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Jul 23, 2018, 14 tweets

My workday is often punctuated while I am waiting for others, like now. I'm going through the affidavits filed last week in border cases.

This is abuse.

Of children.

Of adults.

By government.

If we choose as policy to keep people in detention, we have standards.


Trust me, you never know when you might be the one who ends up detained. You *want* a minimum standard that is humane.

Let's do a few screen shots while I'm stuck in this hallway.


Imagine no hygiene items. This isn't just you don't feel well so maybe you don't brush your teeth for a couple of days to spare your gag reflex.

If you haven't been a woman who has been at least 10 hours over needing a tampon, ask one how that feels.


Imagine feeling sick to your stomach because there is gunk inside of you that shouldn't be, you can literally die from TSS. Even being 30+ minutes past needing to change a tampon is incredibly uncomfortable.

I'd say ask any female trial attorney, but don't please.


These people, they are running for their lives and the lives of their children. They may not be entitled to stay, but they are entitled to be treated as humans.

This is an issue Congress should pay attention to. Congress protects Maine and the integrity of the US.


Court calls, more later.

It is unacceptable to separate families, even more so to not give any information to each about the location of the other or if/when they may be reunified.


Imagine your future potentially decided by documents you are not permitted to read.

...oh wait, that's Congress these days.

Improper medical care can lead to spread of disease and death. Conjunctivitis can be highly contagious.

I made it through the 1st file/106 pgs. Consistently people are fleeing extreme violence, several have had a family member die, disappear or be injured. Consistently the conditions are not acceptable, medical care and food are inadequate.

This is not how people should treated.

Consistently people are being asked to sign things they have not read, do not understand, and have not received a copy of.

Consistently people have no access to attorneys.

We are better than this.

Demand more from Congress.

There is a lot in here that would make me grab my children and run fast, particularly if I were uncertain about the ability of the police to protect me/be free from corruption.

This is from a 17 year old with a murdered mother. Can you imagine a grieving child being treated like this on your dime and that being ok? Because that's what is happening.

We are treating children so they feel "like trash".

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