#LoveJihad Hindu girl deceived by Muslim youth pretending to be hindu.Girl raped and blackmailed using MMS. Now youth wants girl to convert to Islam and eat beef for him to marry her. He's threatening her and her 1 year old child.
#Bareilly #UttarPradesh
Hindu girl kidnapped by Parvez and accomplice. Heavy police deployment in area.
#Muzaffarnagar #UttarPradesh
Girl ran away from girl. She met woman who promised her job and invited her to Gorakhpur medical college. There Afroz tried raped her, girl had to run naked to save herself. Afroz escaped.
#Gorakhpur #UttarPradesh
Minor Girl raped by Gufran. Accused arrested.
#RaeBareli #UttarPradesh
14 year old girl raped by Shahrukh and Farman.
#Aligarh #UttarPradesh
#LoveJihad Rajbala, who was hindu, married Sajid in 2011. After marriage They used to fight due to his affair with another girl and his unemployment. So Sajid killed her and chopped her into pieces, filled it in parcel box and dumped it
Muslim Man Who Recorded Obscene Video of Hindu Girl Stabbed By Victim's Brother - hindupost.in/news/muslim-ma…
7 year old girl kidnapped from school, gang raped and throat slit and left to die. One accused Irfan arrested.
30 year old married woman used to go to boutique to learn tailoring. She was raped and blackmailed by boutique owner Rehan.
#Bhopal #MadhyaPradesh
Sexually harassed for years by Shahzeb, 19-year-old girl quits studies
#Bhopal #MadhyaPradesh
"लोगों का आरोप है कि यह #LoveJihad का मामला है। आरोपी दूसरे धर्म की लड़की को अपने जाल में फंसाना चाहता था लेकिन वह सफल नहीं हुआ तो गंदी हरकतों पर उतर आया। इस मामले में मोहल्ले वाले शनिवार को थाने में ज्ञापन देंगे।"
After a 16-year-old girl refused to marry him, a 20-year-old man, Raza, a resident of Laal mosque area, poured kerosene on her and set her on fire in Amroha's Hasanpur town on Friday morning. m.timesofindia.com/city/meerut/sp…
Communal tension prevailed in Ranigaon, #Amravati #Maharashtra after 16 year old minor Hindu girl was abducted by Sheikh Kaleem Sheikh Saleem. Case registered, both missing
Attempt to kidnap minor hindu girl in #Muzaffarnagar #UttarPradesh. Public caught one kidnapper Wasif thrashed him and handed over to police. After that people from particular community gathered in huge numbers. Communal tension prevailed
In name of giving employment hindu girl forcibly converted to Islam & nikah with Amjad. Then gang raped and blackmailed using rape video to force her into prostitution.
#Meerut #UttarPradesh
#LoveJihad Afsarun pretending to be hindu befriended a Hindu girl and told her he was CBI inspector. He raped her for 2 years then secretly married girl of his own religion. Girl registered police case in hope of justice.
#Muzaffarnagar #UttarPradesh
#LoveJihad After getting information that youth from particular community has brought hindu girl to registar office for marriage,Hindu organisations immediately moved into action&informed police. Police came to know couple is from #MP&girl's family has lodged missing complaint
Hindu girl who was missing recovered by police along with Sabir Khan. She gave affidavit that she has done conversion and Nikah. VHP alleged #LoveJihad and demanded action.
16 year old girl kidnapped by Akil Qureshi and Mehboob Ahmed Qureshi. Case registered. Accused absconding.
16 year old girl who went on date with Adil Qureshi gang raped by him and his friend. He made her video and started blackmailing her for money qnd took away her golden chain.
#Agra #UttarPradesh
Ibrahim Beg Noor who had lured, kidnapped and raped 16 year old girl 9 months ago went to jail and was recently out on bail. After his released against abducted her.
Rape and atrocity case registered.
#Aurangabad #Maharashtra
Communal tension prevailed in #Baghpat #UttarPradesh after youth from particular community spread his video with girl from majority community in compromising positions. Due to fear of insults girl has gone into hiding. Bhagwa sena alleged #LoveJihad and demanded action.
