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Jul 13, 2018, 6 tweets

I see people tweeting about feeling scared, how things are so bad and getting worse. They sound #panicked & dwell on worst case scenarios.

We have reason to worry, but dwelling on the worst case scenario isn't productive & can damage our cause. THREAD 1/6 #FridayFeeling #panic

Thinking about what you can do in the worst case scenario isn't a bad idea.

Dwelling on it and panicking is not good for anyone and is counter productive to our cause.

Fear & hopelessness are our enemies - they paralyze people & stop them from taking action. 2/6

When people stop taking action, not winning in the midterms becomes a self fulfilling prophecy.

We all get scared, and that's OK, it's normal now.

But we all need to bear in mind that #fear is infectious, and infecting others with our fear or panic isn't helpful. 3/6

When I feel scared I take a break and log out of Twitter for a day (or a few) and unplug from the news. It helps A LOT.

Self care is a NECESSITY so that we can prevent burnout & depression and keep fighting. This will take all of us. We can't afford to have people give up. 4/6

So take a break from Twitter & the news and de-stress, enjoy your personal life, go out and have fun. Take some naps.

Then come back refreshed & ready to keep fighting.

Because just voting isn't enough. We ALL need to #volunteer and WORK to make the #BlueWave2018 happen! 5/6

There is SO MUCH we can ALL do before and after the #Midterms2018! And we NEED to. He's a Moment of tweets about volunteering - there's something here for everyone.

PLEASE find something you can do & dive in! 6/6 #democracy

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