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Mar 20, 2018, 9 tweets

Another school shooting in the US today. It’s tragic, it’s horrible & escalating in our gun culture.

I💚Math. An int’l language, it makes sense to me when the rest of the world doesn’t. Especially when it comes to numbers & statistics on guns in the US…

Statistically, in the US a shooting incident takes place every 60 hours. We are down to hours in between shootings. Not days, weeks, months or years. It’s HOURS.

Every day in the US, 96 people die from gun violence & 222 people are shot but survive.


Australia, had 4 mass shootings between 1987–1996. After 1996, It took Parliament just 12 days to pass stricter gun laws. They haven’t had a mass shooting since. It’s been 34 days since Parkland.

The US needs to follow their lead.
Here’s how they did it

The latest blame by Trump and Congress is Video games. This is fallacy. Japan’s video game sales are almost double the US’. In 2015, they had 1 murder by gun. The US had over 10,000. Japan has Gun Control laws, we do not.

Here’s how Japan did it:

There’s a march this weekend, March 24 #MarchForOurLives

We need to turn out for this and support our nation’s children by saying #NeverAgain and #GunReformNOW.
Our lives and our children’s lives are literally depending on this.

Find an event here

If you’re unable to attend the #MarchForOurLives in person, please join in online for the #VirtualMarchForOurLives.

@LunaLuvgood2017 and @Havok_2018 will be hosting an event here on Twitter.

Here’s some more things we can all do on #GunReform

1️⃣Call your local, state and federal lawmakers EVERY DAY on this. Demand #GunLaws

2️⃣Get involved locally in @MomsDemand. I went to my first meeting 2 weeks ago.

Find a meeting near you

3️⃣ #VOTE‼️
Vote for candidates who aren’t bought by the NRA. An F rating gets my vote. Here are candidates running who’ve pledged not to take NRA money

Alternatively, here’s a list of those who’ve taken #NRABloodMoney

The US has a gun culture like none of our other peer countries. We now have a gun epidemic on our hands. The shooting incidences are escalating and will continue to increase. Nothing will change unless we continue to take action and demand #GunReform and #GunLaws

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