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The inevitable backlash about Strumia's pro-male Physics lecture has begun, with a few mostly privileged males insisting he spoke 'the truth' and demanding women disprove his claims. Well those women are too busy doing great science so this thread aims to help. #womeninSTEM
1. Claiming 'the history of physics is male' is meaningless and proves nothing. For much of the history of physics most universities refused to educate women. What chance dud they have??
2. Presenting data on the woman who beat you to a job (sample size, N=1) as evidence of discrimination against men is nonsense as science. Further, the only metric used is how many times she (and he) was cited - in no way a good measure of the talent/ideas of a young researcher.
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On Friday I spoke at a CERN workshop on gender and high energy physics. I shared the work of @PhysicsNews’ Juno Award, the @1752Group and other evidence-based institutional programs. The head of theory @CERN gave a 30 minute Damore-esque manifesto against #womeninSTEM.
After my talk (…), he told me British undergraduates faced huge debts after their studies because of the amount of money we spend on equality and diversity training. Apparently #womeninSTEM in Italy face no debts or sexism...
Short summary of Strumia’s talk: women aren’t as good at physics as men and they’ve been allocated too much funding/ been promoted into positions of power unfairly. He said this to an audience of early career #womeninSTEM.
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There was a workshop at @CERN recently: "1st Workshop on High Energy Theory and Gender". Apparently Strumia gave a talk and manages to hit every horrible idea on gender issues in STEM while demeaning his female colleagues (at CERN and everywhere else). 🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️
.@jesswade I see your name on the participant list. Were you there for his talk?
Slides are here:… #WomeninSTEM
Some gems. "Oh look, I proved men are treated worse than women in physics, because wars."
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Learning about key components of the Athena SWAN Process which has been used widely in the UK (140+ members) #UBC @NSERC_CRSNG
First step is a rigorous self-assessment to identify issues and create an action plan for addressing them. This step must be tailored to the institution, can’t just rote “copy” others.
Next step is apply to a peer-reviewed panel for “Bronze” designation which means institution has robustly done these things, and now has four years to work on the plan before applying again
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@DeepIndaba top tips from an extremely useful panel discussion on how to write a great research paper:
- tell one story throughout the paper. make sure this story is clear and that you are able to frame your paper in 1 sentence.
- be clear about what the problem is and about the solution you are putting forward.
- you don't have to put everything you did in everything you write.
- be academically honest. don't oversell your results.
- introduce a concept and its mathematical notation at the same time to keep your reader in the loop.
- spend time on creating images that help to visualize concepts, put them at the top of the page with a self-contained caption.
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To inspire the next generation of #WomenInSTEM, we're highlighting Energy Department staff who have gone on to do big things.

THEN: Alice Caponiti, age 7, with her dog Heidi.
NOW: Alice, our Director for Advanced Reactor Technologies, with @MarsCuriosity! #SheCanSTEM #STEMRising
THEN: Anne White in elementary school.
NOW: Today, she's the Assistant Secretary for the Energy Department's Office of Environmental Management.

#SheCanSTEM #STEMRising
THEN: Sunita Satyapal, 16, conducting an experiment.

NOW: Today, Sunita is the Director of the Energy Department's Fuel Cell Technologies Office.

#SheCanSTEM #STEMRising
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I could not be more ashamed of our education system when with one hand we celebrate #WomenInSTEM and with the other we cut their contributions out of our history.
Today I learned that EVERY SINGLE mention of a woman has been removed from the new HSC physics syllabus 1/
A bit of background: A new HSC physics syllabus was introduced in 2018, promising to give students a broad taste of physics and to bring them to university prepared with strong critical thinking skills and technical knowledge 2/
For those unfamiliar with the new syllabus: It more than doubles the number of equations, introduces topics that haven’t been taught for over 15 years and introduces many more experiments 3/
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#WomeninSTEM get a lot of “Reply Guys” who repeat the same unhelpful comments.

@shrewshrew and I (a woman & a man in science) have attempted to catalog those replies, to save us all the trouble of writing new responses every time.


We will post one Reply Guy a day, and we welcome your thoughts and feedback.

Starting with a very nice fella, full of helpful advice, with one big problem:

Reply Guy #1. THE LIFE COACH
People who get annoying replies can tag the dude with the appropriate Reply Guy from this thread, and save themselves a pointless debate. That’s the idea anyway.

And some guys seem to take it to heart when you point out that they’re being a cliché.

