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Jul 10, 2018, 36 tweets

(1) #TeamTrump #PhotoThread: Visit to Europe July 2018 - Part I.

First stop, Brussels, then on to London, Scotland and the #HelsinkiSummit with Russia.

(2) Leaving for and arriving in Brussels.

(3) A VERY strong start to the day in Brussels, when POTUS ate Germany for breakfast ,with Jens Stoltenberg (NATO head) sitting across the table. Good times!

(4) Short and long version of POTUS at breakfast in Brussels today.

1:30 video:

8:40 video:


(5) The MSM photographer who took this photo had to use a mirror on the wall because he was too scared to look at POTUS directly.🔥

(6) Trump vs Merkel in Brussels.🍳🥓☕️

(7) This was the best breakfast ever.

(8) Windsor Castle is absolutely wonderful. Can't wait!💂‍♂️🏰

(9) #NATOSummit #TeamTrump: Assemble!

(10) Close up shots of breakfast before the #NATOSummit.

(11) @USAmbNATO Hutchison tweeted: "So pleased to join @SecPompeo & Sec Mattis in formally inaugurating our new @USNATO Mission at #NATO HQ today. I'm honored to lead a fantastic interagency team in representing the 🇺🇸American people at a strong & united @NATO Alliance."

(12) Recap: POTUS began the day pointing out some #facts about Germany freeloading off the American taxpayer for defense against Russia, while buying 70% of their gas from Russia.🤔

At least we finally found some collusion with Russia, right?🤭

(13) Hello, Angela.

(14) Art of the deal.

(15) What an absolute brains trust representing America at the 2018 #NATOSummit: Bolton, Mattis, Pompeo, and President Trump.

(16) You could almost say it was divine intervention.

(17) Americans love a winner, and President Trump wasted no time in congratulating the President of Croatia on her country's soccer team making the FIFA World Cup Final for the first time ever. Our soldiers and diplomats helped Croatia become a country, not that long ago.🇭🇷

(18) This is so easy for him. He built an empire with 300 companies, created 60,000 jobs, and won the Presidency on his first attempt, against 17 candidates, the entire establishment, media and The Anointed One, and these turkeys are basically just career politicians. #MAGA

(19) Oh and he has the most beautiful wife, did I mention that?

(20) So many great Melania photos today... I'm gonna need a separate thread for her.

(21) She really doesn't care what the haters say. She has it all - brains, looks, personality, loving husband & family, fame and fortune.

(22) We are so proud of our President and First Lady. Six more years!

(23) POTUS and FLOTUS paid a visit to the US Embassy in Brussels, where staff and families from three missions (to Belgium, the EU, and NATO) gathered to welcome them.

(24) Embassy family photos are always so cute. I imagine the kids living far from home are always excited to see POTUS, FLOTUS, VP, Second Lady, or Sec Pompeo!

(25) These ladies asked for a selfie with POTUS and FLOTUS and got one.

(26) Behind the scenes pic from the start of the day in Brussels, with Bill Shine, Stephen Miller, Sarah Sanders, Dan Scavino, and John Kelly. The inner circle.

Scavino is holding a phone for POTUS to watch or read something. Maybe a tweet to send.😂

(27) A staffer tweeted this with a caption referring to "our last night in Brussels," so I think some of the team were there before POTUS arrived. Next stop for them is the UK... so exciting!

(28) Macron just can't help himself... President Trump is so Alpha.

(29) Mon ami.

(30) The fake news latched onto one photo from this series as if to say POTUS was looking in the opposite direction that the others were... but you can see the reflection of the helicopter flypast in the mirror windows. Usual story!

(31) "I tried to tell you Theresa... your voters aren't stupid. Your government promised them on the Brexit ballot paper itself, that their vote would be honored. They haven't forgotten that."

(32) Good luck staying in your post for more than two more weeks, Mrs May.

(33) US Amb. to NATO Kay Bailey Hutchison, Sec. Pompeo, Sec. Mattis, and Amb. Bolton, watching a display at the #NATOSummit 2018.

(34) POTUS called an unplanned press conference prior to flying out to the UK.

(35) #VeryStableGenius ends his visit to the NATO Summit on a high note, answering the questions of reporters from all over the world. Non stop winning.

(36) POTUS at his end-of-summit press conference in Brussels.

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