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Award winning campaign to end India's genocide of women due to feticide, infanticide, dowry murders, honor killings. Founder @Rita_Banerji

Dec 9, 2017, 53 tweets

In Delhi a 11 month old girl died because the hospital refused to treat her without an #Aadhaar card.



In Chandigarh, a woman was refused #abortion because she did not have an Aadhaar. She sought a back alley abortion and suffered extreme bleeding and complications.






3/n. HIV+ women in India have stopped their treatment as hospitals demand the biometric Aadhaar. The women fear loss of anonymity & social stigma on them and their families. newindianexpress.com/states/karnata…


4/n In UP a family made a fake Aadhaar card showing their 11yr-old daughter to be 18 to marry her off. Govt has been forcing biometric Aadhaar card on everyone, claiming it will control childmarriage!
#AadhaarKills #DestroyTheAadhaar

5/n In Kerala, a woman was raped, blackmailed into a sham marriage & given a new #Aadhaar id under a married name, which she said was to be used to traffick her as a sexslave for ISIS.



6/n. For Indian widows #Aadhaar is a nightmare. Hundreds of aged widows are deprived of their pension or food ration as their Biometrics don't register or are stolen. Also starvation deaths!


7/n As we continue our thread on the devastating effects of the Aadhaar biometric id on lives of women in India, specially the poor, we get threats like this 👇 UIDAI is a Pvt co.that issues the id.

8/n. A 11yr-old girl, Santoshi, died of starvation after her family was denied ration (food subsidies for the poor) because their #AadhaarCard was cancelled. Govt earlier denied this & now admits it amp.scroll.in/article/854225…


9/n. The mother of Santoshi, the girl who died due to #Aadhaar id card induced starvation, has been threatened and attacked to ensure she doesn't tell the media & public the truth about #AadhaarDeaths. #AadhaarWarOnWomen

10/n About 500 senior citizens, #widows & HIV patients had their pensions stolen via their #Aadhaar data. Govt has forced all citizens under threat to link their bank & pension​ to the insecure biometric Aadhaar system. #AadhaarWarOnWomen #AadhaarScam newindianexpress.com/states/telanga…

11/n Mothers of two disabled children in Bengal were denied their disability allowance because they had no #Aadhaar. Read the unbelievable abuse these women & children suffer.
huffingtonpost.in/2017/07/27/par… #AadhaarWarOnWomen #AadhaarFail

12/n @derekobrienmp @MamataOfficial - URGENT: These women are in West Bengal & U can help them. Just Rs.600 ($10), which they desperately need for their children, they are denied because of #Aadhaar. Please get them help immediately. #AadhaarWarOnWomen

@derekobrienmp @MamataOfficial 13/n More than 53000 people including widows have been denied pension since Oct 2016 by the government as their Biometrics don't register on the Aadhaar id system due to their age or disabilities. Govt claims their money as "savings!" #AadhaarWaronWomen

@derekobrienmp @MamataOfficial 14/n. Thousands of domestic workers in Pune protested the forced linking of Aadhaar with welfare benefits forcing officials to withdraw order. Due to biometric mismatch, thousands are being cheated of welfare, wages & pension. #AadhaarWarOnWomen

@derekobrienmp @MamataOfficial 15/n. Here's another e.g of how elderly, poor widowed women are being killed by the state w/ #Aadhaar induced starvation & then framed for crimes & their own death! #AadhaarWarOnWomen #AadhaarScam #AadhaarLies

@derekobrienmp @MamataOfficial As explained by @no2uid below, police & state conspire to cover up a 64yr-old poor widow Premani's death, due to Aadhaar induced starvation. The dead woman's son is instead percuted for making public the reason of his mother's death. Also see 9/n in thread. #AadhaarWarOnWomen

@derekobrienmp @MamataOfficial @no2uid 16/n Another woman died after hospital refused her emergency treatment without her Aadhaar! Shakuntala was also the widow of an Indian soldier who died in the Kargil battle. This is a police state! timesofindia.indiatimes.com/city/chandigar… #AadhaarWarOnWomen #AadhaarKills #AadhaarMurder

@derekobrienmp @MamataOfficial @no2uid 17/n. Another woman died due to Aadhaar induced starvation! 67yr-old Etwariya got no food or pension for 3 months as her biometrics did not match her Aadhaar. This is a Humanrights crises for women! Tell @PMOIndia to STOP this #AadhaarWarOnWomen counterview.net/2018/01/anothe…

@derekobrienmp @MamataOfficial @no2uid @PMOIndia 18/n This is #AadhaarWarOnWomen. We demand it be stopped immediately. Please RT 👇👇👇

@derekobrienmp @MamataOfficial @no2uid @PMOIndia 19/n Glad this was resolved. So important for all of us, women specially to be aware of our rights and not allow institutions to violate them or that of our sisters!

