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Oct 4, 2018, 35 tweets

(1) #PhotoThread for the #ConfirmKavanaugh process starting 10/3/18.

(2) Mitch laughing to himself about how absurd it is that he has to push his way through the crowd of reporters on 9/25/18.

(3) Sen Grassley is 85 years old. (Democrats have senators around that age, too.)

Today he had to hold onto a Capitol Police officer to reduce the risk of a reporter knocking him over. This has to stop. Senators must return to being able to walk around freely at work.

(4) Mitch on Mon, Tue & Wed this week. #WeGotThis

In the photo below, he's walking with the Secretary for the Majority, Laura Dove. She knows we will win this, too.

(5) Another great #CocaineMitch photo from today. Can you imagine the smiling and clinking of glasses with Secretary Chao at home tonight and when they finally get it done? #NotTiredOfWinning #MAGA 🥂

(6) This officer means business. Don't nobody mess with her. 👮‍♀️

(7) I got a whole lot of recent photos to add to this thread but on this great day for America, here are some older ones. #ThankYouCollins #StaySafe #BraveWoman

(8) Did you know: It took 3 years for the Senate to confirm Kavanaugh to the Court of Appeals in 2006. Justice Kennedy officiated at his WH ceremony (they have a second one at the court.)

America loves this family & the brave Senators voting yes in 2018.

(9) No one can take these moments away from them. The Kavanaughs are made of tough stuff, and they are carried on the shoulders of decent Americans, and loved by God. They will be OK. It's time to honor them and celebrate this.

(10) In the running for the best set of photos today are these by intrepid (actual) journalist @bennyjohnson. What an EPIC moment that was. Benny has provided some of the best coverage this week, up there with Sen Hatch and a small number of others. #Grambo #LindseyGraham

(11) Sen Chuck Grassley's elephant tie he's wearing today.🐘🇺🇸

I've never been prouder to be a Republican.

(12) You did it, Mitch. You brought it home.

Career-defining moment.

(13) @SteveDaines in his DC office: "Just cast my vote for Judge Kavanaugh getting him one step closer onto #SCOTUS. We spoke last night, and I assured him, I will be back to vote YES this weekend if needed. Looking forward to calling Judge Kavanaugh, Justice Kavanaugh."

(14) From when I first heard about the wedding of Annie Daines yesterday, I knew her father would not let us down, partly because I remembered seeing this photo on July 5th, 2018. Sen @SteveDaines is a huge Trump supporter.

(15) Sen @SteveDaines walked his daughter Annie down the aisle at the same time as the Senate voted to confirm Kavanaugh 50-48. He had the blessing of POTUS and Mitch McConnell, since we had the votes.

(16) After POTUS announced his nomination on July 7, VP accompanied Justice Kavanaugh up the steps of the Capitol for the first of his meetings with Senators.

(17) Nominee Kavanaugh walks into the Capitol building in July 2018.

(18) Justice Kavanaugh serving as a volunteer as he has done for many years, in July 2018.

(19) Feinstein before and after reading the FBI report on Saturday morning. #Oops

(20) Other Democrats after reading the FBI report.

(21) Senators Hatch, Grassley and another colleague after reading the FBI report.

(22) Senators Kyl, Cruz and Grassley after reading the FBI report on Friday (correction: I said Saturday above).

(23) Sen Collins giving her historic speech, with Sens Capito and Hyde-Smith behind her. She is pictured entering a US Capitol Police car afterwards.

Her speech is a must-read/watch. Those calling her anti women's rights obviously don't know what she said.

(24) All hail the great #CocaineMitch. This was him on Saturday.

(25) Some great points made in Mitch's post-vote presser Saturday.

(26) POTUS emerged from the White House smiling on Saturday as he left for his rally on Topeka, KS.

(27) POTUS spoke to media on AF1.

(28) VP and his Chief of Staff Nick Ayers arriving on Capitol Hill for the Kavanaugh vote, Saturday.

(29) VP announces the result of the confirmation vote, a moment that was watched by millions.

(30) VP paused and considered taking another door out, then said #LetsDoThis, waving to the crowd at the bottom of the steps. #TrollMaster #IWillTeachThem

(31) VP waves to the protesters. #BlessYourHeart

(32) POTUS in Topeka, KS with supporters very pleased to see him, as usual.

(33) Huge cheers as POTUS spoke about the confirmation of Justice Kavanaugh at his rally 3 hours later.

#WomenForTrump support #DueProcess and the credibility of genuine survivors of sexual assault. Bigly.

(34) POTUS speaking with Judge Jeanine Pirro live on FOX just after the rally, before leaving Topeka.

(35) The two official oaths of office, sworn by Justices Roberts and Kennedy, respectively. Four other Supreme Court Justices were present, along with Justice Kavanaugh's parents. Ceremonial swearing-in at the WH two days later.

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