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Jul 12, 2018, 10 tweets

Key excperts on #NorthernIreland #irishborder
Island of Ireland will remain one epidemiological unit

Realise the importance of professionals working both sides of the border, or living in one territory and working in another

They want to keep British and Irish broadcasters able to transmit easily across the border. BBC would have to set up separate licence for Ireland otherwise.

UK is being ambitious on road haulage. What would happen with #nodeal? I'll leave that to @LouiseBTS

Another commitment as per other government announcements to maintaining Single Electricity Market. Hoping those barges won't be needed....

This part is mostly about the UK wanting to maintain, as much as it can, the functioning of the European Arrest Warrant post-Brexit, interesting they mention UK-Irish co-operation specifically. An unsubtle appeal to the Irish government and allusion to terrorism

What is implicitly mentioned in that last section is made explicit here. Cooperation on terrorism is vital. That means agreements on data-sharing and police co-operation and Europol, will be needed.

Interesting that government still being a bit vague about future funding for EU-cross border projects. Mentions PEACE, but not INTERREG.

Finally, as per the Chequers Statement, the main point is that the UK believes its visions for a future relationship is sufficient for the backstop to not be implemented. No suggestions on alternative vision/language for the backstop as per the EU's draft withdrawal agreement

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