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Chief Market Strategist at the World Gold Council

Sep 10, 2018, 7 tweets

Gold: Stubbornly Short:

CFTC data, released Friday for positions as of Tuesday 4 September, show that Comex Managed Money remains short #gold.


Gold: There was little change to the already-elevated gross Managed Money short #gold position, which increased by only 100Koz; gross longs fell by 900koz to 10.5 million ounces, driving the net short position 1moz higher to 7.9Moz


Gold: There has been little change in price or Comex #gold open interest since last Tuesday, indicating little change in positions since then and no obvious technical trigger for a further move.


Gold: The US dollar remains the greatest determinant of the short-term #gold price direction.


Gold: Precious metals appear out of favour now, at least from the investment and speculative community: one barometer for this is the #Gold: Silver ratio, clearly elevated currently.


Gold: The net speculative short position in silver is at an all-time high (using data back to 1993), confirming this negative sentiment.


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