13 year old girl kifnapped by youth from special community Zahid Ansari rescued by police. Accused arrested. #UttarPradesh
Jasim from #Rajasthan trapped hindu girl from #Shamli #UttarPradesh pretending to be hindu Kunal Choudhary and took her ro delhi where he raped her, took her photos and took her sign on blank paper. He told her they do it regularly to Hindu girls. Then he left her.
#LoveJihad Asif Khan married with 5 children brought 22 year old Hindu girl to #Khamgaon for marriage.Auto driver got suspicious&immediately informed Bajrang dal who thrashed him&handed over to police.His 1st wife reached PS.Girl was handed over to parents
All India United Democratic Front (AIUDF) Algapur MLA, Nizam Uddin Choudhury has been accused of raping a married woman inside the Hailkandi Circuit House
Sikh Girl Student Harassed & Beaten In Kashmir – Father Alleges Pressure to Convert
Communal tension prevailed after minor hindu girl who had gone to grocery story gang raped by son of store owner and his 2 other accomplice belonging to particular community. Girl admitted in hospital.
#Azamgarh #UttarPradesh
#LoveJihad Mohammad Samir pretending to be Hindu befriended minor Hindu girl and abducted her. Accused arrested, girl rescued.
Minor girl Kidnapped and gang raped by Shahrukh and Faizan.
#Haridwar #Uttarakhand
Girl stabbed 15 times for resisting molestation by Gulbahar. Girl admitted in hospital in serious condition.
#Muzaffarnagar #UttarPradesh
18 year old girl raped by Saeed.
#Rajgarh #MadhyaPradesh
Man went with his wife to Kashmir for tourism. There she befriended two women. After coming home she started chatting to these people and converted. Sge started to wear burqa, read namaza and teach her 9 year old daughter same. Husband registered complaint.
#Bhatinda #Punjab
Communal tension and total shutdown in #Vadali #Gujrat after 22 year old Jain girl Riya Mehta eloped and married with 32 year old, father of two, driver Mansur Sahil. BJP leader termed incident as #LoveJihad. Town on the edge.
30 year old Rehan Khan befriended 22 year old girl. He Kidnapped her, took her to place of his relatives and raped her there for 15 days. He hid that he was already married. Girl got hold of mobile and called police who rescued her. Accused absconding
#Bhopal #MadhyaPradesh
Family members of the two missing girls, in a sensational allegation, have stated that the two girls have been sold in Mumbai and one Rejaul Ali is behind the whole incident.
Sheikh Lalchand and Sheikh Imran arrested after 16 year old girl committed suicide because she was gang raped by them.
Auto driver Mujamil Sohail who has 2 wives and father of 3 children sexually assaulted neighbour's minor girl below age 10.
#Bengaluru #Karnataka
40 year old business man Mohammad Roshan arrested for sexually assaulting 5 year old girl.
#Bengaluru #Karnataka
Case registered against Bashir Khan for harassing a married woman he met on Facebook. He took her photos and threatened to make them viral and asked her money to stop blackmailing her.
#hyderabad #Telangana
Anis, Raees, Akil and shakil convicted for kidnapping and forcefully doing nikah with minor girl.They gave defence that by Muslim laws girl wasn't minor so IPC, POSCO should not be applied but Judge Pandey convicted them.
#dehradun #Uttarakhand
24 year old girl was invited for job in NGO raped in office by Sheikh Rajiv Hussain
Minor girl lured and raped by Shahid Ansari.
#LoveJihad 16 year old girl abducted by Saddam Sheikh&then converted and done nikah.He was arrested by police.He pleaded that for bail as he has daughter from girl.Additional POSCO to be applied as girl was minor when she gave birth to girl.
Minor hindu girl committed suicide after Parvez secretly filmed her and leaked the video in apparent case of #LoveJihad
Communal tension after 2 and half year old girl was raped by Jabbar.
#Farrukhabad #UttarPradesh
#LoveJihad Gym trainer Wasim Choudhary leaked cctv footage of him doing obscene things with married woman.He was blackmailing her.He allegedly did same with many girls. Communal tension after video got viral. Bajrang Dal vandalised gym. Accused absconding. #Meerut #UttarPradesh
Human trafficking scandal exposed Mastermind Siddiqui Ali arrested. He confessed they used to befriend girls from poor family, convince them for marriage then elope with them. After that he sold them for 30000₹. He has already sold 3 girls
Girl stalked and molested on road. Accused Azhar arrested.