#MeTooSTEM #MeTooPhD
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Why do I care so much about getting a copy of #Inferior into all schools? Because I don’t want to just tell girls they can do anything. I want them to read it, be empowered, and join our fight for equality. #thisgirlcan…
The @PhysicsNews Improving Gender Balance Report includes recommendations to challenge gender stereotypes. #Inferior provides evidence, engages readers with the issues and educates students and teachers in their own unconscious bias. Read it:…
Why do I care so much about evidence? In 2016 @RAEng revealed that UK STEM Education landscape is chaotic, confusing + expensive. Instead of spending heaps on evidence-free 'STEM' outreach, we should be working to challenge school culture. Read the report:…
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Got to thank @gates_mcfadden in person for helping me get through the academic job market — and to express my hope that she will be given a leading role on a future Star Trek show. Thank you Gates, for being an example for us all ❤️✊🏽 #STLV #womeninSTEM #womeninfilm
Also this is totally beside the point but HER HAIR LOOKS AMAZING

And the fans want to see Gates in some capacity on Disco, in front or behind the camera! #STLV #StarTrekDiscovery
@gates_mcfadden has always made a point of remembering me and that I am a physicist and last year when she asked me how it was going, I started crying bc I was so exhausted & worried about academic stuff. She wrote me a powerful note that I have carried w/me everywhere. Thankful.
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Lise Meitner was an Austrian-Swedish physicist. She became the second woman to gain a PhD in physics at @univienna in 1905. In 1917, Meitner and Otto Hahn discovered the first long-lived isotope of protactinium while at the Kaiser-Wilhelm-Institut (KWI). #STEMlegends #WomenInSTEM Black and white photograph of Lise Meitner, wearing a dress and hat, in Vienna 1906.
In 1922, Meitner discovered the Auger emission process. This describes how a photon or electron is emitted from an atom when the inner-shell is filled by an electron. This effect is named after Pierre Auger who made the same discovery as Meitner independently, the following year.
After the discovery of the neutron in 1932, physicists realised it might be possible to create new elements by adding neutrons to uranium. A race to create the first new element ensued between Meitner and Hahn, and Ernest Rutherford, Irène Joliot-Curie, and Enrico Fermi.
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Marie-Francoise Roy opens the annual workshop on the progress of the Gender Gap project in Paris.

#genderequity #WomenInScience #womeninSTEM #womenintech
Mei-Hung Chiu reports on the regional workshop for Asia held in Taipei in Nov 2017. 36 participants from 12 countries met to develop strategies for the project's success.…
Igle Gledhill summarizes the work done at regional workshop held at AIMS in Cape Town in December 2017.…
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Almost every day for the last month or so, I've pumped at work. Not in the basement pump room that's like a 10 minute walk to get to, or hiding out in the bathroom armchair, but AT WORK. In lab. On my microscope. At my desk. Around other humans. This is a #momlife thread 1/
I've pumped while taking care of fruit flies. While doing microdissections. While standing in the sandwich line at the cafeteria. Walking down the hallway. In the elevator. Walking home. ON THE EFFING SUBWAY. I even pumped in class a couple of times 2/
This is because @Freemie finally brought pumping into the twenty - first century with the #freemieliberty. There's a wearable technology for every sport under the sun, and now, finally, for pumping too. 3/
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[Transformation&Representation] Before diving into today’s topic of transformation and representation. I would like to run a series of polls. Please feel free to participate!

1. Are you currently working in a STEM (science, technology, engineering, maths) field?

2. If you are in STEM (student or employee or any STEM involvement), are you a minority? (Minority here is defined as any group that is underrepresented, includes race, gender, disability, sexual identity or orientation etc)
I am really passionate about this topic because I am a minority in my field. I am a minority because I am a woman. I am a minority because I am an African researcher. I am a minority because I am of colour. #womeninSTEM #POCinSTEM #AfricanSTEM
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Thread of resources! A friend just asked me to give him some links on articles on why women are underrepresented in tech which are written for a popular audience. Here's a roundup of articles I sent him. #womenintech #womeninSTEM (1/n)
First off, one should know that CS was once female dominated in the West:… (2/n)
One should also know that CS is female dominated in some countries today, like Malaysia and Qatar, and that many non-Western countries have near-parity in their CS majors.… (3/n)
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There was an NBC article this morning about women in STEM being underestimated by male colleagues, and am coping by being OBNOXIOUSLY CONFIDENT. LET'S DO SOME VERY IMPORTANT SCIENCE, TWITTER.
#WomenInSTEM #WomenWhoCode
I took a class this semester on computational models of human decision making, and it was awesome. I learned about algorithms, and how information is taken in and updated to help us decide *stuff*
The final project was to develop code that could produce data and learn from itself (given parameters I set...the computers aren't going to kill us all.)
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It's #IWD2018, so we thought we should highlight some of the incredible #WomeninSTEM we've written about recently.

First up, Melanie @SanfordLab –gardener & gymnast with a treadmill desk:… 1/10
Next, Lesley Yellowlees, former president of @RoySocChem, whose favourite place to think is the shower, loves Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid and says a @TakeThat gig was 'the most uplifting thing I’d ever seen'

#IWD2018… 2/10
Geri Richmond, former president of @AAAS, enjoys urban farming and track & field, and is a big fan of @PinkMartiniBand

#IWD2018… 3/10
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Today, we are celebrating the achievements of women in science, technology, engineering & maths #AdaLovelaceDay
For #AdaLovelaceDay, we’ll be highlighting the many wonderful #womeninstem that help us understand the world today
Pratiwi Sudarmono is professor of microbiology @univ_indonesia & the first Indonesian astronaut #AdaLovelaceDay
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