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Oct 7, 2018 14 tweets 8 min read
Hey twitter -

I'd like to take my regularly scheduled #SundaySoapbox and do a last minute swap to focus on Susan Collins.

Let me preface by reminding you I am not running against Susan at this time, but I do have an election in a month that I could use support for.

#mepolitics I am a constituent of Susan's. Ever since I have moved here I am astonished at how incredibly effective she is at harnessing people's hope and her words like a damn magician.

Though she is a consistent conservative vote, she is able to focus all eyes on her.

Sep 21, 2018 9 tweets 5 min read
It's not very frequent that I comment on a presidential tweet, but this is not ok.

Sexual assault is traumatic. For many the thought of even admitting it has happened to them keeps them from reporting.

Then the worry about having to beg to be believed.

#mepolitics Then your family and community will look at you different.

Your behavior will be questioned, and even if you has zero responsibility, many will blame you for being a tease, wanting it, being irresponsible for choosing what should be a totally innocuous setting.

Sep 5, 2018 12 tweets 7 min read
Hey #mepolitcs...Since I'm stuck for a bit, want to go with me on a journey?

Let's picture what the job and future elections looks like if I win.

Aka, what can you expect from a rep who does not perma-campaign.

#TWPSB In this hypo traditional campaigning requires around $1+ million per year to get and/or keep a house seat (plus all the other energy you have to expend to keep the peanut gallery PACs happy).

Let's assume they're at it 5 days/week and take a couple weeks off per year.

Sep 3, 2018 11 tweets 6 min read
Hey #mepolitics, I found my inspiration for a #SundaySoapbox a day late. It's a holiday, right?

I had someone compare me to @BarackObama last week and minutes ago I had someone reference hope and change.

Let's talk about hope and change.
Change I'm all for, we'll get back to that.

Let's start with hope.

I have to confess, I don't love hope.

Hope...can be kind of a dick.

It teases you.

You *think* something maybe, kind of can happen.

If you just hope enough it'll be right?


Sep 1, 2018 8 tweets 8 min read
Hey #mepolitics - Ready for another round of #SeeMaineWithTiffany?

Who wants to guess where I was today? There were many apples, a wagon ride and delighted bees.

Aug 28, 2018 5 tweets 3 min read
I've been asked this a lot - what is the benefit of ranked choice voting?

If you feel like politics keeps pushing far left or far right as candidates differentiate, RCV lets you pick the moderate with the back-up of "not the other one".

I made you a chart.

#mepolitics Maybe you think of yourself as an independent, moderate, etc, and really don't love either party (but probably like one party less) - you can select me as your first choice, and still have the back up of another candidate if not enough people agree with you.
Aug 26, 2018 18 tweets 9 min read
Hey #mepolitics,

Ready for a #SundaySoapbox?

Let's talk about why more women don't run for office.

In my experience, it's about attention...positive and negative attention.

Let me share some.

Warning, there may be some words you don't like here. We censor the ugly too much. I'm going to stick predominantly to my experience here so I'm not generalizing. I would hope in Maine local elections women experience less of this.

Let's start with the bad attention.

It is almost every day I get some form of negative attention, often lots.

Aug 20, 2018 12 tweets 7 min read
Hey #mepolitics -

Ready for a #SundaySoapbox?

Tonight I'd like to discuss "career politicians", and how we should maybe rethink that term.

It gets treated like a bad phrase. We're doing it wrong.

I *want* people in politics to see legislation as a career. Let's discuss. How do we treat careers if we are serious about them?

We strive for proficiency, keep up on continuing education and try to do a good job...even when no one else is looking, because it is satisfying to be competent and well-respected at your career.

#SundaySoapbox #mepolitics
Aug 11, 2018 11 tweets 5 min read
#mepolitics, this is government-created child abuse.

It seems like no one in this race wants to talk about hard federal issues in current events, and instead the focus is almost entirely on Maine.

I love Maine, but this job requires both.

Let's talk about that for a minute. If a candidate isn't proficient in a wide swath of day-to-day issues for the average rural Mainer, they shouldn't be in the race.

If they avoid discussing controversial national events that should be the business of Congress, they shouldn't be in the race either.

Aug 5, 2018 7 tweets 6 min read
When I have days that are too much, I try to find a positive way to channel my reaction to "too muchness".

Ladies & gents, let's invent the #MaineRaising #SundayScavengerHunt!

Today are you mad? Sad? Outraged? Disappointed? Looking for a happy outlet? Want to help others? This is our area.

Let's see how many towns we can find that sell hand-crafted soaps.

The names of all the towns can be found here:…

There are 375 named municipalities in Maine's 2nd congressional district 😂

#MaineRaising #SundayScavengerHunt
Aug 5, 2018 20 tweets 9 min read
This is not true.

