeepState

New #QAnon back to work..
It’s just the Beginning!
Dragon energy! @kanyewest need to get these @LoganPaul @jakepaul off that list, Narcs should not be looked up to..…

Focus on the house house floor vote now-Q

#QAnon #LockThemAllUp

These people are sick!!
They do not love this country!
They what to destroy our children!
Not today!! Wake up..#WalkAway #WakeUp #KeepFamliesTogether #Facebook #Netflix

Read in between the lines..

We remember you Mr VIP! @Q_ANONBaby

#WWG1WGA #wwg1wga #QAnon #Qproofs #TheGreatAwakening @POTUS

Listen carefully
When did we arrive to make the statement 👇

Trying to normalize #Pedogate #pedo hey Barry and @netflix ..hey wait! Wasn’t this the government that owns the media, who told people that stuff was fake??? 🧐mmm wonder why..#WalkAway #QAnon

Ready!!!! Mmm I missed one my bad 🤗..
doesn’t matter because I’m readdddyyy!!!!

Pain coming!! Sick bastards..
About time, what did I miss?

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