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Hey #mepolitcs...Since I'm stuck for a bit, want to go with me on a journey?

Let's picture what the job and future elections looks like if I win.

Aka, what can you expect from a rep who does not perma-campaign.

In this hypo traditional campaigning requires around $1+ million per year to get and/or keep a house seat (plus all the other energy you have to expend to keep the peanut gallery PACs happy).

Let's assume they're at it 5 days/week and take a couple weeks off per year.

$1,000,000/50/5 = $4,000/day

Whew, that's a fundraising nut!

How much energy do you think it takes to rake in an extra $500 each work hour while doing important stuff like making laws?

That's more per hour than you make for the actual job. How would you prioritize?

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Hey #mepolitics, I found my inspiration for a #SundaySoapbox a day late. It's a holiday, right?

I had someone compare me to @BarackObama last week and minutes ago I had someone reference hope and change.

Let's talk about hope and change.
Change I'm all for, we'll get back to that.

Let's start with hope.

I have to confess, I don't love hope.

Hope...can be kind of a dick.

It teases you.

You *think* something maybe, kind of can happen.

If you just hope enough it'll be right?


It's probably my family law background.

Too many really lovely people hoping for their partner, child, parent, etc to be the person they could be if that partner, child, parent, etc if they only changed, which of course they have no desire and/or resources to do.

Read 11 tweets on the front page of a paper.

This is a surreal moment for someone who is attention-adverse.

Also, my license plate made the front page πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

If you like the article, trying something new in politics, or feel generous - come join my twitter thread to #cleartheprojects and #representeducation.

For this #MaineRaising, scroll to the end, donate, leave a campaign note, share.

Ok, I just looked at the photos used. I am really frugal with sunglasses. I've managed to keep that same pair for around 15 years. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
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Hey #mepolitics - Ready for another round of #SeeMaineWithTiffany?

Who wants to guess where I was today?
There were many apples, a wagon ride and delighted bees.

The views were amazing!

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Hey #mepolitics -

Ready for a #SundaySoapbox?

Tonight I'd like to discuss "career politicians", and how we should maybe rethink that term.

It gets treated like a bad phrase. We're doing it wrong.

I *want* people in politics to see legislation as a career. Let's discuss.
How do we treat careers if we are serious about them?

We strive for proficiency, keep up on continuing education and try to do a good job...even when no one else is looking, because it is satisfying to be competent and well-respected at your career.

#SundaySoapbox #mepolitics
I regularly hear people advocate for term limits. For some elected roles? Sure.

For Congress? No.

But whyyyyyyy? Won't it get out the crummy reps? No. It will get us *more* crummy reps that are crummier.

Huh? Let me explain.

#SundaySoapbox #mepolitics
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When I have days that are too much, I try to find a positive way to channel my reaction to "too muchness".

Ladies & gents, let's invent the #MaineRaising #SundayScavengerHunt!

Today are you mad? Sad? Outraged? Disappointed? Looking for a happy outlet? Want to help others?
This is our area.

Let's see how many towns we can find that sell hand-crafted soaps.

The names of all the towns can be found here:…

There are 375 named municipalities in Maine's 2nd congressional district πŸ˜‚

#MaineRaising #SundayScavengerHunt
Spend only what you can afford.

If you can't shop, please share this #MaineRaising #SundayScavengerHunt.

Don't forget to include a note and tweet about your purchase.
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New #MaineRaising!

Instead of giving $ to my campaign, help #ME02.

Change $ spent on nasty ads to special interest stories on the news about helping our community. It's the story politics is missing.

Join in, from anywhere, and change politics.

#mepolitics #bond2018 #TWPSB
Let's use this #MaineRaising to help support those struggling with addiction.

Prefer to help with food insecurity instead of donating to addiction support?

Go retro with the last #MaineRaising!

If you are more of a shopper, try a shop #MaineRaising. Support this campaign by supporting small business in #ME02.

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Where is everyone going for #OpenFarmDay?

There are around 100 farms across #Maine participating in the 29th annual event. Support #smallbusiness and agriculture by coming out!…
Very first farm in the #OpenFarmDay brochure has...a winery. Somone want to tell @Governor_LePage that we should be exporting wines as well as importing them?

So much fun on #OpenFarmDay!

Our first stop was From The Country Farm. No online ordering, but you should absolutely do a #MaineRaising with a phone order. Amazing soaps, lotions and goat cheese.

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Wow. I woke up to a lot of notifications.

I would like to sincerely thank @redistrict for his highly dismissive tweet and point out to @CookPolitical what Dave is missing in this race by skimming candidates with a (hopefully brief) #sundaysoapbox.
I have a pretty niche skill set in a lot of ways - I'm grabbing skills that apply to Congress specifically.

I like reading bills (I know, right?)

I can translate said bills into mostly plain english

I am decent at recognizing unintended consequences before they hit
I tell the truth and deliver those truths in ways most people can hear it

I don't try to change people

I'm not shiny or polished, and don't want to be

I am not financially motivated

I am constitent and unapologetic in my beliefs, shifting only when data or perspective shifts
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Time for a new shop #MaineRaising.

Tired of being hit up for $? Shop instead!

Support my congressional run by buying self-care items from a #Maine seller. Our economy gets better, you get great stuff.

Show off your lotions, balms, soaps!

#buymaine4bond #mepolitics #ME02
Feeling extra noble?

Contribute to organizations that work to support those struggling with food insecurity.


Make sure to include a personal note about the campaign with your #MaineRaising!
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Today's challenge - write a letter to the editor for your local paper with what you like about the campaign.

Not in #ME02? That's fine! Help introduce the world to #MaineRaising, and encourage your local politicians to think outside the box.

#bond2018 #TWPSB
Here is your out of area sample:

Everyone should check out this new way of campaigning Tiffany Bond is doing in Maine. She focuses financial resources back to the community instead of campaign ads. We should do this here! Check it out

#bond2018 #TWPSB
If your letter gets published, tag the campaign! This isn't just Maine. It's all of us. Let's reinvent how we do politics and create a way for ethical, qualified middle class people to participate.

#bond2018 #TWPSB
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Now accepting pissed off volunteers.

Contributions starting at 5 minutes or $5 per week. Shoes optional.

Inquire within.

#bond2018 #TWPSB #DoNOTunderestimateWomen
Join me @RoArquette.

2018 will be better with a relationship mortician in your feed.

Come for the bill shreds, stay for the momisms.
In the interest of brevity, I have caused concern.

$5 per week comes in 2 #MaineRaising forms:

1. Contribution to charity (see pinned tweet)

2. Save it up and buy something once a month fron the district.

Still no $ to me. Still not for sale.

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voted for #HR620

Want to see what's in it?

#Readthebill #mepolitics #TWPSB #bond2018
Seems innocuous. It's a short bill.

Promotes education? Sounds good
Clarify? Well, seems reasonable
Notice and cure? That seems like a prudent course

Why are people all upset?
Our first hint that something more nefarious is afoot comes pretty swiftly. Reform is a strong word for the title given the description. Adding a little education, clarification and a notice/cure seems fairly wimpy to earn a bold word like "reform".
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