@Rita_Banerji @derekobrienmp @MamataOfficial @no2uid @PMOIndia 20/n. The horrors of #AadhaarWarOnWomen and its violation of #civilrights continues. The PM & CM of West Bengal must immediately intervene to ensure 80yo Purnima Rani Patra gets her pension & pass an immediate order exempting all aged & disabled persons who can't give biometrics

@Rita_Banerji @derekobrienmp @MamataOfficial @no2uid @PMOIndia 21/n Banabasi Pradhan has not received her food subsidies for 7 months because of #Aadhaar. Govt must intervene immediately. STOP this #AadhaarWarOnWomen

@Rita_Banerji @derekobrienmp @MamataOfficial @no2uid @PMOIndia 22/n Mr. Prime Minister @narendramodi please heed the advice Phulamati. #Aadhaar biometric authentication is depriving old & poor people like her of pension and ration & she wants you to scrap this terrible system! And get her help immediately!

@Rita_Banerji @derekobrienmp @MamataOfficial @no2uid @PMOIndia @narendramodi 23/n Like the mothers in 11 & 13 in thread, Jamuna too has not been able to get disability pension for her little boy who is blind and can't get an #Aadhaar. What kind of system is this that targets & abuses the poor & disabled? Why is the govt silent?

@Rita_Banerji @derekobrienmp @MamataOfficial @no2uid @PMOIndia @narendramodi 24/n. With this absurdity of Aadhaar identification through a biometric match which often does not work girls are not being allowed into school! What is this insanity India? #AadhaarWarOnWomen #AadhaarVictim

@Rita_Banerji @derekobrienmp @MamataOfficial @no2uid @PMOIndia @narendramodi 25/n This 75yr-old poor #widow in Delhi, Hamida Khatoon has not got food ration for months as Aadhaar biometrics don't match! @unwomenindia please take action before more women die of starvation! #AadhaarWarOnWomen #AadhaarVictim buff.ly/2q2In3r

@Rita_Banerji @derekobrienmp @MamataOfficial @no2uid @PMOIndia @narendramodi @unwomenindia 26/n Report of another girl being denied #RightToEducation because her parents don't have the Aadhaar ID. PM Modi whatever happened to your program to educate girls to stop India's female genocide? #AadhaarWarOnWomen! STOP👇

@Rita_Banerji @derekobrienmp @MamataOfficial @no2uid @PMOIndia @narendramodi @unwomenindia 27/n. A homeless woman and her children are refused entry to a shelter on a winter's night without an Aadhaar! She can't even have an Aadhaar without an address! This is insane! Govt is silent! #AadhaarWarOnWomen #AadhaarVictims

@Rita_Banerji @derekobrienmp @MamataOfficial @no2uid @PMOIndia @narendramodi @unwomenindia 28/n During a citizens' discussion forum on @redditindia regarding the enormous danger & abuses of #Aadhaar this terrible account of an elderly, paralyzed widow denied her legal right to her husband's bank account! #AadhaarWarOnWomen #AadhaarVictim

@sexandpower @Rita_Banerji @derekobrienmp @MamataOfficial @no2uid @PMOIndia @narendramodi @unwomenindia @redditindia 29/n A pregnant woman, refused admission by hospital without an #Aadhaar ID had to deliver on the road outside. Pregnant #women are being refused medical tests, scans, ambulance & delivery without Aadhaar. Ask @MinistryWCD why this #AadhaarWarOnWomen? dnaindia.com/india/report-u…

@sexandpower @Rita_Banerji @derekobrienmp @MamataOfficial @no2uid @PMOIndia @narendramodi @unwomenindia @redditindia @MinistryWCD 30/n Another woman killed by starvation because her fingerprint was rejected by the #Aadhaar id machine at the ration shop. 30yr-0ld Lukhi Murmu lived with hers sisters who are also at risk. Tell govt of India to stop this #AadhaarWarOnWomen counterview.net/2018/02/lukhi-…

