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Jul 30, 2018, 17 tweets

Defining “Socialist” isn’t hard. You just have to read their work & listen to their leaders

And what you’ll find is frightening

Worse yet, the Dem Socialists of America (DSA) actually has a good shot of gaining power if we don’t wake up & fight back

Let’s read their plan: 1/17

.@DemSocialists want to abolish capitalism and transfer ownership of “essential” industries / related businesses to the govt or worker committees.


“Wealth is a social creation and should be controlled by society as a whole.”


DSA’ers are squishy when defining which industries they’d nationalize. But the list touches every possible business, from food to electronics

Workers would then vote on which role is best for them, similar to the disastrous experiment at Zappos in 2016. (

Yet DSA knows it has a problem. And it’s a big one.

Every time a Socialist gov’t has tried to rule, it’s ended in immeasurable death and economic disaster. They admit as much. (See below)

This time, though, they think they can get it right.

America is their next experiment

To start their experiment, DSA plans to use the #Democratic Party as a parasitic host.

How so?

DSA’ers know that America is a two party system. So their aim is to push Dems left until they have a critical mass of supporters.

Then they’ll break off w/ a viable #Socialist party.

Amazingly, the Dem Party & many followers are happy to oblige.

DNC Chair Perez called DSA’er @Ocasio2018 “the future of the party.” (

Even Pelosi said Ocasio is welcome, as Dems have “a big tent.”

In political jargon, these Dems are “useful idiots.”

But how do DSA’ers plan to get popular support?

First step: Promise free stuff (*via lots of taxes).

That’s why DSA’ers push so hard for #SinglePayer, #HousingForAll, #FreeCollege, etc.

It’s a strategy to build their herd for an eventual Socialist revolution.

DSA’ers are also keen to offer up other incremental steps to woo the masses.

For instance, look for DSA to push for consumers and workers to serve on corporate boards.

Some of these ideas will have merit. But, for DSA, they’re a gateway drug to a Socialist takeover.

DSA is less known for its other domestic priorities, including #OpenBorders. The #AbolishICE movement was launched in earnest by DSA member @SeanMcElwee.

DSA views deportation of any kind for any reason as “ethnic cleansing.”

So abolishing ICE is absolutely about OpenBorders.

The irony, however, is that DSA doesn’t ultimately support immigrant groups & other minority communities.

DSA demands people think of themselves as a “working class” first, everything else second

So you can be black, but not too black. Be gay, but not too gay.

Uh oh #BLM & HRC

Meanwhile, DSA knows that, to be successful, it needs to be normalized in the media.

And that’s begun

MSNBC’s @morningmika called Ocasio “badass” while @maddow said she was “super impressive.” Same fawning coverage from @ErinBurnett and @chrislhayes.


Media’s useful idiots are even spreading helpful disinformation about Socialism.

Example: @JoyVBehar argued w/ @MeghanMcCain that Socialism is working great in countries like Sweden. (

Except Sweden isn’t Socialist. And DSA laments the very fact.


If all of this seems improbable — “DSA is a passing fad” — you’re not paying attention.

Their numbers are increasing fast. (

And they’re winning in Dem districts across the country, incl unlikely places like Pennsylvania. (

At this point, you better be nervous. And ready to fight back.

Politically, Dems need to wake the hell up. We’re being used by parasites for their horrific experiment.

We need to eject them from the party, eject them from our slots on ballots, & eject them from our caucuses.

Most critically, we need credible voices who can share a competing and compelling vision.

After all, the Socialist siren song is wickedly sweet. Free stuff sounds good when you’re struggling.

We need new Dem voices. (Bye Pelosi & Schumer)

We need to clean up DC w/ #TermLimits

The rest of the new Democratic agenda should be debated. I’ve put forward my ideas, captured by “A New American Oath” for our fellow countrymen.

This agenda is equal parts bold and pragmatic. And it’s a damn good place to start.…

Bottom line: #DemocraticSocialists are not just a liberal wing of the Democratic Party.

They are a cancer. And they pose a grave threat to not just the party but the country.

It’s high time Dems wake up to that reality and fight back w/ smarter leaders & a better way forward.

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