I'm starting a tread on how government, institutions & media intentionally seek to undermine white people.

Their propaganda is aimed at whites, to demoralise and divide us; and non whites to persuade them to see us as 'other' and privileged.

#Drip #Drip #AntiWhite #Propaganda
Their propoganda seeks to dehumanise us.

Google #whitepeople. We don't exist in our own right with individual hopes and dreams or group interests and culture; we are simply presented as adjuncts to the lives of non-whites.

#Drip #Drip #AntiWhite #Propaganda
Dehumanising and demonising us creates an environment where it becomes increasingly acceptable to attack white people.

Whites are the only race where verbal attacks are acceptable and even celebrated by society, media and government.

#Drip #Drip #AntiWhite #Propaganda
But their propaganda's gone way beyond creating an environment where verbal attacks on us are celebrated.

It's made turning a blind eye to physical violence against whites, including children acceptable. It has made reporting it unacceptable.

#Drip #Drip #AntiWhite #Propaganda
The narrative is so powerful if we speak in defence of whites it's used against us; even in a Court of Law.

Whatever your thoughts on Chabloz, what can justify the QC reportedly saying her comment "it breaks my heart to see [white race] disappearing" is nothing more than racism?
The antiwhite #propaganda is indefensible but constant repetition means many whites accept it as truth.

To counter their lies

♥️ Our homelands are ours; the countries our ancestors created belong to us and it is our right and our duty to protect them for our children.

♥️ White privilege is a myth designed to instill white guilt and ferment antiwhite hate.

♥️ All races were complicit in slavery; whites led the prohibition of the slave trade.

♥️ White culture is unique and precious.

♥️ The narrative that whites are the most evil race on the planet is grotesque, and an evil in itself.

♥️ Whites have every right to form as a group, enjoy themselves as a group and identity as a white group.

♥️ It is ok to be white.

#Counter #AntiWhite #Propaganda

♥️ Wanting to secure the existence of our people and a future for our children, does not mean hostility to other races.

A beautiful video "I'm an Englishman"

#Counter #AntiWhite #Propaganda
Some antiwhite propaganda is so extreme, obviously false and destructive it's hard to comprehend how our media can get away with promoting it in a white country.

#AntiWhite #Propaganda #BBC
#Drip #Drip #Antiwhite #Propaganda

But some propaganda is much more subtle and insidious. It doesn't even mention whites.

Designed to turn the white race into factions, it pitches one generation against another ....

• • •

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Aug 18, 2018
We've been lied to, manipulated, betrayed on a scale which is truly unimaginable. No amount of suffering of ordinary people is too much; their plan is sacrosanct.

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At least 80 percent of the members of the first Soviet government were Jewish.


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#WhiteDomain #WhitesStole

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