@sexandpower @Rita_Banerji @derekobrienmp @MamataOfficial @no2uid @PMOIndia @narendramodi @unwomenindia @redditindia @MinistryWCD 31/n Mr. @tomfriedman @billgates @satyanadella @kiranshaw Please see the thread: The DEVASTATION of the #Aadhaar biometric project you support on women in India - specially the weakest - women who are are poor, old, sick, widowed, Dalit, Tribal, illiterate #AadhaarWarOnWomen.

@sexandpower @Rita_Banerji @derekobrienmp @MamataOfficial @no2uid @PMOIndia @narendramodi @unwomenindia @redditindia @MinistryWCD @tomfriedman @BillGates @satyanadella @kiranshaw 32/n. The #AadhaarWarOnWomen gets more ruthless. Now hospitals are holding new born babies hostage unless the mothers get the #biometric ID for them! We demand this FASCIST control on women STOP immediately!

@sexandpower @Rita_Banerji @derekobrienmp @MamataOfficial @no2uid @PMOIndia @narendramodi @unwomenindia @redditindia @MinistryWCD @tomfriedman @BillGates @satyanadella @kiranshaw 33/n Another woman denied emergency medical service without an Aadhaar ID was made to ensure labor pain for 2 hours & give birth in the hospital's Parking lot. And so far NOT ONE WORD from any govt dept. Shame! #AadhaarWarOnWomen #AadhaarVictim

@sexandpower @Rita_Banerji @derekobrienmp @MamataOfficial @no2uid @PMOIndia @narendramodi @unwomenindia @redditindia @MinistryWCD @tomfriedman @BillGates @satyanadella @kiranshaw 34/n A HUGE concern is #Aadhaar biometric ID database endagers all Indian women as a #STALKING tool. 360° Surveillance + tracking + mass #AadhaarLeaks + open sale of data for as little as $7 makes it a dangerous weapon for stalkers like this one PROVES👇

@sexandpower @Rita_Banerji @derekobrienmp @MamataOfficial @no2uid @PMOIndia @narendramodi @unwomenindia @redditindia @MinistryWCD @tomfriedman @BillGates @satyanadella @kiranshaw 35/n In 1984 & 2002 Indian voters lists were used to locate & target minority homes & women were #gangraped and killed. #Aadhaar would enable endangerment of women in social conflicts because of Aadhaar's central database. See this👇(Also see comment)

@sexandpower @Rita_Banerji @derekobrienmp @MamataOfficial @no2uid @PMOIndia @narendramodi @unwomenindia @redditindia @MinistryWCD @tomfriedman @BillGates @satyanadella @kiranshaw 36/n Two poor, #Dalit women who have not received their wages for months due to #Aadhaar under the National Rural Employment Guarantee Act! There are thousands like them & there is no govt response. Is it because their money is claimed as govt savings?

@sexandpower @Rita_Banerji @derekobrienmp @MamataOfficial @no2uid @PMOIndia @narendramodi @unwomenindia @redditindia @MinistryWCD @tomfriedman @BillGates @satyanadella @kiranshaw 37/n Why are all #AadhaarVictims who've died due to starvation/refusal of medicine without an #Aadhaar id, girls or women? Why are they marginal: poor, Dalit, tribal, old, sick, abandoned or widows? Because Aadhaar is a PREDATORY system victimizing India's weakest.

@sexandpower @Rita_Banerji @derekobrienmp @MamataOfficial @no2uid @PMOIndia @narendramodi @unwomenindia @redditindia @MinistryWCD @tomfriedman @BillGates @satyanadella @kiranshaw 39/n To @Manekagandhibjp : We have been fighting female genocide for 11years but we are horrified by & STRONGLY OPPOSE this idea of putting a biometric #Aadhaar dog collar on pregnant women to address sex selective abortion. m.economictimes.com/news/politics-…

@sexandpower @Rita_Banerji @derekobrienmp @MamataOfficial @no2uid @PMOIndia @narendramodi @unwomenindia @redditindia @MinistryWCD @tomfriedman @BillGates @satyanadella @kiranshaw @Manekagandhibjp 40/n We are also particularly concerned that #Aadhaar centralised digital database may be manipulated and used to deny or falsify information about the census data with regards to India's #sexratio & #VAW, as it has been thus misused in other instances. contrainformacion.es/indias-biometr…

