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Jul 14, 2018, 26 tweets

(1) #TeamTrump #PhotoThread: Visit to Europe July 2018 - Part III.

Blenheim Palace, London, Sandhurst, Chelsea, Chequers, Windsor, then on to Scotland and the #HelsinkiSummit with Russia.

(2) Picking up where we left off, there are additional photos from events covered in Part I and II, plus new photos from Windsor Castle, Air Force One landing in Glasgow, and a few from outside The Trumps' private weekend at Trump Turnberry Club.

Chequers continued:

(3) The Chequers meeting and especially the press conference was a triumph. Lots of photos and video showing how relaxed and assured the two leaders are with each other. And the smackdown toward CNN was fantastic.

(4) Here are John Roberts from FOX and Jim Acosta from CNN, and you'll have to watch the video to see and hear for yourself what happened. It was yet another of those great Trump moments. Effortless political comedy, with an important meaning.

(5) The body language is so relaxed. They are like old friends.

(6) The Great Hall at Chequers.

(7) A good meeting between allies, in a beautiful historic setting.

(8) The US Secret Service likes to tweet out photos now and then showing the work that agents do. Always vigilant and ready to protect. #ThankACop

(9) More catch-up photos from when they landed in the UK on Thursday afternoon. This one is modern day presidential - movie star glamour - haute couture - patriotism on steroids. #NewCamelot

(10) The above photo with bonus US Marine. Even better!

(11) Group of likely staff and friends of the US Embassy in London gathered to welcome POTUS and FLOTUS to Winfield House.

(12) The First Lady of the USA with the Lady of Winfield House, Suzanne Ircha, who is married to US Ambassador to the UK, Woody Johnson.

(13) The President and First Lady leaving Winfield House for the Gala Dinner at Blenheim Palace. Note the eagle garden statues.🦅🦅

(14) Before the Gala Dinner.

Winfield/Mar-a-lago fun facts; both:
>Built by an American heiress in the 1930s
>Eventually given to the federal govt
>One stayed in govt hands, the other was sold to a developer who became POTUS.


(15) Theresa and Philip May waiting at Blenheim Palace to welcome POTUS and FLOTUS.

(16) I now think the first photo was taken as they realized Amazing Grace was being played in the bagpipes medley. I'm guessing that was special to his mother, Mary Trump.

The third photo is when they greeted palace owners the Duke & Duchess of Marlborough (Churchill's family).

(15) This event was the very best thing ever, in my opinion. Right down to the red and gold evening gowns referencing the army uniforms and brass instruments. and the serendipitous setting sun's light as they stepped out of the car.

(18) A wide angle shot and a regular shape shot of the scene at Blenheim Palace.

(19) The President's first event on Friday morning was a visit to the Royal Military Academy, Sandhurst, to observe a joint exercise. Sandhurst is like West Point, and is where Princes William and Harry trained.

A special extra wave to the troops before leaving for Chequers.

(20) While POTUS was a Chequers, FLOTUS was at the Royal Hospital, Chelsea, with war veterans and schoolchildren. The lawn bowls game was a brilliant idea (FLOTUS is very competitive!).

Note the soldier ready to stop the veteran from getting "too close" to the First Lady. LOL

(21) I'm going to keep this thread open for additional photos that emerge from the first part of the UK visit. The Windsor Castle visit needs a thread of its own:

(22) An excellent description of the places and people encountered by FLOTUS in England:…

(23) This gem of an exchange is as worthy for inclusion here as any photo. It's John Roberts and Jim Acosta asking questions at Chequers.

Full transcript:…

(24) Four excellent official WH photos from the First Lady's visit to the Royal Hospital, Chelsea.

(25) A catch-up from an earlier thread in this series: POTUS and FLOTUS at the US Embassy in Brussels.

(26) Another catch-up photo from when the Trumps arrived at Winfield House in London.

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