#dhar #MadhyaPradesh
Youths from particular community were shooting videos of women in Hindu marriage procession when people objected they went away and came back with2 dozens of mens with weapons and attacked procession and didn't even spare women folks.
#Meerut #UttarPradesh
Salman Akil Sayed arrested for sending obscene messages to 14 year old girl, outraging her modesty, beating and threatening her brother.
#Nashik #Maharashtra

#LoveJihad Hasi Haldar (17 yr) committed suicide last Sunday in Murshidabad after Nadin Seikh posted her intimate picture with him on Facebook.
#WestBengal @LoveJihadNews
Scheduled caste girl molested inside her owb home by youth from particular community Javed.
#Muzaffarnagar #UttarPradesh
Arif Younis Patel arrested for raping girl and blackmailing her using obscene pictures.
#Aurangabad #Maharashtra
Kabir Razaulla and Mohammad Hussain belonging to #Chittagong, #Bangladesh were living illegally in mumbai since decade after crossing boundary. Kabir befriended a girl near #Latur #Maharashtra and came there to marry her. After sources alerted them Police arrested them
Builder Ayub Kasim Patel sentenced to 10 year jail and 10000₹ fine for raping 14 year old orphan girl who earned her living by collecting trash.
#Pune #Maharashtra
Hindu man who was working in foreign secretly converted to Islam. After coming back to India he started pressurising his wife to adpot Islmaic rituals and convert. Wife registered complaint.
#Amethi #UttarPradesh
15 year old girl Kidnapped given drug pills and raped for 2 days by Alam and Nayab.
#Kanpur #UttarPradesh
Auto driver Rafi kidnapped a woman and gangraped her along with his friends.Woman escaped from them and complained to Police. Case registered.
Married woman molested inside her woman by Afsar Jafar Khan. He pressurising her to divorce her husband and marry him.
Accused arrested.
#Mumbai #Maharashtra
#LoveJihad Shubhalagna(35 yrs) got into an affair with Sheikh Sultan without knowing his real identity. After she broke up relationship, Sk. Sultan kept disturbing her & complaints to concerned authorities failed to bring any relief. Finally, she was killed yesterday
Arshad arrested for raping 14 year old girl&blackmailing her using rape video. Police found he was part of gang who befriend girls studying in colleges,give them mobiles&expensive gifts.Then rape them,take video&blackmail girls to have sex with other people.
#Sikar #Rajasthan
"Tantrik" Afzal claiming to remove ghosts raped 18 year old girl in her own home.
#Meerut #UttarPradesh
Sonu Ali arrested for forcing minor girl to have sexual relations. Family alleged he used name Sonu to trap the girl and hid his religion, they termed incident as #LoveJihad . He claimed they wanted to marry so eloped. Accused arrested.
Sheikh Nadeem Ansari caught while stalking girl, beaten uo with chappal and handed over to police.
#Burhanpur #MadhyaPradesh
#Agra #UttarPradesh
Chand Alam used to hang around schools and colleges and stalk girls. He befriended one 15 year old girl and on the pretext of taking her to date took her to dilshad garden where he forcefully raped her.
Accused arrested.
10 year old girl raped by Chand Mohammed. Accused arrested.
#Unnao #UttarPradesh
Plumber Sayed Gaffar Sayed Razzaq sentenced to 3 year jail for outraging modesty of 12 year old girl when he had gone to her home to fix plumbing.
#Aurangabad #Maharashtra
Attempt to kidnap minor school girl failed. One of 3 kidnappper Mujahid Ahmedkhan Ziaulla Khan arrested. 2 accused absconding. #LoveJihad suspected. Gang which traps minor girls and blackmails them using video and rape suspected.
17 year old Jain girl going to temple kidnapped by Akil Qureshi belonging to particular community on 14 July. Girl still recovered accused absconding. Brother of accused arrested. Shutdown called by Jain & hindu organisation.