#mepolitics It is incredibly rare you will see me comment on a presidential tweet. I don't think it's a productive way to govern. However, messages like this are dangerous and do actual harm.

Which brings me to this #SundaySoapbox, the press.

Jul 29, 2018 12 tweets 7 min read
Let's have a chat #mepolitics.

While I was Downeast with my boys enjoying Milbridge and not being online there was a conversation about me it was interesting to read.

Rather than reply to all the tweets, I'll give you a #SundaySoapbox for #TWPSB.

Side note for those who have never run for office - super weird to read about yourself on twitter.

It's like being at your own funeral and sitting in on the after eulogy chatter by the shrimp dip.

Jul 27, 2018 5 tweets 5 min read
New #MaineRaising!

Instead of giving $ to my campaign, help #ME02.

Change $ spent on nasty ads to special interest stories on the news about helping our community. It's the story politics is missing.

Join in, from anywhere, and change politics.

#mepolitics #bond2018 #TWPSB Let's use this #MaineRaising to help support those struggling with addiction.

Prefer to help with food insecurity instead of donating to addiction support?

Go retro with the last #MaineRaising!

Jul 25, 2018 9 tweets 5 min read
Hey #mepolitics,

Last week, many of you received @RepPoliquin's letter discussing an award for his work on behalf of seniors from some unnamed group.

Skipping the award, let's discuss Bruce, balanced budgets, tax cuts, social security and medicare spending...and math. Bruce loves a balanced budget. He's been pushing it for a while. A balanced budget requires you to not spend more than you bring in.

Makes sense, right?


Jul 23, 2018 14 tweets 5 min read
My workday is often punctuated while I am waiting for others, like now. I'm going through the affidavits filed last week in border cases.

This is abuse.

Of children.

Of adults.

By government.

If we choose as policy to keep people in detention, we have standards.

#mepolitics Trust me, you never know when you might be the one who ends up detained. You *want* a minimum standard that is humane.

Let's do a few screen shots while I'm stuck in this hallway.

Jul 23, 2018 9 tweets 2 min read
Some of us don't belong to a R or a D; in Maine more of us do not belong to a letter than a R or a D.

Being in that position feels like the parties constantly ignoring and trivializing you.

When you give feedback you are ignored.

When you run for office you are dismissed. Some of us don't want to be a R or a D, and that's ok. It's a valid choice.

We have candidates too, fewer of them because it's a lot of exposure and very little support.

Give our candidates the same respect and consideration you want for party candidates...
Jul 22, 2018 6 tweets 7 min read
Where is everyone going for #OpenFarmDay?

There are around 100 farms across #Maine participating in the 29th annual event. Support #smallbusiness and agriculture by coming out!… Very first farm in the #OpenFarmDay brochure has...a winery. Somone want to tell @Governor_LePage that we should be exporting wines as well as importing them?

Jul 20, 2018 9 tweets 4 min read
Hey #mepolitics, want to talk about carbon tax?

Bruce thinks it is an "extreme" policy. I think that's a bit of a cop-out.

Without even needing to get into whether or not we caused climate change (spoiler, we did), we need to have comprehensive options to adapt to it. Those options may include a carbon tax, which isn't particularly extreme or novel. We'll have to come at it from several angles to be most effective.

Jul 17, 2018 4 tweets 5 min read
Hey @TwitterGov, @TwitterSupport, @jack -

I've been ballot-qualified for over 45 days, 12 days longer than this Maine candidate, with more than 34x the followers, much more content to twitter, and with at least as good of odds to win as Mark.

Where is my candidate designation? So we clearly aren't going for chronological order. Huh. 😐
Jul 17, 2018 25 tweets 5 min read
For fun, and since it's the middle of the night, I'm going to tweet my general response to much of the feedback I have gotten that you all cannot see.

We can label this twitter rant "if you think I'm dramatic or stupid, pretend someone hyper manly like @TheRock is talking" I had mostly forgotten this part of being a woman since I became an attorney, since at my hourly rate people (usually) stop treating you like you are stupid.

I got to skip the bit where people treat you like a secretary because I am a solo attorney, so that would be weird.
Jul 16, 2018 13 tweets 5 min read
It seems like perhaps the candidates have been waffle-y or a bit unclear on this.

Russia never stopped having a cold war with us.

Maybe you don't remember getting under your desk in drills? (as if a desk would stop a bomb) I'm old like that.

Russia is not an ally.

#mepolitics This is not a partisan issue. This is a patriot issue.

We should never lose sight that there is one country on this planet more than any other that would love nothing more than to disrupt our peace, destroy our trade relations, and decimate our economy.