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Feb 18, 2018, 35 tweets

TRUMP CHANGED HIS HEADER PHOTO… again. It may sound silly to mention it, but it IS important. Here’s why… (Thread)

We focus on his tweets – which is reasonable, considering how they could affect the entire frig'n planet – but when it comes to his header photos, we should 1/16

remember the old saying “A picture is worth a thousand words.” Trump spends an inordinate amount of time obsessing over his header photo. He’s like an adolescent teen, sometimes changing it twice in a week. His choices are telling. Let’s start at the beginning, for his first 2/16

header photo, Trump chose one of his inauguration… except that it was wasn’t his. The photo was taken during OBAMA'S inauguration. Trump changed it to a flag an hour later after being called out, & again after that, to one of himself gazing out the window, probably wishing 3/16

that he was as popular & loved as Obama. Trump's 1st photo was a lie, but he's shown us his true nature ever since. To say the majority of his selections reveal an authoritarian mindset would be an understatement. Trump selects photos where he is THE central figure, if not 4/16

literally, he's the person most prominently featured. If he were alive today, Freud could write an entire book on Trump. It’s not just where he sees himself (as the center of attention), but HOW Trump sees himself; as a man among men, & not just any man, but THE MAN, who all 5/16

others aspire to be; a born leader, a ladies’ man, a self-made millionaire, even though Trump is none of these. His headers feature mostly men, usually gathered 'round, gazing at him admiringly. Keep your Harlequin romances ladies. He's got his own Trumpian bromance going on 6/16

And what could be more authoritarian than surrounding yourself with symbols of a totalitarian state; police & the military? Trump LOVES to be photographed with LE & soldiers, ironic, since he's a five-time draft-dodger who reneged on pledges to donate to LE heroes of 9-11. 7/16

Some of Trump’s photos go beyond just APPEARING authoritarian. Some are downright Hitleresque. Yes, I went there. I don’t use the H-word flippantly. Be honest, if Hitler were alive today; swap the flags & name, & THIS is the kind of photo that he would choose for his header. 8/16

Remember when Trump posted this shopped header? This is straight out of Goebbels’ playbook; “If you repeat a lie often enough, people will believe it, and you will even come to believe it yourself.” In fact, most of Trump's tweets fall under Goebbels' rules of propaganda. 9/16

Speaking of propaganda, Bible-thumper, Robert Jeffress, seen here in Trump’s header photo featuring a group of his Christian (cough) leader supporters, believes that Trump, a foul-mouthed compulsive liar, serial adulterer & sexual predator, is- wait for it -A GIFT FROM GOD! 10/16

Of course the Narcissist-in-Chief took it to the next level & went into Jesus mode. I call this header photo, Trump the Redeemer. It might explain why Trump tossed out paper towels to hurricane victims in #PuertoRico. In his mind he had converted the paper towels into fish 11/16

To sum it up: Trump’s header photos confirm what most Americans suspected; we’ve got a wannabe dictator on our hands. He'll do ANYTHING to placate his base, including using the #ParklandSchoolShooting as a photo-op (his new header) before going to a frig'n #Studio54Party. 12/16

Let’s conclude by contrasting Trump’s header photos with Obama’s. His very 1st was this one. Take a good look at it. Here's the POTUS's entire family LITERALLY marching hand-in-hand with #CivilRights HEROES to commemorate the 50th anniversary of Selma. The message is CLEAR. 13/16

And here’s Obama’s current header photo, which he hasn’t changed since 2016. Again, he’s with ordinary Americans, #WeThePeople, leaning in from the outside, with only his head & arms visible, stretching to reach the hands of a young girl. The photo is EPIC. It transcends 14/16

race, gender, age and economic & social status. Look closely at their faces and you’ll see; mutual respect, trust, hope & something that Trump says, but NEVER truly shows; LOVE. It’s as if Obama is offering to pass her the torch and she acknowledges; “I’ve got this!” 15/16

And in the center of the photo, the torch is passed, as other hands, of all shapes, shades and ages, reach up to come together. Again, the message is clear; E pluribus unum (Out of many, one). We have an obligation to America's youth. #VoteBlue #FireTheGOP #StrongerTogether 16/16

Post-tweet: DO NOT FORGET; Trump replaced America's de facto national motto; "E pluribus unum" (Out of many, one) with his campaign slogan on the presidential challenge coin. He also added a banner so that his name appears THREE TIMES on one side.