#Firozabad #UttarPradesh
Hindu girl converting to Islam for Nikah is not crime, proclaimed Supreme Court in case of #LoveJihad where woman filed case that her daughter Anjali Tiwari(now Atiya Fatima) had been forcibly converted and married to Faheem Ahmed Khan.
#Jabalpur #MadhyaPradesh
7 year old boy drugged, raped and murdered. 2 accused Ehsan Alam and Nadeem Alam arrested.
#Dombivali #Maharashtra
Girl raped in her home by Shamshad.
#Aligarh #UttarPradesh
Update on #LoveJihad #MadhyaPradesh

Girl refused to go back with her father and insisted to be reunited with her husband
SK Mohidul arrested for secretly filming Girl in a Guwahati City Bus
Girl kidnapped from Guwahati by Hafizul rescued in Indo-Bangladesh Border
Ayyas Ansari convicted by court for raping minor school girl.
#Mumbai #Maharashtra
A man from Pakistan allegedly tried to dupe a woman from Mumbai by posing as an Indian-based doctor working in London, on a matrimonial site
Newly married hindu woman kidnapped on gunpoint by youths belonging yo particular community in #Dhamnod #MadhyaPradesh. Markets closed in protest of police in action as woman still not found after 9 days
#LoveJihad 19 year old girl 'kidnapped' by Ameen Patel who is already married to Farzana. Girl&man produced in HC where girl said she had voluntarily went with man and there is danger to her life from parents
#kalburgi #Karnataka
Hindu girl kidnapped at gunpoint by Sanu Khan. He was harassing her from long time in case of one sided love. Father expressed fear of #LoveJihad that girl may be converted and forced to do Nikah.
#Kasganj #UttarPradesh
14 year old girl committed suicide after she was Kidnapped and raped by Shahid Khan, Karim Khan and Mubaraq in #Sagar #MadhyaPradesh
H man hired carpenter Yaqun Multani for work in his home. His son Shariq trapped his daughter & started sexually abusing her. He drugged her and made video and blackmailed her for 6 months. He made video viral. Accused arrested
#Muzaffarnagar #UttarPradesh
Attempt to kidnap rape victim hindu girl who had come to court by Wasik, Fayyaz, guddu and other accomplice. Wasik caught by people. Ruckus at Police station by Hindu organisation as quarrel broke between Police in charge Jainubdlin and people.
#Sitapur #UttarPradesh
headmistress of Jamunamukh Deuri LP School, Arnamai Bora was brutally raped and murdered by the two accused on May 31, 2017, by Salim Uddin and Moinul Haque. Accused convicted of crime.
Mohsin blackmailed mother of 4 using clip then gang raped her with his friends.
#Jaipur #Rajasthan
Sohail, Riyaz and Kasib
#Bijnor #UttarPradesh
14 year old girl stalked by tailor Samir Khan and raped.
#Bhopal #MadhyaPradesh
Molestation victim beaten inside court premises by family of accused Jahangir alias Raja Ali.
#Bhopal #MadhyaPradesh
Pooja Dhurve committed suicide after quarrel with live in partner Salman Khan.
#Bhopal #MadhyaPradesh
A Sheikh Akash Ali dragged a Class 9 girl and raped her for refusing to accept his proposal in Mohammadbazar area of Birbhum district in West Bengal. zeenews.india.com/bengali/state/…
17 year old girl threatened with black magic, taken to dargah raped unnaturally and filmed. Then blackmailed using video. Cleric Sheikh Kausar Sheikh Afsar and Shaeikh Chand arrested.
Gulzar Hussain and Anwar Hussain arrested for kidnapping minor girls.
Javed and Fayyaz
The accused, identified as Zahid Ansari, allegedly barged into the house of the minor and set her ablaze after dousing her with kerosene.
HC stayed atrocity case against man filed by Mumtaz(former name Kimmalbai) as women had converted to islam after nikah with Hussain qadri she can no longer use provisions listed for SC ST.
#Jabalpur #MadhyaPradesh
Abdul Amin Mia arrested for kidnapping 16 year old girl from goa. Accused arrested girl rescued at #Mumbai
Youth caught while molesting minor school girl. He told mob his name was Ramesh Bauthiyal but when they checked his adhar card it revealed he was Kurban s/o Ashiq Ali. He was thrashed and handed over to police.
