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1. This is a Plutonium Pit. It is the heart of most nuclear weapons. It is not a Gamma emitter so you can hold it in your hands. Warm to the touch. On the right is what it looks like inside its shell of high explosives used to trigger it. My metaphor for #N@zi hate. Plutonium pit
2. My estimate when Trump started was 15% of Americans were pure unadulterated bigots. N@zis. KKK, all of a kind. They are the Plutonium Pit of American politics. @realDonaldTrump is the shell of explosives that surrounds it. The trigger is held by his master @KremlinRussia_E.
3. But the single Pit is not enough to destroy America. It needs a surrounding secondary fuel that in H-Bombs is often a kind of water. Not H20. But special isotopes of Hydrogen ready to fuse when the Trigger gets them compressed in a hot rage of hate. That's the #GOP.
4. Good people willing to destroy the planet because they link to the Plutonium Pit core of bigotry through their own innate hatred for anyone not like them. That was the fuel that #Hitler mined in Bavaria. That is the fuel N@zis mine in places like Michigan. All good people.
5. We must dismantle the GOP like a nuclear weapon. First the outerfuel. Let the #GOP members know they will be socially shunned if they associate with @RealDonaldTrump. Make anyone who is still morally redeemable leave the party. Many have begun.
6. The ones who remain will be the outer explosive @KremlinRussia_E controlled trigger in the @WhiteHouse and the Plutonium Pit that will never be safe. Shun anyone in @Whitehouse. Make it clear to this cadre that craves the power of Washington they will be cast out to wander.
7. But the Plutonium Pit will never be safe. They are full of hate, heavily armed and will never hear the word of God that says "Love thy neighbor." They hear only a voice of evil. Like Plutonium they need to be buried in a desert of no future. Don't allow them to teach our kids.
8. Find them in our Military and Police forces and force them out. Create databases for employers and lenders to avoid doing business with them. Force the Trolls to go back under the bridge. They will still be there. But we will know where they are and never go there alone.
9. The Catholics seem to be getting the message. But they need to do more. A @Pontifex Papal Bull is needed to put the faithful on notice they risk damnation for adhering to the evil that Donald Trump and Russian peddle. I remember Pope Pius XII.
10. If he had acted in 1939 to excommunicate all N@zis he might have begun to dismantle the German bomb before it went critical. Perhaps he'd say he didn't know. But Frances knows. @JamesMartinSJ @CatholicBishops
11. So what about the so-called #Evangelicals? Are they going to say fused to the hate of the inner core? @PressSec is the child of a bigot. @GovMikeHuckabee is an evil bigot and an anti-Christ apostate. I have lost hope that the elders of these anti-christian sects will change.
12. They love too much the warm feel of the inner core of Plutonium hatred. But the young, the next generation, if we can reach out to them to reject the hatred of their parents and join the Kingdom of God we can fix this.
13. But if being white means more to them than being human, put them all on the list. @JerryFalwellJr @splcenter @starsandstripes @brianschatz @maziehirono @SenSchumer @ChuckGrassley @GOPLeader @GroverNorquist @NancyPelosi @NSAGov @FBIWFO

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Sep 25, 2018
1. Was today's #Rosenstein affair part of a carefully planned Russian intel operation assisted by treasonous @whitehouse staff and @nytimes reporters? @FBIWFO @NSAGov. Here's my view.
2. First, I track the sealed dockets in DC. There are a lot. I haven't checked the inventory but I'm guessing there are still a lot. They're not all 2016 Russian attack related but I'm betting some are. And once unsealed Trump can't dismiss them. Only the Art. III judges can
3. Second, IMO DC is the most surveilled city in the world. Foreign intelligence services work out of every embassy and the Russians are active and aggressive. So it would be hard to imagine that Russians SVR and GRU aren't watching court, its filings and the grand jury.
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Jul 20, 2018
1. When Russia attacked #Ukraine I saw it coming. Obama angered Putin by cruising two Naval war ships off of Sochi during Olympics. The soon to be grounded USS Taylor, an obsolete Perry frigate, and the command ship the USS White Plains. The @DeptofDefense has great weapons
2. but is completely unarmed when it comes to propaganda defense. I watched the Ukraine Maidan and saw that Russia was getting ready to invade. I did what I could to fight Russian propaganda but without competent @CIA @DefenseIntel capability the Russians just rolled into Ukraine
3. and are still there. We need to wall Russia out of our internet. The @NSAGov can put switches on each entry point for Russian packets. It will take time and there will be cracks but the blocking of all Russian internet traffic must be strategic goal of the US @DeptofDefense.
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Jul 19, 2018
1. In the absence of any US readout of the Trump Putin #HelsinkiSummit here is what Kommersant is reporting about three alleged proposals. Take with a grain of salt: kommersant.ru/doc/3689866 The translation seems odd.
2. "The first proposal is to create a high-level working group, in which businessmen from the United States and Russia should leave."

I don't get that. Make business leave each country? Perhaps a Russian speaker can assist. Here's the rest:
3. "The second is to create an expert council of political scientists, acting and former diplomats and former military men of the two countries. The third proposal is to hold meetings of the US National Security Council (SNB) and the Russian Security Council."
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Jul 12, 2018
1. I spotted Russians helping Trump early in 2016. Predicted Trump's behavior would trigger a FISA in May 2016. Nothing that I've seen has surprised me since. I'm expecting a lot more troubling revelations. Now with the GOP vote to put mole in DOJ it may be about to start.
2. Perhaps as a hedge, the two Houses of Congress just did a kumbaya moment with "we're not on team Kremlin" resolutions. This could be just window dressing but may alternatively mean they suspect something's coming. They may want a record to make them look less treasonous.
3. After the 2017 Susan Rice unmasking fiasco it appeared to me that the GOP was worried about 702 intercepts. The best explanation I could construct from the facts was that they knew Russian money had reached the GOP. The records showed it likely started in June 2016.
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Jun 10, 2018
1. Max: The @WhiteHouse is a nest of traitors getting daily marching orders from @KremlinRussia_E. Why are you having problems accepting that and just saying it openly? My guess Trump was recruited in late 1980s and Putin possibly a handler.
2. It explains the massive attempt to flood the news with claims the @FBIWFO are liars and corrupt. Trump knows the truth is being exposed and he and Putin's only hope is to groom US population for shocking revelations coming soon as a fantasy concocted by the deep state.
3. I was studying the Soviet deep state in 1986 with a purged full professor of Political Science from Moscow University who explained the methods to me in detail. This is a Soviet attack and they have taken the @WhiteHouse. Don't just sound puzzled: Sound the alarm.
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Feb 18, 2018
1. @NRA: IMO most folks touting Heller #SCOTUS case as pro-gun never read it. Held you could not be completely denied possession firearms for self defense based on limitation in 2nd Amend. that the right only applies to the "militia." Why is this relevant? Assault rifles.
2. Nobody can make a valid argument you need an assault rifle for hunting. An assault rifle at home can kill your neighbor and not just the intruder. They are not for home defense. There are much better home defense alternatives.
3. Fact is they’re fun to shoot. Most folks who have them take them to the range. Some may live in remote areas but most folks shoot legally at a range.
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