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Jun 26, 2017, 49 tweets

What. The. Fuck.

Someone, please explain this to us ASAP cuz we're very very very lost.


A pie chart of wood swatches

Can someone explain this framework?

In your best robot voice, say "The Point of Optimality"

Now try to make sense of this graph. You can't.

ht/ @trstndh

What countries are U Chicago's summer business scholars from? This pie chart will not tell you.

Not good.

This pie chart sums to zero h/t @TomWGoldsmith

Great VC vs A good VC

Someone, explain this one to us please.

#VentureCapital #startup

Check out the legend on this graph

h/t @DSarin91

Tesla makes great cars

Graphs - not so much


If there is anything good about this graph, could it be that it is colorblind friendly?


Fatal police shootings and smiley faces.
Perfect together.


Want to understand ad tech?
This graphic won't help

h/t @40deuce @travisobvs

When you suck at pie charts, this is what you get

Not everything with dogs and cats is cute reddit.com/r/dataisugly/c…

A layered pie chart. Why?

Lord have mercy

Half a pie chart


Not a bad graph, but still

Legend of Zelda wins for most slices reddit.com/r/dataisugly/c…

Does Communism work?

Both a good and bad pie chart at the same time

h/t our many newsletter subscribers who sent this one

Want to understand the AI, machine learning?

This graphic will NOT help you

h/t @stevenkuyan

This is not the best way to visualize a decline in travelers imgur.com/vHMkVHk

The most uncomfortable Kleenex box ever i.redd.it/pc7ftlrwa7mz.j… (not a graph but deserved a shoutout for bad design)

When there just aren't enough colors

4 pie charts. All nonsense from nyc.gov

Boom! 243% of boomers describe themselves as follows designyourway.net/blog/inspirati…

The 100 most active tweeters quora.com/What-are-examp…

Not sure we can believe University of Texas graduation rates given this graph h/t @phillipoung

The bitcoin wealth distribution.
But who cuts a pie like this? h/t @oneeight9three

A 381% pie chart reddit.com/r/dataisugly/c…

We have no idea where to begin on this rollercoaster of a consultant framework

Another sweet innovation framework

Square venn diagram + Similar colors + Jargon = Winning

This is a very disruptive visualization reddit.com/r/dataisugly/c…

Business + technology + human context = Innovation

profoundly meaningless gibberish

congrats consultants!

You cannot unsee this

What. the. F.

Also, nobody wants to sit on the co-managing bar h/t @jpwarren

The "image not to scale" was a helpful footnote on what are otherwise, 3 very meaningless pie charts

LeBron for Fed chair?

Spurious correlation at its finest


Yes. Definitely yes.

This simple flowchart explains the whole Russia - Uranium One issue

Just simply follow along and voila



This pie chart needs a bit more purple

How can you make a pie chart this bad?


We take a break from bad pie charts to share this good one

We have no idea what this is trying to illustrate but it seems important i.redd.it/ujsdi40n6c601.…

Bad dataviz transcends languages
It transcends borders
It brings people together

Here is a beauty sent to us by one of our awesome newsletter subscribers from Sweden

Dear Mr Consultant,

Until you made this, we had no idea what our strategy should be.

After seeing this, we still don't.

Thank you so much. We hope the fees we paid you got you a nice vacation

Your poorer client

h/t newsletter subscriber Dean Wormell

Yup - not how bar charts work i.redd.it/5frdduusg1b01.…

Q: Is this even a pie chart?

This non-sensical graph is from the World Economic Forum and somehow illustrates that "perfectionism has become a hidden epidemic among young people"


h/t @hanskunisch

Oh what's in a scatterplot? Could it be known?
Surely not or a scatterplot's what we'd have shown.

Who needs little dots when instead your whole viz
Can be bunches of arrows that just look like shiz?

#ugly #dataviz

Good lord

This data viz is explosive

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