#LoveJihad Girl working in MNC falls in love with colleague after 3 years decides to marry him he avoids her but finally takes her home where girl shocked to know he's not hindu but from particular community. Rape case registered.
#gonda #UttarPradesh
#LoveJihad Minor hindu girl blackmailed by Rafique using photos of her he forcibly took. Then he abducted her threatening to kill her family. She was rescued when 2 youths from her village recognised her and took her to police.
#Barmer #Rajasthan
Man arrested for burning house of Shahzad who i accused of abducting girl. Girl took away 50000₹ and golden jewellery from home
#Moradabad #UttarPradesh
Sonu alias Sheikh Sohail Sheikh Nazir arrested for kidnapping 16 year old girl from Surat
Neeta murdered by her live in partner Raesuddin over over suspicion of infidelity.
Widowed woman from Kerala befriended by Firoz from Mangalore who took her to #Uttarakhand and raped her for 4 days and pressurised her for conversion to Islam.
Communal tension in Bahadarpur, Haridwar #Uttarakhand after H girl was 'abducted' by youth from particular community. Girl's father registered complaint against Javvad, Alam, Shamsher, Gulzar, Zulfiqar, Gaffar.
16 year old girl raped by Fazal Iqbal, Mohammad Arif and 2 others. They threatened to make her rape video viral if she complains. 2 accused arrested.
English professor Waqar Ahmed suspended for asking sexual favours from girl students.
#Gaya #Bihar
Girl sedated, raped and video graphed by Meherban, brother of her friend. Then he raped her for 2 years blackmailing her using the video. Case against Meherban, Dilshad and her friend
#shamli #UttarPradesh
Sangita Devre, her daughter and her 9 month old granddaughter set on fire by her lover Jalaluddin. Baby died while other 2 seriously burnt.
#Nashik #Maharashtra
Danish Khan and Jubair Ali arrested for molesting college student.
#Indore #MadhyaPradesh
12 year old girl raped by Anas and Afridi and left to die at abandoned place profusely bleeding.
#Meerut #UttarPradesh
30 year old mentally unable and physically disabled woman raped by Zaki Khan and then made rape video viral on social media. Accused absconding.
#Jhunjhunu #Rajasthan
Motor mechanic Arman Malik used fake Facebook profile to trap girls. He used to spost shero shayari abd befriend girls and then used to abuse girls and send obscene contents. Arrested
Woman sedated using cold drinks and raped by Basit Ansari
Dharampal killed by Usman on instruction of his wife Uma to remove him from becoming obstacle in their affair
Married H women killed by her lover Mohammed Islam
#Muzaffarpur #Bihar

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Jun 16, 2018
Draft of "private coaching regulation 2018" law made by Maharashtra govt which is to be tabled in nxt session. 5% seat reserved for BPL children whose expense borne by coaching owner and 5% of profit made by them to be given to government.
Education department has been given rights to conduct raids on coaching classes to check. Also classes are prohibited from making advertisement of their result. Police case, fine and cancellation of registration will be done if they violate the law.
Potentially 50000 coaching classes to be shut and 10 lakh people get unemployed as they can't fulfill the stringent conditions in proposed law,warned Maharashtra coaching owners association.
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May 25, 2018
#LoveJihad Girl from majority community went missing. Girl's father accused Muslim youth, father of 4, of kidnapping her. Police on high alert.
#Muzaffarnagar #UttarPradesh
Married Hindu woman recovered in pitiable condition from Bongaigaon, Bajrangi unit claims #LoveJihad
Salman caught while trying to rape 4 year old girl then handed over to police.
#Muzaffarnagar #UttarPradesh
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May 17, 2018
Class 8 student minor girl raped by Enamul Ali. He recorded the rape. Video went viral later. Accused absconding.
#LoveJihad 20 year old Samiksha Jain from #MadhyaPradesh converts to Islam to become Aaliya Beghum to marry 22 year old Mohammad Adil. Conversion and Nikah took place in #Hyderabad #Telangana
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