And right on cue, Trump changed his header photo... AGAIN.
Why? To distract you from the #DemMemo. Click the link to read it & see why:…

(A continuing thread on Trump's use of Twitter header photo) 18/

HE DID IT AGAIN. Trump changes his header photo every time something major happens with #TrumpRussiaInvestigation. News broke tonight that Mueller subpoenaed emails, texts, papers, telephone logs & other documents. (A continuing thread on Trump's use of Twitter header photo) 19/

TRUMP changed his header photo IN THE MIDDLE OF BREAKING NEWS about Rex Tillerson firing. It may sound trivial, but it IS important. 1. It continues his pattern of changing it whenever... 20/

(A continuing thread on Trump's use of Twitter header photo)

there's major breaking news about #TrumpRussiaCollusion. Is it an uncontrollable OCD reaction? ...or is it strategy (in his mind) to use anything, even a photo, in an attempt to distract from the fact that Tillerson sided with PM May against Russia? 21/


Why is it a big deal? It's one of Trump's telltales. He does this EVERY TIME major news breaks that can hurt him. He's changed it twice in as many days. Watch for breaking news on #TrumpRussia or something major. 22/

(A running thread.)

TODAY as 100s of 1000s (or maybe more than a million) participated in #MarchForOurLives across America, the #SoCalledPresident had more important things to do. Trump played golf... and changed his header photo. 23/
(A continuing thread on Trump's obsession with his Twitter photo)

TRUMP JUST CHANGED HIS HEADER PIC. As I've pointed out in this continuing thread, at least he's consistent.
1. He ALWAYS does it when he's freaking out. (See today's tweets)
2. He prefers pics where he's literally the center of attention.
3. He uses cops & military the most.

HEAD'S UP! Trump changed his header photo for the 2nd time in 4 days. He was all over the place on FOX this AM, clearly catching even his "friends" off guard. Cohen's due in court today. His behavior follows a pattern; EVERY TIME indictments/search warrants are imminent. (Thread)

Trump changed his header for the 3rd time in 6 days; as he does when he's panicking. He might not like watching Paralympians, but he sure doesn't mind USING them. Of course he is literally the center of attention.

(A continuing thread on Trump's use of Twitter header photo.)

Trump changed his header for 4th time in 9 days. Who cares? We should. It's his telltale. It always occurs when he's super-stressed & often accompanies major news; resignations, firings, indictments, etc.. As usual, he's in the center, surrounded by soldiers.
(Continuing thread)

Trump changed his header photo again & again & again. As previously noted in this continuing #thread, he usually does this when he's stressed, whether it's about #StormyDaniels #TrumpRussiaInvestigation, etc... This photo, depicting him as the hero/savior was expected. His 28/

photo choices depict him as a leader & statesman, the opposite of what he is; an uneducated, unqualified, incompetent, illegitimate POTUS. His next photo is typical. He's the center of attention, loved & admired by his SUBORDINATES as they use sign language for "Heil Trump!" 29/

Photos that feature his GOP lackeys mimicking his every move, whether it's giving the official #TrumpReich salute (a thumbs-up) or Trump's favorite Pattonesque scowl, don't bother me as much now that the @GOP have revealed themselves. I once called them enablers. While that...30/

may have been true during the months leading up to & immediately after the inauguration, they've gone beyond enabling. By both their actions & INACTION, the GOP has shown that not only will they not fulfill their DUTY to rein in Trump's abuse of power, they are complicit in.. 31/

in this abuse of power. In retrospect, the GOP didn't see January 20, 2017 as Trump's inauguration. To them it was a CORONATION. They may refer to him as "president," but he is the GOP's sovereign. He is King Trump & his 'heirs' are rewarded with titles & tasks they are... 32/

unqualified & unfit for. But it's the photos of Trump with the military & law enforcement officers that have irked me the most, as he USES them as political tools to placate his ignorant base. His newest, featuring firefighters, especially ticks me off. In the immediate... 33/

aftermath of the attacks on 9/11, Trump pledged to donate $10,000 (a pathetic sum for a New Yorker who claims to be a multi-billionaire) to the Twin Towers Fund but HE NEVER FOLLOWED THROUGH. Trump has never supported firefighters, including @FDNY. 34/…

The ONLY 9/11 donation from Donald Trump or his "charity" that can be verified was for ... (wait for it) ... $1,000. Just to be clear, that was one thousand dollars, not ten thousand, & it was basically done for Tom Cruise for a Scientology program. 35/…

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