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Sep 1, 2018, 7 tweets

Sometimes I think the only question that matters is how does any adult convince themselves that it is ok to be a(n) racist, sexist, agist, homophobe, abuser, liar, hater, elitist, rapist, etc?

We currently have an epidemic of these afflictions so it merits some thought...


The truth is everytime someone displays the hate, they are showing you how wounded they are. It does not excuse their choices to act out the hate.

But realizing they are wounded can help to prevent you from taking on their anger and hate.


To create a fertile ground for hate one simply has to make resources scarce and convince one group that another group has taken what should be theirs.

To make resources scarce just funnel a higher percentage of total wealth to the top and let the bottom 90% fight it out


Still scarce resources are not a free pass to stop being a good person.

The #MeToo movement teaches us that speaking out against wrong doings in force works.

#TheResistance is another example of the power of shining a spotlight onto wrong doings!


In an age where lies are told everyday by people in power and a deluge of trolls and bota it can seem confusing to figure out what is true!

So I want to remind everyone that they have an internal lie detector. Think about it! Most of us know when someone is lying.


Some ways to figure out how trustworthy the information is involves verifying facts, having data and/or other sources to confirm your assertions, being clear about the scope of your information, etc

Hint: Opinions and agreeing with your perspective do not equal truth.


So always remember that we have what we need to stop this epidemic of hate: Love, compassion, truth and the power of standing up to wrong doings in force.
#MakeADifference #TheWorldNeedsYou

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