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Aug 25, 2018, 6 tweets

With #Daraa & #Quneitra province under full control. #SAA turn their eyes on N.W. #Syria : In the next days army will launch a new operation ( #IdlibDawn ) in order to liberate the remaining areas of #Latakia , #Hama , #Idlib & W. #Aleppo & eliminate #HTS rule (Dark green) (1)

Due to the extension of the frontlines (273 Km) & rebel control area (6428 Km^2) operation will be carried out in more than one phase & 4 different axis:
- #Latakia: #SAA 4th division objetive is expell rebels from their last areas of Latakia until outskirts of Jish Shugour (2)

-Ghab plains: #SAA objetive is the liberation of N.W. #Hama (especially Qalaat al-Madiq) & enter in the first parts of Zawiyah mountains for the future Jish Shugour battle
-North Hama: #SAA will open this axis in order to reduce most of #Hama salient (Morek is not included) (3)

- Abu Dhuhur-Sinjar: #SAA #Tiger_Forces task is to liberate the villages between Abu Dhuhur Airbase & M-5 Highway & create a launching point for the future operation to liberate Saraqib & Maarrat al-Numan towns (4)

-Aleppo city: #SAA target is the liberation of the remaining suburbs of the city under rebel control (from Rashidin until Kafr Hamra). Most probably Anadan plains are included in this operation as many reinforcements have arrived to Nubl-Zahara (5)

At the moment, only 4 axis are included in the 1st phase of #IdlibDawn operation, once #SAA have reached the main objetives of this phase, the 2nd phase will start with two probable targets: Jish al-Shugour town & M-5 Highway

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