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Oct 10, 2017, 55 tweets

Today, we are celebrating the achievements of women in science, technology, engineering & maths #AdaLovelaceDay

For #AdaLovelaceDay, we’ll be highlighting the many wonderful #womeninstem that help us understand the world today

Pratiwi Sudarmono is professor of microbiology @univ_indonesia & the first Indonesian astronaut #AdaLovelaceDay

Engineer @NaadiyaMoosajee co-founded @_WomEng, a non-profit developing next gen of female engineers #AdaLovelaceDay

.@sophiescott is a neuroscientist & @wellcometrust fellow @UCL. 2017 @Ri_Science Christmas lecturer #AdaLovelaceDay

Tu Youyou is a pharmaceutical chemist, best known for her discovery of antimalarial artemisinin #AdaLovelaceDay

Cheryl Praeger is a maths prof @uwanews, foreign secretary @Science_Academy & past pres @AustMS #AdaLovelaceDay

Astrophysicist @SheerPriya is known for her work in mapping dark matter & dark energy. Prof @Yale #AdaLovelaceDay

Lebanese chemist Niveen Khashab is an associate prof @KAUST_New & 2017 laureates @Loreal -@UNESCO #AdaLovelaceDay

.@aimafidon is the founder & CEO @Stemettes - a social enterprise promoting women in #STEM careers #AdaLovelaceDay

NZ physicist Ocean Mercier teaches & studies the interface of mātauranga Māori & science @VicUniWgtn #AdaLovelaceDay

Segenet Kelemu is Director-General of @ICIPE & won the 2014 @Loreal-@UNESCO Women in Science Award #AdaLovelaceDay

Particle accelerator physicist @suziesheehy is a science presenter & @royalsociety URF @UniofOxford #AdaLovelaceDay

Kayo Inaba leads the Graduate School of Biostudies @univkyoto & Vice-President for Gender Equality #AdaLovelaceDay

Jennifer Doudna, a professor at @UCBerkeley & director @igisci, is the co-inventor of #CRISPR #AdaLovelaceDay

Lihadh Al-Gazali is a clinical geneticist identifying new inherited disorders in Arab populations #AdaLovelaceDay

Ann Chapman was a limnologist & the first woman to lead a scientific expedition to Antarctica #AdaLovelaceDay

Francisca Nneka Okeke is a Nigerian scientist & first female head of a department @unn_tweets #AdaLovelaceDay

Carme Torras Genís is a Spanish computer scientist who has contributed to research on robotics & #AI #AdaLovelaceDay

Biodiversity scientist @aguribfakim is the first woman to be elected as President of Mauritius #AdaLovelaceDay

Asima Chatterjee, a pioneering organic chemist, was the 1st Indian woman to gain a science doctorate #AdaLovelaceDay

Mazlan Othman is Malaysia’s first astrophysicist & founding director of the Malaysian Space Agency #AdaLovelaceDay

Kate Hutton, nicknamed Earthquake Kate, is a seismologist @Caltech & science educator #AdaLovelaceDay

Argentine biochemist Cecilia Bouzat researches the nervous system & how the brain cells communicate #AdaLovelaceDay

Alenush Terian was an Iranian-Armenian physicist, known as the 'Mother of Modern Iranian Astronomy' #AdaLovelaceDay

Aurore Avarguès-Weber is a French cognitive neuroscientist researching the behaviour of bees @CNRS #AdaLovelaceDay

Molecular biologist @DrHalfPintBuddy is the founder of @STEMWomen & science writer @The_MRC #AdaLovelaceDay

Eucharia Oluchi Nwaichi is a Nigerian environmental biochemist, soil scientist & toxicologist #AdaLovelaceDay

Irene Ng Oi Lin was awarded @TWASnews prize in medical sciences for her research into liver cancer #AdaLovelaceDay

Paediatric neurologist @ingridscheffer has made major advances in the field of epilepsy research #AdaLovelaceDay

Khatijah Mohamad Yusoff is a microbiology prof @uputramalaysia & won @UNESCO Carlos J. Finlay Prize #AdaLovelaceDay

Anatomist Vera Danchakoff was a pioneer in stem cell research & first woman in Russia to be appointed as a professor #AdaLovelaceDay

Engineer @AnoushehAnsari was the first Iranian in space in 2006 & first self-funded woman to fly to @Space_Station #AdaLovelaceDay

Gladys Kalema-Zikusoka is a leading conservationist working to save endangered mountain gorillas #AdaLovelaceDay

Brazilian physicist Márcia Barbosa is a prof @ufrgsnoticias & researches the properties of water #AdaLovelaceDay

Hong Kong chemist Prof Vivian Wing-Wah Yam researches innovative ways of capturing solar energy #AdaLovelaceDay

.@JedidahIslerPhD is the first African-American woman to receive a PhD in Astrophysics @Yale #AdaLovelaceDay

Mathematician Dk Najibah Era Al-Sufri is the first Bruneian to have reached the South Pole #AdaLovelaceDay

Ynes Mexia was a Mexican-American botanist who discovered 2 new plant genera & 500 new plant species #AdaLovelaceDay

Karimat El-Sayed is an Egyptian academic, crystallographer, & proponent of women's education #AdaLovelaceDay

.@MediciPatricia leads the longest running conservation project to protect the threatened tapir #AdaLovelaceDay

Hibah Rahmani is an avionics & flight controls engineer @NASA working on Launch Services Programme #AdaLovelaceDay

Canadian inventor @annmakosinski created the hollow flashlight & won 2013 (15-16) @googlescifair #AdaLovelaceDay

Idah Sithole-Niang, a biochemist & educator @UZimbabwe, researches viruses which attack cowpea #AdaLovelaceDay

Palaeontologist @DrShaena, former Newton International Fellow, runs outreach prog Dinosaur Doctors #AdaLovelaceDay

French molecular biologist Catherine Feuillet was the first scientist to map the wheat chromosome 3B #AdaLovelaceDay

Thaisa Storchi Bergmann, a Brazilian astrophysicist @ufrgsnoticias, won 2015 @Loreal -@UNESCO award #AdaLovelaceDay

Mathematician Mary Jackson became @NASA 's first black female aerospace engineer in 1958 #AdaLovelaceDay

Palaeontologist Zulma Brandoni de Gasparini discovered the fossils of the dinosaur Gasparinisaura #AdaLovelaceDay

Dr @margagual is a biologist & senior project director, Centre for Science Diplomacy @AAAS @SciDip #AdaLovelaceDay

.@osnatpenn is an Israeli computational biologist & researches the genetic origins of autism #AdaLovelaceDay

US molecular biologist Bonnie Bassler is a prof @Princeton & was awarded a 2002 MacArthur Fellowship #AdaLovelaceDay

Nashwa Eassa, a nanoparticle physicist at Al-Neelain Uni & founder of Sudanese Women in Sciences #AdaLovelaceDay

Portuguese astrobiologist @ZitaMartins is a science communicator/ @royalsociety URF @imperialcollege #AdaLovelaceDay

Follow our feed throughout this evening to discover more #womeninscience from across the globe #AdaLovelaceDay

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