@ajayreddy_kandi @sexandpower @Rita_Banerji @derekobrienmp @MamataOfficial @no2uid @PMOIndia @narendramodi @unwomenindia @redditindia @MinistryWCD @tomfriedman @BillGates @satyanadella @kiranshaw @Manekagandhibjp 41/n Govt uses poor & elderly widows as bait to advertise the system of Aadhaar based bank transactions which is proving to be VERY unsafe! Urban Indians refuse because we are educated & know. But who will save the illiterate, poor village women from #cybercrimes? #IWD2018

@ajayreddy_kandi @sexandpower @Rita_Banerji @derekobrienmp @MamataOfficial @no2uid @PMOIndia @narendramodi @unwomenindia @redditindia @MinistryWCD @tomfriedman @BillGates @satyanadella @kiranshaw @Manekagandhibjp 42/n Did @UIDAI & govt EVEN consider 68% of India's adult #illiterates are #women. Imagine the nightmare #Aadhaar is for them! Now they need digital expertise to manage their life & navigate bureaucracy & corruption around Aadhaar linked services? #IWD m.timesofindia.com/india/Women-68…

@ajayreddy_kandi @sexandpower @Rita_Banerji @derekobrienmp @MamataOfficial @no2uid @PMOIndia @narendramodi @unwomenindia @redditindia @MinistryWCD @tomfriedman @BillGates @satyanadella @kiranshaw @Manekagandhibjp @UIDAI 43/n #Aadhaar will make it easier for wealthy Indians to use poor, illiterate village women as money mules without their knowledge or consent by just taking their fingerprints. Like Manju Das was used in this insider trading scam on Wall Street thenation.com/article/the-st…

@ajayreddy_kandi @sexandpower @Rita_Banerji @derekobrienmp @MamataOfficial @no2uid @PMOIndia @narendramodi @unwomenindia @redditindia @MinistryWCD @tomfriedman @BillGates @satyanadella @kiranshaw @Manekagandhibjp @UIDAI 44/n More news of #widows denied ration &/or pension because of the malfunctioning biometric #Aadhaar. Desperate & hopeless, 90yr-old Gujarati Devi wants to die soon. Widows are begging their neighbours for food! No govt or office to quickly fix Aadhaar! atimes.com/article/aadhaa…

45/n Everyday we hear of cases like this of government using the #Aadhaar ID to steal pension & ration from old, poor, sick & widowed women! @SupremeCourtFan must recognise this fundamental violation of right to life & liberty and #DestroyTheAadhaar

46/n Govt of India has witheld the salaries of thousands of poor, rural women due to non-linking of the biometric #Aadhaar ID. For many, fingerprints are worn with work, and linking is not possible. Govt is ruthlessly stealing their pay! #AadhaarWarOnWomen

47/n This is another way #Aadhaar is used to steal from poor, illiterate Indian women. @Airtel_Presence when you open an Aadhaar based account without a woman's consent & take her pension without her knowing, it is THEFT! Shame! Give back her money NOW!

48/ Delhi govt schools have harassed this low income family for 2 years denying admission to their daughter without #Aadhaar of entire family! Same for many girls from poor & middle-class families! Tell @ArvindKejriwal @AtishiMarlena stop #Aadhaar madness!

49/ Delhi Education minister @AtishiMarlene misleads @MirrorNow saying #Aadhaar is mandated for students or scholarships. An RTI shows it is not! We demand a public portal for complaints of ALL students denied #RTE & immediate action on these schools!

50/ In Delhi a poor family's 3 minor daughters starved to death. Delhi govt had blocked their ration card as they have for thousands of others w/out #Aadhaar. Starvation deaths due to Aadhaar are rising. This is state sponsored murder. Govt must answer! ndtv.com/delhi-news/del…

51/n Continuing our THREAD on #AadhaarWarOnWomen. These recent comments by @Snowden warning about the impact of #Aadhaar on human-rights and civil rights.

52/n Please scroll up this thread for proof of what @Snowden says in this video about #Aadhaar biometric ID causing civil deaths in India. A warning to the world. DO WATCH 👇

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