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Apr 14, 2018, 40 tweets

Alright, fam. I've never done this format but wth.

1 RT = Random meme on my phone

1 like = ...1 like. I don't have time for more 😂

Let's kick it off with this that @LumpyLouish just made me tonight for #NeolibAMovie!

#FieldOfDaounuts 😂😂😂

I'm ded.


1 RT

This never fails to crack me up 😂

*Reportedly* taken at #DNCConvention16 where the #TrollKing was chased down the hall!

I have a special loathing for @davidbrockdc. He deserves all the mocking we can throw at him.


Support for monopolies & worker exploiters by "The Resistance" has been grotesque.

Mock them into oblivion.

I've got a treasure trove! A
Pretty much all by @IPM_Prime

Follow them goddammit 😂


Don't let the #H8percenters get you down! Their over representation on Twitter ain't real life.

(Proud to say this was my first hash creation that caught on!)

@ramseycartoons made this, with @IPM_Prime


#AndNowBackToBrunch, started as far as I can tell by @ZerlinaMaxwell, a Clinton staffer, is the most vapid, dismissive of our suffering, neolib drivel I've seen in a while and it really grinds my gears.

None of this STARTED with Trump.

But please go have mimosas & sheetcake


I wish I could remember the account who made this (show thyself!).

This message resonates.

Let's all keep giving a shit about each OTHER, mkay?


This ain't even deep into my meme stache!

This was prompted by @LumpyLouish not even remembering what memes she made long ago 😁

I've got gifs, too.


Madeline Albright trying to play like she's not a facist 🙄

@IPM_Prime made this when I commented her new book was a autobiography.

Subtle, but effective.


Some of you may remember this @nationallampoon cover (if you're old AF, like me)

It caused an uproar.

Having a gun held to our heads to vote for a prosecutor with a terrible record SHOULD cause a similar uproar.


Also by @IPM_Prime


The Smithee to my April (almost... ALMOST), my Twitter bestie who never fails to make me laugh despite having a chronic illness, @LumpyLouish got put in permanent #TwitMo a couple of weeks ago.

That tag is her new account. Follow her for irreverent fun & serious #M4A talk!

Plus she's producing @ActifyCHAT now with @PandActivist & others to create progressive commentary across multiple platforms! Please definitely follow them & @ActifyPress!

cc: @blupfront1 @goddesspamela


Ok, so this is totally dumb, but makes me laugh.

@likingonline has been discovering sock/bot accounts among the @Shareblue crowd, and I remembered I have this bizarre stuffed animal I found at a garage sale years ago...with socks on its head.

That I've always called Socky😁


#TheGoop (final name? Not sure)

A new podcast @JABinjail and I are trying to get going that's a weekly Twitter round up of all the slime that's fit to ooze 😂

Kinda like The Soup, but goopier.

We'll get there.


Oh hey! Speaking of @likingonline, let's see who's funding @davidbrockdc's trolls who constantly harass the electorate!

Hi @JBPritzker.



#WhereDoYouStand is a project I started & am working on with the help of a few peeps to make issues based comparison graphics for key races.

I think parsing policy beyond party or personality is pertinent (also, I like alliterations 😁)

Need to add more issues. In progress


Did you know the Buff Bernie coloring book was started by a Los Angeles artist?

Not sure how that got morphed into a Russian thing...

I couldn't resist making some "Russian agitprop" my own 😂

I changed my location to Russia for a while to own the libs 😁


That expression tho 😂

He's so dirty. Wtf even is this thing?!?


Rigged, For Her Pleasure 😂

By @LumpyLouish, of course.

Trying to find the DWS Medusa corn hair gif, but can't locate. Lump, a little help for 15?

Don't miss it, it's flawless!

Carrying on, 15:

The corn meme that actually managed to cause an uproar that made it to MSM & I'm positive HRC, because she was trotted out to "condemn the 'egregious' attacks" against a WOC Hampton's frequenter


By @StirlingArt w/ @IPM_Prime


I couldn't get DWS out of my head as Medusa (likely because of her hair & nefarious proclivities) around the time #Cobbing was coming into fashion. I told @LumpyLouish who has a knack for taking an idea, running with it & making it spectacular 👊😂🌽

(feel free to overlay troll script on Socky's image. He won't mind. He's in his mother's basement smoking weed. He's the new #TrollBoss but way more laid back than Brock, & provides healthcare & a living wage)

Lumpy hit it with the quote, which gives it punch!

You fucking rock LumpyLuLu

How long did the Medusa corn hair take you?!?


Fuck GOP lite @TheDemocrats

Nuclear war! Hurrah!

Lace up yer boots, cowards.

I think I effed up the thread. 🙄 I'm oldish, forgive me.




Torturers should be in The Hague!



@NYGovCuomo #whigged

By @LumpyLouish with @IPM_Prime 😂

Lumpy made a huge series of #whigged (Dems) and #prigged (for the GOP). Check out the #'s!


Remember these stunts?




(Not sure who made this, citation needed!)



(Pretty sure this is @LumpyLouish's handiwork 😂🌽)


Antagonized a 🍩 in the cutest way possible by jazzing up his avi 😂



@ramseycartoons gave me this idea



This is unfortunately appropriate for today. Halting this thread for now. Will continue later. cc @IPM_Prime

Enjoy life while you still can, folks.


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